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The characteristics of the NACA M-12 airfoil section

Description: The data obtained on the NACA M-12 airfoil, tested at twenty atmosphere density in the NACA variable density wind tunnel, have been extended by additional tests at one and at twenty atmospheres under improved conditions. The results of these tests are given. Considerable scale effect was found.
Date: August 1926
Creator: Higgins, George J.

Designing Seaplane Hulls and Floats

Description: Experimental data, such as the results of tank tests of models, render it possible to predict, at least in principle, as to how a hull or float of a given shape will comport itself. We will see further along, however, how uncertain these methods are and how they leave room for empiricism, which will reign for a long time yet in seaplane research bureaus.
Date: August 1926
Creator: Benoit

Experiments With an Airfoil From Which the Boundary Layer Is Removed by Suction

Description: "Our attempts to improve the properties of airfoils by removing the boundary layer by suction, go back to 1922. The object of the suction is chiefly to prevent the detachment of the boundary layer from the surface of the airfoil. At large angles of attack, such detachment prevents the attainment of the great lift promised by the theory, besides greatly increasing the drag, especially of thick airfoils. This report gives results of those experiments" (p. 1).
Date: August 1926
Creator: Ackeret, J.; Betz, A. & Schrenk, O.

Navy Propeller Section Characteristics as Used in Propeller Design

Description: "This report contains artificial aerodynamic characteristics of a set of propeller sections to be used in designing propellers by means of the blade element theory. Characteristics computed from model propeller tests for a single section are extended to cover sections of Navy propeller sections at high Reynolds Number in the variable density tunnel of the NACA" (p. 1).
Date: August 1926
Creator: Weick, Fred E.

Nut-tree propagation.

Description: A brief guide to nut-tree propagation, including budding and grafting and seed and stock selection. Intended for use by growers who must be able to distinguish seedlings from budded and grafted trees, or who wish to improve their own orchard trees.
Date: August 1926
Creator: Reed, C. A. (Clarence Arthur), 1880-1950

Report on Tests of Metal Model Propellers in Combination With a Model VE-7 Airplane

Description: This report, prepared at the request of the NACA, describes tests of three metal model propellers, in a free air stream and in front of a model of a VE-7 airplane. The effect of introducing the model airplane is shown to be an increase in thrust and power coefficients and efficiency at small slip, and a decrease in the same at large slip.
Date: August 1926
Creator: Lesley, E. P.

Tail Planes

Description: This report presents methods by which the cells of large commercial airplanes may be reduced. The tail of large airplanes represent an area where considerable improvement in weight and size reduction can be attained.
Date: August 1926
Creator: Constantin, L.