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Armored infantry battalion.

Description: Describes "the tactical employment of the armored infantry battalion, both as part of a larger force, and when acting independently."
Date: November 1944
Creator: United States. War Department.

Armored infantry company.

Description: Describes the organization, tactics, and techniques of the armored infantry rifle company.
Date: November 1944
Creator: United States. War Department.

Army ground forces light aviation.

Description: "This manual is a guide for the military personnel of Army Ground Forces units who are concerned with organic light aviation. It describes the training, tactical employment, administration, maintenance, and supply of Army Ground Forces light aviation" (p. 1). The index begins on page 171.
Date: September 1947
Creator: United States. War Department.

Army medical supply depot.

Description: A guide for army medical supply depot personnel. Discusses establishment, operation, organization, employment, and training standards.
Date: November 6, 1942
Creator: United States. War Department.

Bamboo in the United States : description, culture, and utilization.

Description: Describes the different varieties of bamboo and how to cultivate them. Provides information on insect pests and preparing bamboo for market. Discusses ways in which bamboo can be used on the farm, in the home, and for manufactured products.
Date: June 1961
Creator: Young, Robert A. (Robert Armstrong), b. 1876 & Haun, J. R. (Joseph Rhodes), 1922-

The band.

Description: Provides guidance on the organization and duties of the military band.
Date: March 31, 1941
Creator: United States. War Department.

Barley : culture, uses, and varieties.

Description: Describes the characteristics and uses of barley, the area of the country where it is best grown, and the steps for successfully producing barley.
Date: October 1925
Creator: Harlan, Harry V. (Harry Vaughn), 1882-1944.

Barnyard manure.

Description: Describes the benefits of more economical management of organic farm resources, namely barnyard manure. Discusses the management and application of methods for using fertilizers on the farm.
Date: May 10, 1906
Creator: United States. Dept. of Agriculture.

Bean bacterial wilt.

Description: Describes the signs that beans are infected with bacterial wilt, the history of the disease, where it most often occurs, and the steps that can be taken to control it.
Date: February 1939
Creator: Hedges, Florence.

Beans, peas, and other legumes as food.

Description: Describes several varieties of beans, peas, and other legumes. Discusses the composition and digestibility of legumes such as beans, peas, lentils, and peanuts. Discusses several different ways to prepare them for use in foods or other products.
Date: November 15, 1906
Creator: United States. Department of Agriculture.

Beautifying the home grounds.

Description: Describes practical and aesthetic uses for trees, shrubs, and vines in home landscapes. Discusses the benefits of home landscape planning.
Date: 1909
Creator: United States. Dept. of Agriculture.

Bed bugs : how to control them.

Description: Describes the life cycle of the bedbug and the hazards associated with a bedbug infestation. Provides advice for identifying and controlling bedbugs.
Date: May 1953
Creator: United States. Dept. of Agriculture.

Bee keeping.

Description: Discusses beekeeping in detail. Precautions against stinging and swarming are provided, along with information on types of bees, how to obtain honey and wax, and the risks of loss due to diseases and pests.
Date: 1905
Creator: United States. Department of Agriculture.

Beef cattle for breeding purposes.

Description: Describes how to select and manage beef cattle that will be used for breeding.
Date: February 1957
Creator: Clark, R. T. (Richard Turnbull), 1902-1965. & Baker, A. L. (Alfred Leroy), 1898-

Beef-cattle production in the range area.

Description: Describes methods for successfully breeding and raising beef cattle in the range area of the western United States.
Date: 1941
Creator: Parr, V. V. (Virgil Verser), 1888- & McComas, E. W. (Earl W.)

Beef on the farm : slaughtering, cutting, curing.

Description: Describes the methods for slaughtering fresh beef on the farm; provides instructions outlining procedures for cutting and curing beef.
Date: 1950
Creator: Black, W. H. (William Henry), 1888-1949 & McComas, E. W. (Earl W.)