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Acoustic radiation from two-dimensional rectangular cutouts in aerodynamic surfaces

Description: From Introduction: "The experiments in high-speed flow showed that an intense, high-frequency acoustic radiation is an essential feature of the problem. Consequently, a study of the acoustic field (involving schlieren observations and frequency and intensity measurements) was undertaken. This report presents the salient features of the study, which was mainly exploratory."
Date: August 1955
Creator: Krishnamurty, K.
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Advanced subsystems development. Second semi-annual progress report, April 1--October 1, 1978

Description: The concept design for a small (less than 10 MWe) solar thermal electric generating plant was completed using projected 1985 technology. The systems requirements were defined and specified. The components, including an engineering prototype for one 15 kWe module of the generating plant, were conceptually designed. Significant features of the small solar thermal power plant were identified as the following: (1) 15-kWe Stirling-cycle engine/alternator with constant power output; (2) 10-meter point-focusing paraboloidal concentrator with cantilevered cellular glass reflecting panels; (3) primary heat pipe with 800/sup 0/C output solar cavity receiver; (4) secondary heat pipe with molten salt thermal energy storage unit; (5) electric energy transport system; and (6) advanced battery energy storage capability. The present emphasis for achieving cost reduction goals centers on improving conversion efficiency and reducing the cost of key components.
Date: November 15, 1978
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Aerial Radiometric and Magnetic Survey: Goldfield National Topographic Map, California and Nevada. Volume 1

Description: From operational program: This final report includes a general geologic description of the area, including descriptions of the various geologic units and correlates the airborne data to the geologic units as provided by the geologic maps. Also included is a frequency distribution study of the data as a function of the geologic units encountered over the NTMS area including the tie line data. This report also consists of a discussion of the area surveyed and includes all single record reduced data and averaged record data listings on microfiche.
Date: December 29, 1978
Creator: High Life Helicopters, Inc.
Location: None
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Aerial Radiometric and Magnetic Survey: Needles National Topographic Map, California and [Arizona], Volume 2

Description: This report is the second volume of a two-part set documenting the results of the analyses of the airborne gamma radiation and total magnetic field survey that was flown for the Needles National Topographic Map NI11-6. This volume includes the flight line magnetic field, temperature, pressure, altitude data plus magnetic field data as measured at a base station.
Date: 1979
Creator: Geo-Life
Location: None
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Air propellers in yaw

Description: Report presents the results of tests conducted at Stanford University of a 3-foot model propeller at four pitch settings and at 0 degree, 10 degrees, 20 degrees, and 30 degrees yaw.
Date: 1937
Creator: Lesley, E. P.; Worley, George F. & Moy, Stanley
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Airborne Gamma-Ray Spectrometer and Magnetometer Survey, Eureka Quadrangle, California: Final Report

Description: The second volume of a report regarding an airborne gamma-ray spectrometer and magnetometer survey of the Eureka Quadrangle in California. This report is a result of work performed by Aero Science Division Western Geophysical Company of America through a Bendix Feild Engineering Corporation Subcontract, as part of the National Uranium Resource Evaluation.
Date: April 1981
Location: None
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Airborne Gamma-Ray Spectrometer and Magnetometer Survey, Final Report: Volume 1. Los Angeles Quadrangle, San Bernardino Quadrangle, Santa Ana Quadrangle, San Diego Quadrangle (California)

Description: First volume of a final report documenting the results of an airborne radiometric and magnetic survey in a portion of southern California, including a description of the survey methods, calibration of the systems, data processing and displays, and interpretation methods.
Date: unknown
Location: None
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Airborne Gamma-Ray Spectrometer and Magnetometer Survey, Final Report: Volume 1. San Luis Obispo (California), Santa Maria (California)

Description: The first volume in a series of reports that follows an airborne radiometric and magnetic survey that was performed over the area covered by Santa Maria and San Luis Obispo, California. This volume describes systems used, the calibration of the systems, the data processing procedures, data display format, the interpretation rationale, and the interpretation methodology.
Date: 1981
Creator: High Life Helicopters Inc.
Location: None
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