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Additional Test Data on Static Longitudinal Stability

Description: From Summary: "The purpose of this investigation was to explore the influence of weights of the controls on the stability with elevator released. The available test data were extended to stability with elevator locked. In this connection the study of the propeller effect seemed of vital importance."
Date: August 1934
Creator: Hübner, Walter

Approximate Calculation of Multispar Cantilever and Semicantilever Wings With Parallel Ribs Under Direct and Indirect Loading

Description: A method is presented for approximate static calculation, which is based on the customary assumption of rigid ribs, while taking into account the systematic errors in the calculation results due to this arbitrary assumption. The procedure is given in greater detail for semicantilever and cantilever wings with polygonal spar plan form and for wings under direct loading only. The last example illustrates the advantages of the use of influence lines for such wing structures and their practical interpretation.
Date: August 1932
Creator: Sänger, Eugen

Automatic Stabilization

Description: This report concerns the study of automatic stabilizers and extends it to include the control of the three-control system of the airplane instead of just altitude control. Some of the topics discussed include lateral disturbed motion, static stability, the mathematical theory of lateral motion, and large angles of incidence. Various mechanisms and stabilizers are also discussed.
Date: August 1936
Creator: Haus

Axial Superchargers

Description: Improvements, however, have been attained which permit a shortening of the structure without any impairment of the efficiency. The axial supercharger has a better efficiency and a simpler design than the radial supercharger. The relatively narrow range in which it operates satisfactorily should not be a very disturbing factor for practical flight problems. The length of this type of supercharger may be reduced considerably if some impairment in the efficiency is permitted.
Date: August 1944
Creator: Betz, A.

Buckling Tests of Light-Metal Tubes

Description: Report presenting an attempt to determine mathematically the buckling-strength curves of various centrally loaded light-metal tubes which exhibit conspicuous differences of behavior under compressive loads. For this purpose, Von Karman's method is used after adapting it to special conditions.
Date: August 1929
Creator: Schroeder, August

Calculation of Tapered Monoplane Wings

Description: The tapered wing shape increases the lift in the middle of the wing and thus reduces the bending moment of the lifting forces in the plane of symmetry. Since this portion of the wing is the thickest, the stresses of the wing material are reduced and desirable space is provided for stowing the loads in the wing. This statically excellent form of construction, however, has aerodynamic disadvantages which must be carefully weighed, if failures are to be avoided. This treatise is devoted to the consideration of these problems.
Date: August 1930
Creator: Amstutz, E.

Concerning the Velocity of Evaporation of Small Droplets in a Gas Atmosphere

Description: "The evaporation velocity of liquid droplets under various conditions is theoretically calculated and a number of factors are investigated which are neglected in carrying out the fundamental equation of Maxwell. It is shown that the effect of these factors at the small drop sizes and the small weight concentrations ordinarily occurring in fog can be calculated by simple corrections. The evaporation process can be regarded as quasi-stationary in most cases" (p. 1).
Date: August 1947
Creator: Fuchs, N.

Cones in Supersonic Flow

Description: "In the case of cones in axially symmetric flow of supersonic velocity, adiabatic compression takes place between shock wave and surface of the cone. Interpolation curves betwen shock polars and the surface are therefore necessary for the complete understanding of this type of flow. They are given in the present report by graphical-numerical integration of the differential equation for all cone angles and airspeeds" (p. 1).
Date: August 1947
Creator: Hantzsche, W. & Wendt, H.

Contribution to the Problem of Buckling of Orthotropic Plates, With Special Reference to Plywood

Description: Planar stress-strain relations and bending stress-strain relations are presented for elastic orthotropic plates and specialized to plywood. These relations are used to derive the differential equation and energy expression for the buckling of orthotropic rectangular plates whose principal stiffness directions are not parallel to the plate edges. Buckling analyses are made for the case of pure compression and pure shear of a long plate-strip.
Date: August 1950
Creator: Thielemann, Wilhelm

Coutinho-Sacadura Course Corrector

Description: "The Coutinho-Sacadura course corrector is an instrument with which, knowing the angles of drift of two different courses, we may determine by simple readings: a) direction and velocity of wind; b) correction to be made in course followed by compass, in order to fly in a given direction; c) ground-speed of aircraft, the resultant of its air speed and the velocity of the wind" (p. 1).
Date: August 1922
Creator: Cabral, Sacadura

Dependence of the Elastic Strain Coefficient of Copper on the Pre-Treatment

Description: The effect of various pre-treatments on the elastic strain coefficient (alpha) (defined as the reciprocal of the modulus of elasticity E) (Epsilon) and on the mechanical hysteresis of copper has been investigated. Variables comprising the pre-treatments were pre-straining by stretching in a tensile testing machine and by drawing through a die, aging at room and elevated temperatures and annealing. The variation of the elastic strain coefficient with test stress was also investigated.
Date: August 1950
Creator: Kuntze, Wilhelm

Description of the Klemperer Wing Strain Meter (Accelerometer)

Description: The wing strain meter enables a pilot to know the strain on lifting surfaces and to warn him of the safe limits which may not be exceeded. In wing strain the most important factors are the force of gravity and the force of lift which gives the measure of the sustaining force, and their components which are perpendicular to the lifting surfaces. This reports methods for using the wing strain meter.
Date: August 1922

Designing Seaplane Hulls and Floats

Description: Experimental data, such as the results of tank tests of models, render it possible to predict, at least in principle, as to how a hull or float of a given shape will comport itself. We will see further along, however, how uncertain these methods are and how they leave room for empiricism, which will reign for a long time yet in seaplane research bureaus.
Date: August 1926
Creator: Benoit

Determination of the Actual Contact Surface of a Brush Contact

Description: "The number of partial contact surfaces of a brush-ring contact is measured by means of a statistical method. The particular brush is fitted with wicks - that is, insulated and cemented cylinders of brush material, terminating in the brush surface. The number of partial contact surfaces can be computed from the length of the rest periods in which such wicks remain without current" (p. 1).
Date: August 1944
Creator: Holm, Ragnar