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Mineral Resources of the Sleeping Giant Wilderness Study Area, Lewis and Clark County, Montana

Description: From abstract: A mineral resource survey was conducted in 1987 by the U.S. Geological Survey and the U.S. Bureau of Mines to evaluate mineral resources (known) and mineral resource potential (undiscovered) of the Sleeping Giant Wilderness Study Area (MT-075-111) in Lewis and Clark County, Montana. The only economic resource in the study area is an inferred 1.35-million-ton reserve of decorative stone (slate); a small gold placer resource is subeconomic. A high resource potential for decorative slate exists directly adjacent to the area of identified slate resource and in the northeastern part of the study area. The rest of the study area has a low potential for decorative slate. The westernmost part of the study area has a moderate resource potential for copper and associated silver in strata-bound deposits in green beds and limestone; potential is low in the rest of the study area.
Date: 1991
Creator: Tysdal, Russell G.; Reynolds, Mitchell W.; Carlson, Robert R.; Kleinkopf, M. D.; Rowan, L. C. & Peters, Thomas J.

Preliminary Report on the Rimini Area, Jefferson City Quadrangle, Jefferson County and Lewis and Clark County, Montana

Description: Abstract: A number of radioactivity anomalies and secondary uranium minerals have been found in the Rimini area near the northwestern margin of the Boulder batholith. Most of the anomalies are associated with chalcedonic vein zones that consist of one or more veins of cryptocrystalline and fine-grained quartz in silicified quartz monzonite and alaskite. Seventeen of the anomalies were found along veins that contain base and precious metals; nine were along veins in the vicinity of the village of Rimini from which there has been production of lead, silver, zinc, and gold.
Date: August 1954
Creator: Becraft, George E.; Pinckney, Darrell M. & Rosenblum, Samuel