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Primary view of The beet leafhopper and its control on beets grown for seed in Arizona and New Mexico.
Romney, Van E.
September 1943
Primary view of The biology and control of the sorghum midge.
Walter, E. V. (Elmer Valentine), 1891-
July 1941
Primary view of Biology of the seed-corn maggot in the coastal plain of the South Atlantic states
Reid, W. J. (William John), 1902- & Hall, D. G.
June 1940
Primary view of The ecology of the principal summer weed hosts of the beet leafhopper in the San Joaquin Valley, California.
Lawson, Francis R. (Francis Raymond), 1906- & Piemeisel, R. L.
June 1943
Primary view of Experiments with Trichogramma Minutum Riley as a control of the sugarcane borer in Louisiana.
Jaynes, H. A. (Harold Andrus), 1900- & Bynum, E. K.
January 1941
Primary view of Field studies of insecticides used to control cabbage caterpillars in the South.
Reid, W. J. (William John), 1902-; Smith, Charles Egan, 1887-; Reed, L. B. (Lucius Brown), 1906- & Thomas, W. A. (William Andrew), 1883-
November 1941
Primary view of Further studies on the removal of spray residues from eastern-grown apples.
Haller, M. H. (Mark Hughlin), 1897-; Cassil, C. C. (Carroll Clayton), 1911-; Gould, Edwin & Schrader, Albert Lee, 1896-
August 1942
Primary view of Hibernation of the corn earworm in southeastern Georgia.
Barber, G. W. (George W.)
October 1941
Primary view of Hibernation of the corn earworm in the central and northeastern parts of the United States
Blanchard, R. A.
December 1942
Primary view of Insecticidal efficiency of some oils of plant origin
Cressman, A. W. & Dawsey, Lynn H.
February 1942
Primary view of Investigations of the parasites of Popillia japonica and related scarabaeidae in the Far East from 1929 to 1933, inclusive.
Gardner, T. R. (Theodore Roosevelt), b. 1899 & Parker, L. B. (Lawrence Bemis), 1901-
October 1940
Primary view of Life history and control of the tomato pinworm.
Elmore, J. C. (John Clifford), 1896- & Howland, A. F.
September 1943
Primary view of Life history and habits of the peachtree borer in the Southeastern states.
Snapp, Oliver I. & Thomson, J. R. (James Randolph), 1903-
November 1943
Primary view of Life history, habits, and control of the beanstalk weevil (Sternechus paludatus) in the Estancia Valley, New Mexico.
Shaw, J. G. (John Gilbert), 1908- & Douglass, J. R. (James Robert)
July 1942
Primary view of Life history of the wireworm Melanotus longulus (Lec.) in southern California.
Stone, M. W., (Marshall Weddell) & Howland, A. F.
January 1944
Primary view of Nature and extent of mormon cricket damage to crop and range plants.
Swain, Ralph B. (Ralph Brownlee), 1912-
Primary view of Prevention of damage by the seed-corn maggot to potato seed pieces.
Reid, W. J. (William John), 1902-; Wright, R. C. (Robert Claude), b. 1885. & Peacock, Walter M.
February 1940
Primary view of Relative effectiveness of acid lead arsenate and other materials as stomach poisons for the larvae of the Japanese beetle.
Fleming, Walter E. (Walter Ernest), 1899-
January 1942
Primary view of Strains of field corn resistant to the survival of the European corn borer.
Patch, L. H.; Holbert, J. R. & Everly, R. T.
May 1942
Primary view of Structure and development of the alimentary canal of the southern armyworm larva.
Woke, Paul A.
March 1941
Primary view of Studies of methyl bromide in greenhouse and vault fumigation.
Richardson, Henry H. (Henry Howe), 1906-; Johnson, A. C. (Alpha Cornelius), b. 1889; Bulger, Jacob Work, 1887-; Casanges, A. H. & Johnson, George V. (George Victor), 1910-
September 1943
Primary view of Three species of the genus Lygus and their relation to alfalfa seed production in southern Arizona and California.
Stitt, Loyd L.
November 1940
Primary view of Timber Growing and Logging Practice in the Northeast: Measures Necessary to Keep Forest Land Productive and to Produce Full Timber Crops.
Dana, Samuel Trask, 1883-
March 1930
Primary view of The yellow chapote, a native host of the Mexican fruitfly.
Plummer, C. C.; McPhail, M. & Monk, J. W.
July 1941