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A Geologic Report on the San Rafael Swell Drilling Project, San Rafael Swell, Utah: Appendix D
Appendix containing color images of petrographic photomirographs to accompany a report about the San Rafael Swell drilling project in Utah.
Statistical Techniques Applied to Aerial Radiometric Surveys (STAARS): Principal Components Analysis User's Manual, Figure 8
Clear film copy of figure 8 meant to be laid over figure 7 in a report regarding computer techniques for analyzing aerial radiometric surveys. The figure outlines numbered segments (explained on p. 35/36 of the report) that highlight specific geologic features in the area highlighted by the report.
Uranium in Granites From the Southwestern United States: Actinide Parent-Daughter Systems, Sites and Mobilization: First Year Report, [Color Figures]
Color copies of photomicrograph figures that accompany a report studying uranium in granites in the southwestern United States.