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Fruits, Vegetables, and Other Specialty Crops: A Primer on Government Programs

Description: U.S. farmers grow more than 250 types of fruit, vegetable, tree nut, flower, ornamental nursery, and turfgrass crops in addition to the major bulk commodity crops. Although specialty crops are ineligible for the federal commodity price and income support programs, they are eligible for other types of U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) support, such as crop insurance, disaster assistance, and, under certain conditions, ad hoc market loss assistance payments. This report describes the federal programs of importance to the specialty crop sector, and provides the most recent funding information available for them.
Date: January 26, 2005
Creator: Rawson, Jean M.

The FTC's Used Car Rule

Description: This report discusses the Federal Trade Commission's (FTC) used car rule, which aims to prevent and discourage oral misrepresentations and deceptive omissions of material facts by those selling used cars concerning warranty coverage and mechanical condition.
Date: October 14, 1983
Creator: Mulock, Bruce K.

Fuel Ethanol: Background and Public Policy Issues

Description: This report provides background and discussion of policy issues relating to U.S. ethanol production, especially ethanol made from corn. It discusses U.S. fuel ethanol consumption both as a gasoline blending component and as an alternative to gasoline. The report discusses various costs and benefits of ethanol, including fuel costs, pollutant emissions, and energy consumption. It also outlines key areas of congressional debate on policies beneficial to the ethanol industry.
Date: March 3, 2006
Creator: Yacobucci, Brent D.