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Thermodynamics and Kinetics in Hydrate Systems

Description: From Introduction and Summary: "This report presents the results of one year of experimental work performed under an Office of Saline Water Grant to study various aspects of the hydrate process for demineralizing sea water. Work is continuing on all phases of the subjects reported here."
Date: January 1965
Creator: Kass, Jeffrey R.; Fernandez-Martin, Remigio, Empie, Howard L. & Barduhn, Allen J.
Item Type: Report

Thin Film Vapor Compression Saline Water Conversion System

Description: From Introduction: "This report is the final report on the research and development program carried out by the Westinghouse Electric Corporation on the Westinghouse Thin Film Vapor Compression Saline Water Conversion System."
Date: February 1964
Creator: Willenbrock, A., Jr.; Chamberlin, R. M.; Fraser, D. R.; McGinnis, G. E.; Cyphers, J. A. & Wisnicki
Item Type: Report

Third Report on Horizontal-Tube Multiple-Effect Process Pilot Plant Tests

Description: From Summary: "This report describes the continuing work on HTME distillation plants, the first portions of which were reported in References 1 and 2. A major purpose in the testing of the three-effect pilot plant was to demonstrate mutiple-effect operability of the the horizontal tube method, when utilizing basically the same construction methods and materials as those proposed for commercial HTME plants."
Date: October 1971
Creator: Matta, G. A.; Karpf, J. Z.; Pascale, A. S. & Cardello, J. A.
Item Type: Report

Transport-Depletion Desalination Pilot Plant

Description: From Summary: "The transport-depletion data obtained by the Southern Research Institute and by the Bureau of Reclamation at Denver, Colorado and at Webster, South Dakota, was reviewed. This data review made it possible to develop a design methodology for the pilot plant, and to identify the additional data required to adequately predict the performance of a transport-depletion stack."
Date: April 1971
Creator: Redman, Ralph
Item Type: Report

Transport Processes in Electrochemically Controlled Ion-Exchange Desalination

Description: From Summary: "The results of such experiments are summarized as follows: 1. Anion-responsive electrodes formed with Kraton, graphite, Norit, and Amberlite CG-4B demineralized well at currents up to 10 milli-amperes; regeneration was efficient up to 8 milliamperes. 2. Satisfactory anion-responsive electrodes containing Amberlite IRA-68 could only be formed when resin was first ground while in the sulfate form; it was required that it be added to the paste mixture (Kraton, Norit, and graphite) in the same form."
Date: March 1969
Creator: Evans, S.; Accomazzo, M. A.; Accomazzo, J. E.; Ladacki, M. & Lossett, K. A.
Item Type: Report

Use of Waste Heat For Production of Fresh Water

Description: From Summary: "This study has shown that waste heat sources are available at locations where salt or brackish water could be converted into fresh water by the utilization of waste heat."
Date: December 1966
Creator: Gitterman, Henry & Zwickler, Samuel
Item Type: Report

Vacuum-Freezing Vapor-Compression Desalting Process

Description: From Abstract: "The Vacuum-Freezing Vapor-Compression Process (VFVC) was evaluated during the period from February, 1965, through March, 1967, by Colt Industries Inc. under O.S.W. Contract No. 14-01-0001-532." From Process Description: "The primary principles involved for converting of sea and brackish water to fresh water in the VFVC Process are rather well known in physical chemistry and are summarized below. The principles discussed above, applied to a practical VFVC desalting system, are illustrated in the schematic flow diagram, Figure 3. This simplified diagram shows both the essential components of the process and the flow paths of the various fluids in the system. A typical mass and heat balance is shown in Figure 4."
Date: unknown
Creator: Consie, R.; Emmermann, D.; Fraser, J.; Johnson, W. B. & Johnson, W. E.
Item Type: Report

Vacuum-Freezing Vapor-Compression Process: Evaluation on Brackish Water

Description: From Abstract: "The Vacuum-Freezing Vapor-Compression (VFVC) Process was evaluated on high salinity brackish water during the period from February 1968 through December 1969 by Colt Industries Inc., under O.S.W. Contract No. 14-01-0001-967 at Roswell, New Mexico. The 15,000 gpd VFVC test plant is mounted on a mobile trailer which was built by Colt Industries Inc. in their factory at Beloit, Wisconsin. Prior to operation at Roswell, the plant was operated at Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina to check out the system and to operate the trailer on sea water." Process Description: "A simplified diagram, Figure 2, shows both the essential components of the process and flow paths of the various streams in the system. Typical heat and mass balances are shown on Figures 3 and 4."
Date: March 1970
Creator: Jhawar, M. M. & Fraser, J. H.
Item Type: Report

Value of Desalted Water for Irrigation

Description: From Introduction: "This report contains the results of a research study on the "Value of Desalted Water for Irrigation" undertaken in January 1967 by the Bureau of Reclamation and the Saline Water, United Sates Department of the Interior. The objectives of the study were: a. To determine, through application of desalting techniques, the costs and benefits associated with the progressive decreases in the salinity of irrigation water supplies. b. To identify the possible means of introducing desalted water into irrigation supply systems. To relate current desalting technology to potential applications in agriculture."
Date: September 1969
Creator: United States. Bureau of Reclamation.
Item Type: Report

Vapor Compression Distillation using Secondary Heat Transfer Media

Description: Report discussing a particular method of converting saline water through vapor compression distillation at plants of different sizes. From Introduction: "This report is divided into three Sections (Books) each with its own index. Books I and II contain process and economic data for a 50,000 gpd pilot plant and a 10,000,000 gpd production plant. Book III contains process and economic data for high and low temperature units of 1,000,000 gpd size."
Date: January 1966
Creator: Chambers, John C.
Item Type: Report

Vapor Compression with Secondary Heat-Transfer Media

Description: From Introduction: "The use of a secondary heat-transfer media in a vapor-compression distillation unit was suggested for investigation as a process for saline water conversion because previous studies on the vapor-compression cycle at low temperatures showed that the fixed charges on the compressor are a substantial part of the final water-product cast. Other fluids were evaluated as above, the results of which are shown in table 1. Data on the other fluids shown in table 1 will be found in the appendix."
Date: December 1961
Creator: H.K. Ferguson Company
Item Type: Report