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Research in Mathematics and Computer Science at Argonne : September 1989 - February 1991

Description: This report reviews the research activities in the Mathematics and Computer Science Division at Argonne National Laboratory for the period September 1989 through February 1991. The body of the report gives a brief look at the MCS staff and the research facilities and then discusses the diverse research projects carried out in the division. Projects funded by non-DOE sources are also discussed, and new technology transfer activities are described. Further information on staff, visitors, workshops, and seminars is found in the appendixes.
Date: August 1991
Creator: Pieper, Gail W.
Item Type: Report

Research in Mathematics and Computer Science: March 1, 1991 - September 30, 1992

Description: This report discusses the following topics in mathematics and computer science at Argonne National Laboratory: Harnessing the Power; Modeling Piezoelectric Crystals; A Two-Way Street; The Challenge Is On; A True Molecular Engineering Capability; CHAMMPions Attack Climate Issues; Studying Vortex Dynamics; Studying Vortex Structure; Providing Reliable and Fast Derivatives; Automating Reasoning for Scientific Problem Solving; Optimization and Mathematical Programming; Scalable Algorithms for Linear Algebra; Reliable Core Software; Computing Phylogenetic Trees; Managing Life-Critical Systems; Interacting with Data through Visualization; New Tools for New Technologies.
Date: October 1992
Creator: Pieper, Gail W.
Item Type: Report

Research on Pumping Unit Studies: Final Evaluation Report

Description: From Introduction and Purpose of Studies: "The Bureau of Reclamation was engaged to administer contracts with pump manufactures to supply data on large pumping units capable of withstanding aerated sea water and the hot brine solutions to be encountered in such plants. The data, as evaluated in this report, are to be made available to 15 or more architect-engineers who have been engaged to prepare conceptual designs of the treatment plants."
Date: September 1966
Creator: United States. Bureau of Reclamation. Office of Chief Engineer.
Item Type: Report

Research on Saline Water Conversion by Freezing

Description: From Introduction: "Progress of research related to problems encountered in processes for desalination by freezing is summarized in this report, which is the first annual progress report called for under the terms of Grant 14-01-0001-295 made to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology by the Office of Saline Water in 1962."
Date: March 1964
Creator: Sherwood, T. K. & Brian, P. L. T.
Item Type: Report

Research on the control of airplanes

Description: Our task is to endeavor to obtain precise experimental records of the motion of stalled airplanes, both when left to themselves and when the pilot is trying to control them. The apparatus which we use consists of a box containing tree gyroscopes which are slightly deflected against a spring control when the airplane is turning.
Date: October 1, 1928
Creator: Jones, B Melvill
Item Type: Report

Research on Vapor Reheat And Liquid-Liquid Heat Exchange

Description: From Forward and From Introductory- Summary : "This is the seventy-eighth of a series of reports designed to present accounts of progress in saline water conversion with the expectation that the exchange of such data will contribute to the long-range development of economical processes applicable to large-scale, low-cost dimineralization of sea or other saline water. The distillation system has operated with only minor difficulties. Mass transfer coefficients are in the range predicted from previous experiments. It is emphasized that the data reported above are not the best values obtained, but rather those upon which there is statistical justification based upon analysis of all the data."
Date: September 1963
Creator: FMC Corporation
Item Type: Report

Research Summary 1984-1985

Description: Report on research in carcinogenesis, human radiobiology, low-level radiation, molecular biology, and toxicology.
Date: August 1985
Creator: Argonne National Laboratory. Division of Biological and Medical Research.
Item Type: Report

Researches on ailerons and especially on the test loads to which they should be subjected

Description: Aileron calculations have hitherto given greatly differing results according to different authors. It seems to be the general opinion that it is only necessary to give the ailerons such dimensions that the airplane can maneuver well, that the stresses they must undergo are relatively small, and that they are strong enough if their framework is of the order of strength as the wings to which they are attached. This article will show that the problem is really quite complex and that it should receive more attention.
Date: February 1, 1927
Creator: Sabatier, J
Item Type: Report

Researches on direct injection in internal-combustion engines

Description: These researches present a solution for reducing the fatigue of the Diesel engine by permitting the preservation of its components and, at the same time, raising its specific horsepower to a par with that of carburetor engines, while maintaining for the Diesel engine its perogative of burning heavy fuel under optimum economical conditions. The feeding of Diesel engines by injection pumps actuated by engine compression achieves the required high speeds of injection readily and permits rigorous control of the combustible charge introduced into each cylinder and of the peak pressure in the resultant cycle.
Date: November 1, 1941
Creator: Tuscher, Jean E
Item Type: Report

Researches on Preliminary Chemical Reactions in Spark-Ignition Engines

Description: Chemical reactions can demonstrably occur in a fuel-air mixture compressed in the working cylinder of an Otto-cycle (spark ignition) internal-combustion engine even before the charge is ignited by the flame proceeding from the sparking plug. These are the so-called "prelinminary reactions" ("pre-flame" combustion or oxidation), and an exact knowledge of their characteristic development is of great importance for a correct appreciation of the phenomena of engine-knock (detonation), and consequently for its avoidance. Such reactions can be studied either in a working engine cylinder or in a combustion bomb. The first method necessitates a complicated experimental technique, while the second has the disadvantage of enabling only a single reaction to be studied at one time. Consequently, a new series of experiments was inaugurated, conducted in a motored (externally-driven) experimental engine of mixture-compression type, without ignition, the resulting preliminary reactions being detectable and measurable thermometrically.
Date: June 1, 1943
Creator: Muehlner, E.
Item Type: Report

Researches on the Piston Ring

Description: In internal combustion engines, steam engines, air compressors, and so forth, the piston ring plays an important role. Especially, the recent development of Diesel engines which require a high compression pressure for their working, makes, nowadays, the packing action of the piston ring far more important than ever. Though a number of papers have been published in regard to researches on the problem of the piston ring, none has yet dealt with an exact measurement of pressure exerted on the cylinder wall at any given point of the ring. The only paper that can be traced on this subject so far is Mr. Nakagawa's report on the determination of the relative distribution of pressure on the cylinder wall, but the measuring method adopted therein appears to need further consideration. No exact idea has yet been obtained as to how the obturation of gas between the piston and cylinder, the frictional resistance of the piston, and the wear of the cylinder wall are affected by the intensity and the distribution of the radial pressure of the piston ring. Consequently, the author has endeavored, by employing an apparatus of his own invention, to get an exact determination of the pressure distribution of the piston ring. By means of a newly devised ring tester, to which piezoelectricity of quartz was applied, the distribution of the radial pressure of many sample rings on the market was accurately determined. Since many famous piston rings show very irregular pressure distribution, the author investigated and achieved a manufacturing process of the piston ring which will exert uniform pressure on the cylinder wall. Temperature effects on the configuration and on the mean spring power have also been studied. Further, the tests were performed to ascertain how the gas tightness of the piston ring may be affected by the ...
Date: February 1, 1944
Creator: Ehihara, Keikiti
Item Type: Report

Reserves, Bed Characteristics, and Coking Properties of the Willow Creek Coal Bed, Kemmerer District, Lincoln County, Wyoming

Description: Report issued by the Bureau of Mines discussing the coal reserves and coking properties of the Willow Creek bed in Lincoln County, Wyoming. Analyses of the coal bed are presented in detail. This report includes tables, illustrations, photographs, and a map.
Date: 1945
Creator: Toenges, Albert L.; Davis, J. D.; Turnbull, Louis A. & Schopf, J. M.
Item Type: Report

Reserves, Petrographic and Chemical Characteristics, and Carbonizing, Properties of Coal Occurring South of Dry Fork of Minnesota Creek, Gunnison County, Near Paonia, Colorado, and the Geology of the Area

Description: Report issued by the Bureau of Mines discussing the geology, chemical, and carbonizing properties of Gunnison County coal reserves in Colorado. Results and analyses of the investigations conducted on the coal reserves are presented in detail. This report includes tables, maps, illustrations, and photographs.
Date: 1949
Creator: Toenges, Albert L.; Dowd, James J.; Turnbull, Louis A.; Davis, J. D.; Smith, H. L. & Johnson, Vard H.
Item Type: Report

Reservoir Characteristics of the Eunice Oil Field, Lea County, New Mexico

Description: Report issued by the U.S. Bureau of Mines on the oil and gas production of the Eunice oil field in southeastern New Mexico. Properties of the oil field, and analysis of the oil and gas produced are presented. This report includes tables, maps, illustrations, and photographs.
Date: July 1939
Creator: Anderson, C. C.; Hinson, H. H. & Schroeder, H. J.
Item Type: Report

Reservoir-Oil Characteristics, Aneth Field, San Juan County, Utah

Description: Report issued by the Bureau of Mines over studies conducted on the characteristics of reservoir-oil sampled from San Juan County, Utah. The properties of each sample collected are presented. This report includes tables, graphs, maps, and illustrations.
Date: 1959
Creator: Zaffarano, Richard F.; Cupps, Cecil Q. & Fry, J.
Item Type: Report

A Residential Energy Consumption Analysis Utilizing the DOE-1 Computer Program

Description: The DOE-1 computer program under development by Argonne National Laboratory, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, and Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory is used to examine energy consumption in a typical middle-class household in Cincinnati, Ohio. The program is used to compare energy consumption under different structural and environmental conditions including various levels of insulation in the walls and ceiling, double and single glazing of windows, and thermostat setback schedules.
Date: April 1979
Creator: Arentsen, Scott K.
Item Type: Report

Residual stress analysis of overspeeded disk with central hole by x-ray diffraction

Description: An X-ray - diffraction analysis of residual surface stresses after plastic strain was introduced in a parallel-sided 3S-O aluminum disk with a central hole by two types of centrifugal overspeed is reported. Both tangential and radial stresses were generally tensile with large local variations near the hole where surface stresses may have been partly superficial. These stresses were both tensile and compressive dependent on the distance from the disk center when mass compression was effected near the hole.
Date: July 23, 1948
Creator: Good, James N
Item Type: Report

Resistance and cooling power of various radiators

Description: This reports combines the wind tunnel results of radiator tests made at the Navy Aerodynamical Laboratory in Washington during the summers of 1921, 1925, and 1926. In all, 13 radiators of various types and capacities were given complete tests for figure of merit. Twelve of these were tested for resistance to water flow and a fourteenth radiator was tested for air resistance alone, its heat dissipating capacity being known. All the tests were conducted in the 8 by 8 foot tunnel, or in its 4 by 8 foot restriction, by the writer and under conditions as nearly the same as possible. That is to say, as far as possible, the general arrangement and condition of the apparatus, the observation intervals, the ratio of water flow per unit of cooling surface, the differential temperatures, and the air speeds were the same for all.
Date: January 1, 1928
Creator: Smith, R H
Item Type: Report

The resistance coefficient of commercial round wire grids

Description: The resistance coefficients of commercial types of round wire grids were examined for the purpose of obtaining the necessary data on supercharger test stands for throttling the inducted air to a pressure corresponding to a desired air density. The measurements of the coefficients ranged up to Reynolds numbers of 1000. In the arrangement of two grids in tandem, which was necessary in order to obtain high resistance coefficients with the solidity, that is, mesh density of grid, was found to be accompanied by a further relationship with the mutual spacing of the individual grids.
Date: January 1, 1942
Creator: Eckert, B. & Pfluger, F.
Item Type: Report

Resistance of a delta wing in a supersonic flow

Description: The resistance of a delta wing at small angle of attack in supersonic conical flow with its leading edges within the Mach cone is calculated by a method that separates out the suction force.
Date: April 1, 1951
Creator: Karpovich, E A & Frankl, F I
Item Type: Report