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Aquatic Disposal Field Investigations, Eatons Neck Disposal Site, Long Island Sound: Appendix A

Description: This report follows the study of the sedimentary and hydraulic processes in Long Island Sound near Green Ledge, Connecticut, and Eaton's Neck, New York with the intention of investigating was to evaluate the effects of aquatic disposal of dredged material on organisms and water quality, including the significance of physical, chemical, and biological factors that influence the rate of disposal site recolonization by benthic animals.
Date: September 1977
Creator: Bokuniewicz, Henry J.; Dowling, Michael; Gebert, Jeffrey A.; Gordon, Robert; Kaminsky, Peter; Pilbeam, Carol et al.

Chemical and Biological Characterization of Black Rock Harbor Dredged Material

Description: "This is one in a series of scientific reports documenting the findings of studies conducted under the Interagency Field Verifications of Testing and Predictive Methodologies for Dredged Material Disposal Alternatives (referred to at the Field Verification Program or FVP). This program is a comprehensive evaluation of environmental effects of dredged material disposal under conditions of upland and aquatic disposal and wetland creation."
Date: September 1985
Creator: Rogerson, Peter F.; Schimmel, Steven C. & Hoffman, Gerald

Columbia River Estuary Hybrid Model Studies: Report 1, Verification of Hybrid Modeling of the Columbia River Mouth

Description: From abstract: The Columbia Hybrid Modeling System was applied to the mouth of the Columbia River estuary to evaluate alternatives for reducing navigation channel maintenance dredging.
Date: September 1983
Creator: McAnally, William H., Jr.; Brogdon, Noble J., Jr.; Letter, Joseph V., Jr.; Stewart, J. Phillip & Thomas, William A.

McMillan Pumping Station, Washington, D.C.: Hydraulic Model Investigation

Description: Abstract: This model study was conducted to evaluate the characteristics of inflow conditions into an existing pump sump that would result with increased discharge capacity due to installation of the three proposed pumps and to develop modifications, if needed, within the confines of the present sump to improve flow distribution to the pump intakes.
Date: September 1980
Creator: Triplett, Glenn R.