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June 1, 2001
Primary view of A-01 metals in stormwater runoff evaluation
Eldridge, L. L.
November 6, 1997
Primary view of 1 MeV electron irradiation of solid Xe nanoclusters in Al : an in-situ HRTEM study.
Donnelly, S. E.; Furuya, K.; Song, M.; Birtcher, R. C. & Allen, C. W.
December 5, 1997
Primary view of 1 mil gold bond wire study.
Huff, Johnathon; McLean, Michael B.; Jenkins, Mark W. & Rutherford, Brian Milne
May 1, 2013
May, Donald P.
April 7, 2006
Primary view of 1 nA beam position monitoring system
Ursic, R.; Flood, R. & Piller, C.
June 1, 1997
Primary view of 1 Outreach, Education and Domestic Market Enhancement 2 Export Promotion and Assistance
Geothermal Energy Association
March 15, 2004
Primary view of 1. Summary of Runs, s56, 57, 73, 74, 78, 79, 80, 87, 88, 89 in Which Slurries Circulated at 300 C in 100-a Loops Caked or Accumulated on Pipe Walls. 2. Summary of Runs T-52 Through T-75 in Which a Bypass Line Was Used in Parallel With Main Circulating Loop
Kitzes, A.S.; Gallaher, R.B.; McLaughlin, C.A. & Wichner, R.P.
November 16, 1956
Primary view of A 1- to 5-MW, RCS-based, short-pulse spallation neutron source
Cho, Y.; Chae, Y.-C. & Crosbie, E.
June 1997
Primary view of 1-watt composite-slab Er:YAG laser. Revision 1
Page, R. H.; Bartels, R. A.; Beach, R. J.; Sutton, S. B.; Furu, L. H. & LaSala, J. E.
February 13, 1997
Primary view of 2.0 K CEBAF Cryogenics
Arenius, Dana; Chronis, William; Kashy, David; Keesee, Marie & Rode, Claus
October 1, 1988
Primary view of 2-1/2-D electromagnetic modeling of nodular defects in high-power multilayer optical coatings
Molau, N. E.; Brand, H. R.; Kozlowski, M. R. & Shang, C. C.
July 1996
Primary view of 2.1 Pan-WCRP Monsoon Modelling Workshop Summary
Sperber, K R
June 28, 2005
Primary view of (2,2-Bipyridyl)bis(eta5-1,2,3,4,5-pentamethylcyclopentadienyl)Strontium(II)
Kazhdan, Daniel; Kazhdan, Daniel; Hu, Yung-Jin; Kokai, Akos; Levi, Zerubba & Rozenel, Sergio
July 3, 2008
Primary view of (02.2) Scoping experiments; (02.3) long-term corrosion testing and properties evaluation of candidate waste package basket material
VanKonynenburg, R. A.
December 20, 1996
Primary view of The 2.3 {angstrom} crystal structure of cholera toxin B subunit pentamer: Choleragenoid
Zhang, Rong-Guang; Westbrook, M.L.; Maulik, P.R.; Reed, R.A.; Shipley, G.; Westbrook, E.M. et al.
February 1, 1996
Primary view of 2.5 MHz feedforward beam loading compensation in the Fermilab Main Injector
Dey, Joseph E.; Kourbanis, Ioanis & Steimel, James
May 19, 2003
Primary view of The 2.6 Angstrom resolution structure of Rhodobacter capsulatus bacterioferritin with metal-free dinuclear site and heme iron in a crystallographic 'special position'
Cobessi, D.; Huang, L.-S.; Ban, M.; Pon, N. G.; Daldal, F. & Berry, E. A.
October 31, 2001
Primary view of A 2.14 ms candidate optical pulsar in SN1987A: Ten years after
Middleditch, J.; Kristian, J.A.; Kunkel, W.E.; Hill, K.M. & Watson, R.D.
September 1, 1997
Primary view of 2\beta + \gamma from B^0 to D^\mp K^0 \pi^\pm Decays at BaBar: aSimulation Study
Polci, Francesco; Schune, Marie-Helene; Stocchi, Achille & /Orsay, LAL
April 16, 2007
Primary view of 2-D and 3-D Elastic Modeling with Shared Seismic Models
House, L.; Marfurt, K. J.; Larsen, S. & Martin, G. S.
April 30, 2002
Primary view of 2-D electric fields and drifts near the magnetic separatrix in divertor tokamaks
Mattor, N.; Porter, G. D.; Rognlien, T. D. & Ryutov, D. D.
November 15, 1998
Primary view of 2-D Finite Element Cable and Box IEMP Analysis
Scivner, G.J. & Turner, C.D.
December 17, 1998
Primary view of 2-D image segmentation using minimum spanning trees
Xu, Y. & Uberbacher, E. C.
September 1995