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Preshot and Postshot Structure Survey

Description: From introduction: This report documents the preshot and postshot condition of all structures within 10 miles of Ground Zero, plus structures at Salt Wells and surface structures at mines that were included in the mine survey.
Date: December 1963
Creator: Holmes & Narver

Structural Survey of Private Mining Properties

Description: From introduction: The pre-shot and postshot mine surveys indicated that no damage attributable to the Shoal event occurred to any of the sixteen private mining properties.
Date: December 1963

Subsurface Fracturing from Shoal Nuclear Detonation: Final Report

Description: Abstract: A fracture-evaluation experiment in conjunction with the Shoal nuclear detonation in granite was undertaken to determine the extent of subsurface shock-induced fractures. Preshot and postshot geophysical logs in a hole drilled from the surface through the zone of fractures indicated that fractures extended at least 5.3 cavity radii laterally from the point of detonation. Quantitative measurements of permeability increases resulting from the detonation were planned, but were not completed because of adverse test-hole conditions. General descriptions of the Shoal Project, geology of the test site, and other effects of the detonation are included.
Date: June 1964
Creator: Atkinson, Charles H.

Test of Dribble-Type Structures

Description: From introduction: This task was conducted at Project Shoal to observe the response of simulated Dribble area building foundations to ground motions induced by a nuclear detonation.
Date: October 21, 1964