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Primary view of 3-D Thermal Evaluations for a Fueled Experiment in the Advanced Test Reactor
Ambrosek, Richard; Chang, Gray & Utterbeck, Debra
October 1, 2004
Morel, J. & McGhee, J.
November 1, 2000
Primary view of 3-D vertical seismic profiling at LLNL Site 300
Bainer, R.; Rector, J. & Milligan, P.
January 29, 1997
Primary view of A 3-D Vortex Code for Parachute Flow Predictions: VIPAR Version 1.0
Strickland, James H.; Homicz, Gregory F.; Porter, Vicki L. & Gossler, Albert A.
July 1, 2002
Primary view of 3-D woven, mullite matrix, composite filter
Lane, J.E.; Painter, C.J. & Radford, K.C. LeCostaouec, J.F.
December 1, 1995
Primary view of A 3-Dimensional discrete fracture network generator to examine fracture-matrix interaction using TOUGH2
Ito, Kazumasa & Yongkoo, Seol
April 9, 2003
Primary view of 3-Dimensional Flow Modeling of a Proposed Hanford Waste Treatment Plant Ion-Exchange Column Design
Aleman, Sebastian
November 2002
Primary view of A 3-dimensional ray-trace model for predicting the performance of flashlamp-pumped laser amplifiers
Jancaitis, K.S.; Haney, S.W.; Munro, D.H.; Le Touze, G. & Cabourdin, O.
February 13, 1997
Primary view of 3-dimensional wells and tunnels for finite element grids
Cherry, T.A.; Gable, C.W. & Trease, H.
April 1, 1996
Primary view of 3 GeV Booster Synchrotron Conceptual Design Report
Wiedemann, Helmut
June 2, 2009
Primary view of 3 GeV Injector Design Handbook
Wiedemann, H.
December 16, 2009
Primary view of A 3% Measurement of the Beam Normal Single Spin Asymmetry in Forward Angle Elastic Electron-Proton Scattering using the Qweak Setup
Waidyawansa, Dinayadura Buddhini
August 1, 2013
Primary view of 3 mm Anisotropy Measurement: On the Quadrupole Component in theCosmic Background Radiation
Lubin, Philip M.; Epstein, Gerald L. & Smoot, George F.
November 1, 1982
Primary view of 3 MW, 110 GHz ECH system for the DIII-D tokamak
Callis, R. W.; Lohr, J.; Ponce, D.; Harris, T. E.; O`Neill, R. C.; Remsen, D.B. et al.
July 1998
Primary view of 3-Nitropropionic Acid is a Suicide Inhibitor of MitochondrialRespiration that, Upon Oxidation by Complex II, Forms a Covalent AdductWith a Catalytic Base Arginine in the Active Site of the Enzyme
Huang, Li-shar; Sun, Gang; Cobessi, David; Wang, Andy C.; Shen,John T.; Tung, Eric Y. et al.
December 1, 2005
Primary view of 3(omega) damage threshold evaluation of final optics components using Beamlet mule and off-line testing
Kozlowski, M. F.; Maricle, S.; Mouser, R.; Schwartz, S.; Wegner, P. & Weiland, T.
July 27, 1998
Primary view of 3 Questions pertaining to DARPA, Leased Space, and DISA
United States. Department of Defense.
August 11, 2005
Primary view of A 3 TeV Muon Collider Lattice Design
Alexahin, Y.; Gianfelice-Wendt, E. & /Fermilab
May 1, 2012
Primary view of 3 V manganese oxide electrode materials for lithium batteries.
Johnson, C. S. & Thackeray, M. M.
June 20, 2000
Primary view of A 3-year plan for beam science in the heavy-ion fusion virtual national laboratory
Logan, B. Grant
September 10, 2001
Primary view of A 4.2 GS/S Synchronized Vertical Excitation System for SPS Studies - Steps Toward Wideband Feedback
Fox, J. D.; Olsen, J.; Rivetta, C.; Rivetta, I.; Turgut, O.; Uemura, S. et al.
October 18, 2013
Primary view of A 4.2 GS/sec. Synchronized Vertical Excitation System for SPS Studies - Steps Toward Wideband Feedback
Fox, John
July 10, 2012
Primary view of 4.5 Meter high level waste canister study
Calmus, R.B., Westinghouse Hanford, Richland, WA
October 1, 1997
Primary view of The 4.8 GHz LHC Schottky pick-up system
Caspers, Fritz; Jimenez, Jose Miguel; Jones, Rhodri Owain; Kroyer, Tom; Vuitton, Christophe; /CERN et al.
June 1, 2007