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Wind-Tunnel Tests of the 0.15-Scale Powered Model of the Fleetwings XBTK-1 Airplane : Longitudinal Stability and Control

Description: An investigation was made of the static longitudinal stability, and control and stall characteristics of XBTK-1 dive bomber. Results indicate that the longitudinal stability will probably be satisfactory for all contemplated flight conditions at the rear-most CG location with elevator both fixed and free. Power effects were small. Sufficient elevator control will be available to trim in any flight condition above the ground. Increasing the slotted flap deflection above 30 degrees only slightly increased the max. lift coefficient.
Date: May 1945
Creator: Boykin, Rebecca I. & Weil, Joseph

Wind-Tunnel Tests of the 1/8-Scale Powered Model of the Curtiss XBTC-2 Airplane 1: Preliminary Investigation of Longitudinal Stability

Description: Report presenting a series of wind-tunnel tests made in the 7- by 10-foot tunnel of the Curtiss XBTC-2 model with power. The object of the tests was to determine and to improve, as necessary, the complete aerodynamic characteristics of the model. The report includes the results of the longitudinal stability investigation of the original model along with results from tests of various modifications.
Date: June 1944
Creator: Weil, Joseph & Wells, Evalyn G.

Wind-tunnel tests of the 1/8-scale powered model of the Curtiss XBTC-2 airplane 2: preliminary investigation of lateral stability and control

Description: Report presenting testing of a model of the Curtiss XBTC-2 airplane in the 7- by 10-foot tunnel. This report consists of a preliminary investigation of the lateral stability and control of one particular configuration of the airplane. Results regarding the effect of wing plan form and power at small and large angles of yaw, the effect of upturned wing tips, outboard flap modification, canopy opening, aileron control, and rudder-free characteristics are provided.
Date: August 1944
Creator: Wallace, Arthur R.

Wind-Tunnel Tests of the 1/9-Scale Model of the Curtiss XP-62 Airplane with Various Vertical Tail Arrangements

Description: The effect of various vertical tail arrangements upon the stability and control characteristics of an XP-62 fighter model was investigated. Rudder-free yaw characteristics with take-off power and flaps deflected were satisfactory after dorsal fin modifications. Directional stability was obtained with all modified vertical tails. Satisfactory rudder effectiveness resulted partly because the dual-rotation propellers produced no asymmetric yawing moments. Pedal forces in sideslips were undesirably large but may be easily reduced.
Date: July 1943
Creator: Recant, I. G. & Wallace, Arthur R.

Wind-tunnel tests of two Hamilton Standard propellers embodying Clark Y and NACA 16 series blade sections

Description: Report presenting tests of two 10-foot Hamilton Standard propellers to determine the relative merits of the Clark Y and NACA 16-series sections and to determine the negative thrust available at negative angles. Little difference was noted between propellers at peak efficiency for the low Mach numbers used in the tunnel tests.
Date: August 1941
Creator: Gray, W. H.

Wind-tunnel tests of two tapered wings with straight leading edges and with constant-chord center sections of different spans

Description: Report presenting an investigation in the 19-foot pressure tunnel of two-tapered wings with NACA 230-series airfoil sections, straight leading edges, and constant-chord center sections. Lift, drag, and pitching-moment coefficients were determined for the plain wing and for each flap arrangement for a range of Reynolds numbers. The results indicated that the wing with the square center section has greater maximum lift coefficients and increments of maximum lift due to flap deflections than the wing with the rectangular center section.
Date: October 1943
Creator: Fairbanks, Richard W. & Alexander, Sidney R.

Wind-Tunnel Tests of Two Tapered Wings with Straight Trailing Edges and with Constant-Chord Center Sections of Different Spans

Description: Report presenting tests made in the 19-foot pressure tunnel to determine the aerodynamic characteristics of two tapered wings with NACA 230-series airfoil sections, constant-chord center sections, and straight trailing edges. Lift, drag, and pitching-moment characteristics of the wings with partial-span and full-span split flaps are given for a test Reynolds number of 4,600,000.
Date: March 1943
Creator: Neely, Robert H.

Wind Tunnel Tests of Wickwire-Spencer Propeller

Description: Report presenting a propeller tested to determine the aerodynamic properties. The propeller was designed for operation on a small target airplane capable of flying at about 200 miles per hour at 1600 feet altitude with a 175-horsepower engine. Results regarding aerodynamic tests and functional tests are provided.
Date: March 1942
Creator: Valentine, E. Floyd & Mastrocola, Nicholas

Wind-tunnel vibration tests of a four-blade single rotating pusher propeller

Description: Report presenting vibration tests of a four-blade single-rotating propeller operating in a simulated pusher condition performed because the combination of wake and downwash behind a wing might provide serious excitation for reactionless vibrations of propellers with four or more blades. Measurements of propeller vibratory stress were made for various airspeeds, engine speeds, and engine powers.
Date: June 1943
Creator: Miller, Mason F.

Wind-tunnel vibration tests of dual-rotating propellers

Description: Report presenting vibration tests of six- and eight-blade tractor and seven- and eight-blade pusher dual-rotating propellers conducted in the 16-foot high-speed tunnel to determine the severity of vibrations excited by blade passages. Measurements of vibratory stresses were made for engine-speed ranges at low, intermediate, and high engine powers. Few vibrations caused by blade passages were detected, and those vibrations were not serious.
Date: September 1943
Creator: Miller, Mason F.

Wing-Fuselage Interference - Comparison of Conventional and Airfoil-Type-Fuselage Combinations

Description: Report presenting tests of wing-fuselage combinations employing an airfoil-type fuselage in the variable-density wind tunnel as part of a wing-fuselage program. The models were designed to simulate an existing moderate-size transport airplane of that type. Results regarding some general comparisons, lift distribution and induced drag, and drag in high-speed flight are provided.
Date: March 1937
Creator: Jacobs, Eastman N. & Sherman, Albert

Working Charts for the Computation of Propeller Thrust Throughout the Take-Off Range

Description: Report presenting data from tests conducted on full-scale propellers with 3155 blade design, which have been used to construct a set of propeller thrust charts for use in the calculation of take-off performance. By using the charts, the thrust of modern single- and dual-rotating propellers may be easily and rapidly calculated through the entire take-off range.
Date: July 1943
Creator: Desmond, Gerald L. & Freitag, Robert F.

XC-35 gust research project characteristics of vertical drafts and associated vertical gust velocities within convective type clouds

Description: Report discusses the results of measurements made via an XC-35 airplane to determine the relation between the velocities of vertical drafts and associated gusts within convective-type clouds. Information about vertical-draft velocity and maximum vertical true gust velocity is included.
Date: January 1945
Creator: Moskovitz, A. I.

XC-35 gust research project: Preliminary analysis of the lateral distribution of gust velocity along the span of an airplane

Description: Report presenting measurements of the lateral distribution of effective gust velocity along the span of the XC-35 airplane in a variety of weather conditions. Six standard shapes were determined from the distributions: triangular, rectangular, first trapezoidal, second trapezoidal, unsymmetrical, and double triangular.
Date: March 1943
Creator: Moskovitz, A. I.