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Report on the Investigation of the Fire at the Liquefaction, Storage, and Regasification Plant of the East Ohio Gas Co., Cleveland Ohio, October 20, 1944

Description: Report issued by the Bureau of Mines over investigations conducted on the 1944 fire at the East Ohio Gas Company. Descriptions of the plant, and construction of the gas tanks are listed. A detailed description of the disaster, and its aftermath are also presented. This report includes tables, maps, illustrations, and photographs.
Date: February 1946
Creator: Elliott, M. A.; Seibel, C. W.; Brown, F. W.; Artz, R. T. & Berger, L. B.
Item Type: Report

Report on the Possible Effects on the Surrounding Population of an Assumed Release of Fission Products into the Atmosphere from a 300 Megawatt Nuclear Reactor Located at Lagoona Beach, Michigan

Description: Report issued by the APDA over studies conducted on the release of radioactive particles near Lagoona Beach, Michigan in 1955. "The possible effects on the surrounding population of a release of fission products at the Lagoona Beach site" (p. 1) are discussed. This report includes tables, maps, and illustrations.
Date: July 1957
Creator: Gomberg, H. J.; Bassett, Thomas; Velez, Carlos & Donnell, Alton P.
Item Type: Report

Report on the Shearing, Dissolution and Analysis of GRIP-II Rod 79-453 (validation rod). Light Water Breeder Reactor Proof-of-Breeding Analytical Support Project

Description: This report covers the processing and analysis of the fuel-bearing section (M-5138) of an irradiated experimental Light Water Breeder Reactor fuel rod, GRIP-II rod No. 79-453; this section has been designated the Validation Rod. Process steps included precision shearing of the rod into eight comminuted segments, dissolution of the segments, and chemical and radiometric analyses of the resulting solutions. The shearing and dissolution were carried out fully remotely in an existing pilot-scale facility installed in a shielded cell. Data are provided on physical parameters of the rod section and segments, uranium assays and isotopic abundances, and selected fission products. An error analysis of the individual measurements and analyses is included.
Date: October 1981
Creator: Levitz, Norman M.; Parks, John E.; Winsch, Irvin O.; Meyer, Robert J.; Graczyk, D. G.; Tomlinson, Glen et al.
Item Type: Report

Report on the Workshop on Atomic and Plasma Physics Requirements for Heavy Ion Fusion : Argonne National Laboratory, December 13-14, 1979

Description: Atomic, molecular, and plasma physics areas that are relevant to inertial confinement fusion by energetic heavy ions are identified. Discussions are confined to problems related to the design of heavy ion accelerators, accumulation of ions in storage rings, and the beam transport in a reactor vessel.
Date: 1980?
Creator: Kim, Yong-Ki & Magelssen, Glenn
Item Type: Report

Report Submitted to the Trail Smelter Arbitral Tribunal

Description: From Forward: "The first part of this report discusses the details of the plant equipment and procedure. The second part of the report discusses in detail the relationship between between meteorological conditions in the valley and atmospheric diffusion processes. The third part gives the provisional operating regimes in force during the investigation, the amount of sulfur fixed and amount emitted to the atmosphere, and summary of data from the permanent recorders."
Date: 1944
Creator: Dean, R. S. & Swain, R. E.
Item Type: Report

[Reports on the Juneau and Admiralty Island Areas, Alaska]

Description: From introduction: From introduction: The present report upon the work of this field season is accompanied by topographic and geologic maps of the vicinity of Juneau, and of a mainland strip extending approximately 200 miles along the coast.
Date: 1906
Creator: Spencer, Arthur C. & Wright, Charles Will
Item Type: Report

Representative operating charts of propellers tested in the NACA 20-foot propeller-research tunnel

Description: Report presents the results of tests of full-scale propellers made in the 20-foot propeller-research tunnel (PRT) at the Langley Memorial Aeronautical Laboratory. The power coefficients of all dual-rotating propellers in the report represent the sum of the power coefficients of the front and rear propellers and are for the test conditions in which blade angles of the front and rear propellers were set to absorb approximately equal power at peak efficiency only.
Date: September 1, 1943
Creator: Gray, W H & Mastrocola, Nicholas
Item Type: Report

Requirements for auxiliary stiffeners attached to panels under combined compression and shear

Description: Panels of aluminum alloy sheets, framed by side and end stiffeners, were subjected to combined loading by means of offset knife edges applying loads to top and bottom end plates with reacting forces against the end plates supplied by laterally acting rollers. The test specimens were 17S-T aluminum alloy shoots 0.040 inch thick in panels of 10-inch width and three different lengths (approximately 10, 26, and 30 inch). Data were obtained for the bowing of transverse and longitudinal ribs of rectangular cross section and varying depths mounted on one side of the sheet only, for several ratios of compression to shear loads. Limiting values of the moments of inertia were calculated from these measurements. The experimental values exceed the theoretical values given by Timoshenko for the case of simply supported sheets with uniformly distributed boundary stresses. The work reported includes measurements of the effective shear moduli of the nine test panels with and without ribs. These data are compared with values published by Lahdo and Wagner.
Date: September 16, 1943
Creator: Scott, Merit & Weber, Robert L
Item Type: Report

Requirements for satisfactory flying qualities of airplanes

Description: Report discusses the results of an analysis of available data to determine what measured characteristics are significant in defining satisfactory flying qualities, what characteristics are reasonable to require of an airplane, and what influence the various design features have on the observed flying qualities.
Date: January 1, 1943
Creator: Gilruth, R R
Item Type: Report

Research and design problems introduced by increased power output

Description: In what follows the question of the number and geometrical arrangement of the cylinders so important in the design of high performance power units will be considered from various points of view. A discussion will be given of the possibilities of the various working processes and an investigation will be made of possible means for improving the continuous operation and take-off performance, particularly the methods of supercharging, increasing the r.p.m., and employing the two-stroke-cycle engine. Finally, the question of lowered fuel consumption will be gone over briefly. The subject will be treated under four headings: I) Considerations on the engine layout; II) Increase in output per given swept volume; III) Improvement in the take-off performance; IV) Lowering of the fuel consumption.
Date: October 1, 1937
Creator: Kurtz, Oskar
Item Type: Report

Research and Development Progress Report

Description: "The St. Louis Refinery produced its first UO3 and UO2 in 1942, and its first UF4 and U metal in 1943. The accent has always been on production, and the function of the extremely small research and development groups has been to aid the production units in their job. ... Recently, there has been a growing realization of the need for a broader and more detailed knowledge of both the chemical and technological aspects of all phases of work. ... This is the first of a series of quarterly progress reports on the research and development activities at the St. Louis Refinery."--p. 6
Date: October 15, 1952
Item Type: Report

Research and Development Studies on Waste Storage Process

Description: Report documenting "the determination of the thermal stability of various fission product oxides and nitrates, and an investigation of the gas phase decomposition of ruthenium tetroxide" (p. 4).
Date: May 19, 1961
Creator: Ortner, M. H.; Anderson, C. J. & Campbell, P. F.
Item Type: Report

Research and Innovation in the Building Regulatory Process

Description: Report issued by the U.S. National Bureau of Standards discussing studies conducted on building codes, standards, and regulations. The report includes transcripts from the 12th annual National Conference of States on Building Codes and Standards. This report includes tables, and illustrations.
Date: June 1980
Creator: Berry, Sandra A.
Item Type: Report