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Give war bonds : the present with a future.
Color poster shows a stylized image of a Christmas tree decorated with war bonds and stamp-filled cones as ornaments. There are gift packages around its base.
Give war bonds : the present with a future.
Color poster shows a stylized image of a Christmas tree decorated with war bonds and stamp-filled cones as ornaments. There are gift packages around its base.
Give your good books to our fighting men : the books you'd like to keep are the good ones to give.
Poster is printed in burnt sienna color. At the lower right corner are shown the heads and shoulders of three military men in uniform. In the upper left corner are hands holding books. A stream of books falls from the hands toward the men.
Going our way? : be a Victory Farm Volunteer of the U.S. Crop Corps.
Color poster shows an adolescent boy and girl. Both are smiling and neatly dressed. The boy carries farm tools. He has red hair and freckles and wears a windowpane-plaid blue shirt. The girl's blond hair is coiffed and she wears a red dress or blouse. A "Craftsman" brand name mark can be seen on the pitchfork carried by the boy.
"Good bye, Dad, I'm off to fight for Old Glory, you buy U.S. gov't bonds" : Third Liberty Loan.
Color illustration of a young man, in uniform holding a rifle, shaking the hand of an elderly man with white hair and beard wearing matching gray pants and vest and a white shirt with a bow tie. There is a landscape of farms in the distance. There is a blue border around the picture.
Good news from home : more production.
Color poster shows a smiling soldier in a brown uniform and helmet. He holds up his hand with four fingers splayed as if to count off the list of words displayed to the right in bold red text: "tanks", "planes", "guns", "ships".
"Gosh! Look at 'em fly! My Pop helps make those planes. With flyers like that and workers like my Pop -- us Americans are sure gonna win this scrap!" : produce for victory!
A young boy expresses amazement at American air power. He has a freckled face, blond hair, and wears a straw hat.
La grande offensiva Italiana : la disfatta Austriaca sul Montello.
Detailed color illustration of a battle scene. Italian soldiers in blue cross a river and charge against Austrian soldiers in green. Several Austrian soldiers and a horse are falling or dead. A toppled weapon is seen in the foreground. Several explosions can be seen on the river, its banks, the mountains, and a town in the distance. Airplanes are flying, cannons are firing, and multitudes of Italian troops are marching in the far distance.
"Grodowski is my name."
A neatly-dressed man looks at the viewer as he steps up into a tractor. To the left of the photo there is an extended text where he describes himself as an American son of immigrants "born on the other side" and tells of his family's dream to live in peace and prosperity. At the bottom of the poster is a box that lists the financiers of the advertisement.
Grow your own : be sure!
Color poster shows a group of fruits and vegetables on a table. Two red-white-and-blue ribbons in a "V" shape rise from the table.
"Guts -- and sweat -- that's the stuff victory is made of! We're fighting this war to win -- and every mother's son of us is doing his job -- Who said, America is soft?" : produce for victory!
A group of men of various ages, dressed in dirty work clothing, appear to be ready to work harder to aid the war effort.
The guys who don't say much.
Black & white poster. At left is an article describing the "average man". At right is a photograph of a man wearing a plaid shirt and plaid jacket, overalls, a cap, and smoking a pipe. Below the photo are "Questions and Answers about Bonds and Stamps".
H.M.S. "Nelson" firing a broadside with her 16-inch guns. This ship is armed with nine of these great guns and many smaller ones.
Color image of a British warship at sea, firing its guns. Dark smoke is seen in the background. The ship is flying the White Ensign flag of the Royal Navy.
A half-filled stamp album is like a half-equipped soldier.
Long banner with text in the middle and images on the left and right sides. On the left side is a soldier holding a "missing" gun. On the right side is an image of a stamp album.
Halt the Hun! : buy U.S. government bonds, Third Liberty Loan.
Drawing of an Allied Forces soldier pushing a German soldier away from a frightened woman who is holding a small child in her lap. The German soldier has blood on his hands. Red flames rise from the ground in the background.
[Happy days!]
Cartoon drawing. Hitler, Mussolini, and a Japanese character are depicted as apes behind a chain-link fence or cage. A pear tree is seen in the foreground, outside the fence. A dead tree is seen in the background, inside the fence.
Have you really tried to save gas by getting into a car club?
Close-up of a soldier's face. He wears a helmet which is unstrapped. A white bandage can be seen on his forehead under the helmet. Blood drips down the side of his face from the bandage to his jaw.
Help him ... help yourself ... : for victory, at least 10% of your pay every payday.
Color poster features black and white photographs, with large arrows containing captions pointing to each photo. The captions explain the benefits of war bonds. One photograph is of a soldier in a combat uniform, holding a rifle. The other photograph is of a man in a work shirt, doing mechanical work.
Help RCA, help USA : you and I : beat the promise.
In the foreground are two clasped hands, one representing Uncle Sam with a blue and gold-starred jacket sleeve; in the background is a factory with smokestacks. A U.S. flag stripe design connects the two images.
Help yourself : get up in the world by steady saving.
All lettered poster with text in black, encouraging the public to save by buying War Savings Stamps, Treasury Savings Certificates, and Liberty Bonds.
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth.
Portrait of Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, Queen Elizabeth [later known as Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother], Consort of King George VI of England. She wears six strands of pearls, a tiara, and an embroidered dress with three decorations attached to it. One decoration is the Family Order of King George VI, which features a portrait of the King. The decoration on her left breast is the Garter Star, which features St. George's cross.
Here's a war job for you : railroad workers urgently needed.
Five tracks of locomotives run side by side. One of the trains is transporting army tanks.
Here's why we need more metal to win this war.
Poster features a series of six black & white photographs on a black background. The photographs are of military weapons, vehicles, aircraft, and a ship. Each photograph has a caption describing the amount of copper, zinc, and lead used to manufacture the equipment shown.
He's a "fighting fool"-- give him the best you've got! : more production!
Drawing of a soldier standing in uniform and helmet, and carrying a rifle. It appears to be drawn with red conte crayon.
He's a fighting fool, give him the best you've got : more production.
Color poster in blue and black shades. Image of a soldier using a large artillery gun which is pointed upward. Three planes are seen flying in the distance behind the soldier.
He's sure to get V-mail : safest overseas mail.
Smiling soldier in combat helmet reading mail.
"Hey Fellows!" Your money brings the book we need when we want it : American Library Association, United War Work Campaign, Week of November 11, 1918.
Poster showing one soldier in green holding a book and calling out, and a sailor in white sitting on the ground reading. The background is orange. There are silhouettes of 3 soldiers behind them.
Hit 'em with Copper, Zinc, Lead
Black and white cartoon of Uncle Sam and a miner. Miner: "Gosh, I would like to take a crack at those Japs!" Uncle Sam: "You're doin' it every day - with every ton of ore you mine to make tanks, planes and guns"
Hit hard! Hit fast! Hit often! : produce for your Navy : victory begins at home!
Image of Admiral W.F. Halsey holding binoculars and looking into the distance. He appears to be on a ship. He wears a leather jacket and a green garrison cap with a Navy pilot wing pin. In the lower right corner of the picture is a yellow box with text, "U.S. NAVY DISPATCH" etc.
Homemaker's war guide.
Chart with columns providing illustrated suggestions for supporting the war effort. Colors used are red, blue, black/gray and white. Topics include conserving, storing, and reusing food, textiles, rubber, and metals, and instructions for taking protective measures in case of attack, and for participating in wartime community organizations. Centered at top of the poster is a graphic image representing women in various work and military uniforms, standing with airplanes, ambulances, a car, and a tank. The "homemaker" is highlighted at center and is represented wearing an apron, holding a saucepan, standing inside a red house.
"The hum of the motor -- the pound of the punch press -- the rat-a-tat-tat of the riveter -- the flash of the welder -- the thunder of the rolling mill -- the roar of America in production echoes "remember Pearl Harbor-- remember Pearl Harbor!" : produce for victory!
A welder looks down at the arc created by the tool in his or her hands. Sparks spray off of the material being welded.
Ideas will help beat the promise : let's have yours!
Stylized image of a man in overalls and cap, lifting the top off of a large concrete sculpture of a head to reveal the machinery which is its inner workings. The man scratches his head; around him are several captions of the word: "Idea?".
If you talk too much, this man may die.
A sailor looks out of a porthole. He wears an enlisted service dress blue uniform.
If you tell where he's going, he may never get there!
A sailor looks back and smiles as he walks away. He wears an enlisted service dress blue uniform and carries a large white sea bag on his shoulder.
If you tell where they're going-- they may never get there! : don't talk about troop movements!
Black and white image of soldiers boarding a ship.
"In the strength of great hope we must shoulder our common load" : buy Victory Bonds.
An image of Franklin D. Roosevelt hovers in the sky above a family standing near a grave site. On the horizon line is a cemetery monument (a cross with a wreath) and a view of the the rising sun.
Independence, July 4, 1776 ... : they kept the faith and so do you every time you lend a dime for war savings stamps.
Small color poster in red-orange and green tones. Thomas Jefferson reads the Declaration of Independence while other signers of it are seated around a table listening.
Industry -- the arsenal of democracy.
Small poster with large color image and small black & white inset image. The large color picture shows an urban skyline with smokestacks and a large amount of smoke in the air above. Out of this smoke appears a large image of a soldier playing a bugle and the U.S. flag flying behind him. The small inset is a black & white illustration of a crowd of people walking. Leading the crowd are two men in suits and a woman in a dress.
Industry -- the arsenal of democracy : defense in the air begins on the ground.
Small color poster has a large color image with a small black & white inset image. The large main image is of an airport in the foreground and a city skyline in the background with smokestacks. Several military airplanes fly through the smoke-filled sky above. Out of the smoke appears a pilot in a flight suit, holding a large U.S. flag. Inset in the lower left corner is a black & white illustration of a man doing mechanical work. Below this image is the caption: "..it all depends on me!"
Industry -- the arsenal of democracy : defense in the field begins in the factory.
Small color poster with black & white inset image. The main image is a city skyline full of factories with numerous smokestacks. Out of the smoke in the sky appears a soldier in a combat uniform. Behind him is a field artillery scene. At the lower left corner of the poster is the inset image, an illustration of a man working at a smelter. Beneath this picture is a caption: "..it all depends on me!"
Industry -- the arsenal of democracy : defense of our liberty begins in the factory.
Small color poster with black & white inset image. In the foreground is a shipyard and an airport. In the background is a city skyline of factories with smokestacks. Out of the smoke and clouds and into the sky appears the Statue of Liberty. Her torch lights the sky overhead. In the bottom left corner is the inset image, a black & white illustration of a manager and worker shaking hands in the manager's office. Beneath this picture is the caption: "..it all depends on you and me!"
Industry -- the arsenal of democracy : defense on the sea begins on the shore.
Small color poster with black & white inset image. In the foreground is a shipyard and docking area. In the background is a city skyline with several smokestacks emitting smoke. Out of the smoke appears a sailor steering at a ship's wheel. Behind him can be seen large ships. Airplanes fly in the sky above the sailor. In the lower left corner inset illustration, two workers work on a ship's propeller. Beneath this picture is a caption: "..it all depends on me!"
Invest in the Victory Liberty Loan.
Color painting of two ships and a submarine at sea. One ship flies an American flag. Poster has a white border all around and a gray frame around the illustration.
Is your trip necessary? : needless travel interferes with the war effort.
Black & white photograph of a bus or train car which is overcrowded with passengers. Many of the passengers are servicemen in uniform. The rest are civilian men, women, and children.
John Paul Jones said, 'I have not yet begun to fight' : fight with war stamps & bonds.
Color poster in red-orange and green tones. John Paul Jones, wearing a Revolutionary War uniform, stands with one fist in the air and a sword in his other hand. At his feet is a cannon. Behind him is an early U.S. flag; in front of him is a shirtless man wearing a head scarf and earring.
Join us on the farm front! : be a Victory Farm Volunteer of the U.S. Crop Corps.
Black & white photo superimposed on a blue background. A smiling young teenage boy and girl stand in a farm field, holding farm tools.
Just be sure you put at least 10% of it in war bonds! : top that 10%!
Cartoon-like image in color. A blonde-haired woman in a pink nightgown reaches into the pocket of a pair of men's pants. A man lying in the bed nearby winks at her and says, "Just be sure you put at least 10% of it in war bonds!"
Keep America rolling! : save your 5 best tires, sell others to Uncle Sam.
Black & white photograph on a yellow base. A smiling man holds a tire. He has dark hair and he wears a shirt and vest. In the background is a sedan parked next to a picket fence.
Keep 'em flying.
Black and white poster describes the qualifications and pay for U.S. Army Air Corps positions. In a black & white photograph below the text, a large group of Flying Cadets in flight suits walks toward the viewer.
"Keep 'em flying!"
Small banner has a border along the top and bottom margins in a red, white, and blue "stars and stripes" design. In the middle is a slogan in blue: "Keep 'Em Flying!"