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Analysis of Heat and Compressibility Effects in Internal Flow Systems and High-Speed Tests of a Ram-Jet System

Description: Report discussing an analysis has been made by the NACA of the effects of heat and compressibility in the flow through the internal systems of aircraft along with equations and charts are developed whereby the flow characteristics at key stations in a typical internal system may be readily obtained.
Date: July 21, 1942
Creator: Becker, John V. & Baals, Donald D.

Analytical Theory of the Campini Propulsion System

Description: "The present report deals exclusively with the particular jet-propulsion system mentioned in the cited reports. The discussion is limited, for the present, to the analytical study of the efficiency and the consumption for the case of application to aircraft and to the plotting of the practical operating curves secured theoretically by the use of suitable experimental factors" (p. 1).
Date: March 1942
Creator: Campini, S.

Antimony Deposits of the Stampede Creek Area, Kantishna District, Alaska

Description: From abstract: The Stampede Creek area lies about 120 miles southwest of Fairbanks, Alaska. It is most readily accessible by air during the summer and by tractor road during the winter. Since 1936 approximately 2,400 tons of shipping-grade antimony ore and concentrates, containing about 1,300 tons of metallic antimony, have been produced at the Stampede mine. The mine was closed down in the spring of 1941, principally because of the high cost of transportation. The area is underlain largely by metamorphosed rocks of the Birch Creek schist. The schist has been warped and crumpled into many broad, open folds which strike northeast and also plunge to the northeast. The Stampede mine is in the schistose quartzite member of the Birch Creek schist.
Date: 1942
Creator: White, Donald Edward

Application of Balancing Tabs to Ailerons

Description: Analysis was made to determine characteristics required of a balancing-tab system for ailerons in order to reduce aileron stick forces to any desired magnitude. Series of calculations based on section data were made to determine balancing-tab systems of various chord tabs and ailerons that will give, for a particular airplane, zero rate of aileron hinge moment with aileron deflection and yet will produce same maximum rate of roll as a plain unbalanced 15-percent chord aileron of same span. Effects of rolling velocity and of forces in tab link on aileron hinge moments have been included.
Date: June 1942
Creator: Sears, Richard I.

Beam and torsion tests of aluminum-alloy 615-T tubing

Description: From Summary: "Tests were made to determine the effect of length and the effect of ratios of diameter to wall thickness upon the flexural and torsional moduli of failure of 61S-T aluminum-alloy tubing. The moduli of failure in bending, as determined by tests in which the tubing was loaded on the neutral axis at the one-third points of the span, were found to bear an approximately linear relationship with diameter-thickness ratio and were practically independent of span within the limits investigated. Empirical equations are given describing the relations obtained. The moduli of failure in torsion were found to be dependent upon length as well as upon diameter-thickness ratios. Empirical equations are given for predicting strengths within the range of plastic buckling. Within the elastic range, available torsion theories were found to be satisfactory."
Date: October 1942
Creator: Moore, R. L. & Holt, Marshall

Bending of Rectangular Plates with Large Deflections

Description: "The solution of von Karman's fundamental equations for large deflections of plates is presented for the case of a simply supported rectangular plate under combined edge compression and lateral loading. Numerical solutions are given for square plates and for rectangular plates with a width-span ratio of 3:1. The effective widths under edge compression are compared with effective widths according to von Karman, Bengston, Marguerre, and Cox and with experimental results by Ramberg, McPherson, and Levy" (p. 1).
Date: May 1942
Creator: Levy, Samuel

Bending tests of a monocoque box

Description: A monocoque box beam consisting of a 24S-T aluminum-alloy sheet reinforced by four bulkheads and by longitudinal stringers and corner posts was subjected to bending loads as follows: pure bending about the lift axis, cantilever bending about the lift axis, and pure bending about both lift and drag axis. Longitudinal strains were measured for loads up to a load at which permanent set became measurable. The loads were sufficient to produce buckling of the sheet between stringers on the compression side of the box. The only noticeable effect of this buckling was a small increase in extreme-fiber strain on the compression side. The measured strains and measured deflections differed less than 10 percent from those computed from the simple beam theory after taking account of the effective width of the buckled sheet. The effect of the bulkheads on the distribution of stringer strain was negligible.
Date: November 1942
Creator: McPherson, Albert E.; Ramberg, Walter & Levy, Samuel

Bending With Large Deflection of a Clamped Rectangular Plate With Length-Width Ratio of 1.5 Under Normal Pressure

Description: "The Von Karman equations for a thin flat plate with large deflections are solved for the special case of a plate with clamped edges having a ratio of length to width of 1.5 and loaded by uniform normal pressure. Center deflections, membrane stresses, and extreme-fiber bending stresses are given as a function of pressure for center deflections up to twice the thickness of the plate. For small deflections the results coincide with those obtained by Hencky from the linear theory" (p. 1).
Date: July 1942
Creator: Levy, Samuel & Greenman, Samuel

A Brief Study of the Speed Reduction of Overtaking Airplanes by Means of Air Brakes

Description: "As an aid to airplane designers interested in providing pursuit airplanes with decelerating devices intended to increase the firing time when overtaking another airplane, formulas are given relating the pertinent distances and speeds in horizontal flight to the drag increase required. Charts are given for a representative parasite-drag coefficient from which the drag increase, the time gained, and the closing distance may be found. The charts are made up for three values of the ratio of the final speed of the pursuing airplane to the speed of the pursued airplane and for several values of the ratio of the speed of the pursued airplane to the initial speed of the pursuing airplane" (p. 1).
Date: May 1942
Creator: Pearson, H. A. & Anderson, R. F.

Calculated effects of full-span slotted and Fowler flaps on longitudinal stability and control characteristics for a typical fighter-type airplane with various tail modifications

Description: Report presenting an analytical study of the influence of full-span slotted and Fowler flaps on the requirements for horizontal tail surfaces. The elevator deflection required to land at three-point attitude, elevator deflection required to stall the airplane at altitude, and permissible center-of-gravity range have been calculated for a fighter-type airplane.
Date: July 1942
Creator: Goranson, R. Fabian

Calibrations of pitot-static tubes at high speeds

Description: Report presenting the calibrations of three types of service pitot-static tubes over an approximate range of speeds of 150 to 600 miles per hour. The calibrations indicated a need for a pitot-static tube with greater accuracy, especially at higher speeds. Results regarding the service tubes, Prandtl tube, Eigh-speed tube, and a comparison of the tubes are provided.
Date: July 1942
Creator: Hensley, Reece V.

Characteristics of beveled-trailing-edge elevators on a typical pursuit fuselage at altitudes simulating-normal flight and spin conditions

Description: Report presenting lift and elevator hinge-moment characteristics were measured on horizontal tail provided with elevators having three different beveled trailing edges. Results regarding fuselage alone and fuselage interference, lift characteristics of fuselage-tail combination, elevator hinge-moment characteristics, drag, and comparison with data from two-dimensional-flow tests are provided.
Date: December 1942
Creator: Gillis, Clarence L.

Characteristics of plain and balanced elevators on a typical pursuit fuselage at attitudes simulating normal-flight and spin conditions

Description: Report presenting lift and elevator hinge-moment characteristics of a horizontal tail with various plain and balanced elevators and mounted on a typical pursuit fuselage as measured in the 7- by 10-foot wind tunnel at attitudes simulating normal-flight and spin conditions. The lift effectiveness of the elevator was practically independent of the size of the aerodynamic balance. Results regarding the fuselage alone and fuselage interference, lift characteristics of fuselage-tail combinations, lift effectiveness of the tab, elevator hinge moments, parameters, effect of yaw on elevator hinge moments, effect of tab on elevator hinge moments, drag, and comparison with two-dimensional data are provided.
Date: March 1942
Creator: Sears, Richard I. & Hoggard, H. Page, Jr.

The Characteristics of Two Model Six-Blade Counterrotating Pusher Propellers of Conventional and Improved Aerodynamic Design

Description: Two airfoil plans were used for propeller blades. One is modified Clark Y section designed for structural reliability and the second an NACA 16 airfoil section designed to produce minimum aerodynamic losses. At low air speeds, the propeller designed for aerodynamic effects showed a gain of from 1.5 to 4.0 percent in propulsive efficiency over the conventional type depending on the pitch. Because of the numerous variables involved, the effect of each one on the aerodynamic characteristics of the propellers could not be isolated.
Date: June 1942
Creator: McHugh, James G. & Pepper, Edward

Chromite and quicksilver deposits of the Del Puerto area, Stanislaus County, California

Description: From Introduction: "The present report is based on 10 weeks of field work from mid-November 1940 until late January 1941, and 4 days in May 1941. An area of 5 1/2 square miles in and about Del Puerto Canyon was mapped on a scale of 600 feet to 1 inch, and two small areas in the vicinity of the Adobe Canyon and Black Bart chromite mines were mapped on a scale of 200 feet to 1 inch."
Date: 1942
Creator: Hawkes, H. E., Jr.; Wells, Francis G. & Wheeler, D. P., Jr.