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Clothes moths and their control.

Description: Describes different types of clothes moths, the damage they can cause to textiles in the home, and methods for control.
Date: July 1923
Creator: Back, E. A. (Ernest Adna), 1886-
Item Type: Book

Clover failure.

Description: Describes clover culture and examines the reasons for its decline. Discusses the benefits of increased efforts in reviving clover culture.
Date: 1924
Creator: Pieters, A. J.
Item Type: Book

The club wheats.

Description: Describes several varieties of club wheats and where they grow in the United States.
Date: 1922
Creator: Clark, J. Allen (Jacob Allen), b. 1888. & Martin, John H. (John Holmes), 1893-
Item Type: Book

The common cabbage worm and its control.

Description: Describes the characteristics and life history of the common cabbage worm, the damage it can cause, and methods of control.
Date: May 1926
Creator: Chittenden, F. H. (Frank Hurlbut), 1858-1929.
Item Type: Book

The common white wheats.

Description: Describes winter and spring varieties of white wheats and their production in the United States.
Date: December 1922
Creator: Clark, J. Allen (Jacob Allen), b. 1888.; Martin, John H. (John Holmes), 1893- & Leighty, C. E. (Clyde Evert), b. 1882.
Item Type: Book

Control of potato-tuber diseases.

Description: Describes various potato-tuber diseases, as well as the various methods of control of these diseases.
Date: May 1926
Creator: Shapovalov, Michael. & Link, George K. K. (George Konrad Karl), b. 1888.
Item Type: Book

The control of the alfalfa weevil.

Description: Describes the characteristics of the alfalfa weevil, the damage it causes, and methods of control.
Date: June 1927
Creator: Reeves, Geo. I. (George I.), b. 1879.
Item Type: Book

Cooking beef according to the cut.

Description: Discusses the nutritional value and versatility of beef; provides recipes and methods for its preparation in various dishes.
Date: October 1928
Creator: Alexander, Lucy M. (Lucy Maclay), 1888- & Yeatman, Fanny Walker, b. 1876.
Item Type: Book

Cooperative livestock shipping associations.

Description: Provides suggestions for people interested in or involved in cooperative livestock shipping associations. Discusses organizational aspects, management, shipments, livestock marking, and business methods.
Date: July 1926
Creator: United States. Bureau of Agricultural Economics.
Item Type: Book

Cotton-dusting machinery.

Description: A guide to selecting farm machinery for dusting cotton crops.
Date: May 1923
Creator: Johnson, Elmer.; Howard, S. T. (Styles Trenton), 1877- & Coad, B. R.
Item Type: Book

Cotton ginning.

Description: Describes the the mechanical process of cotton ginning, using a saw gin.
Date: October 1925
Creator: Meloy, G. S. (Guy Stanley), 1874-
Item Type: Book

Cranberry harvesting and handling.

Description: Recommends methods of harvesting, handling, storing, and packing cranberries in preparation for market. Discusses the function of cooperative cranberry organizations in relation to sales and prices.
Date: April 1924
Creator: Franklin, Henry J. (Henry James), 1883-1958; Darrow, George M. (George McMillan), 1889- & Malde, O. G. (Ole Gustav), 1880-
Item Type: Book

Culture of citrus fruits in the Gulf States.

Description: Describes the history and varieties of citrus fruits, as well as how to plant, manage and harvest groves in the Gulf States.
Date: July 1927
Creator: Vosbury, E. D. (Edward David), b. 1887 & Robinson, T. Ralph
Item Type: Book

Cutworms in the garden.

Description: A guide to identifying cutworm interference and controlling cutworms in the garden. Provides information on obtaining and handling arsenic poison.
Date: March 1927
Creator: White, W. H. (William Henry), 1892-1951.
Item Type: Book

Dahlias for the home.

Description: Discusses the appeal of dahlias; describes the different varieties and how to grow them successfully at home.
Date: November 1923
Creator: Morrison, B. Y. (Benjamin Yoe), 1891-1966.
Item Type: Book

Dairy-barn construction.

Description: Discusses the many factors that must be taken into account when planning to construct a dairy barn.
Date: 1926
Creator: Parks, K. E. (Karl Eaton)
Item Type: Book

Diseases of poultry.

Description: Describes symptoms, treatments, and prevention methods for numerous diseases and parasites afflicting poultry.
Date: July 1923
Creator: Gallagher, Bernard A. (Bernard Alfred), b. 1880.
Item Type: Book