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103-06A-AF20 - Base Input - Air Force - Elmendorf Air Force Base/Kulis Air Guard Station/Eielson Air Force Base - AK

Description: Base Input - Air Force - Elmendorf Air Force Base/Kulis Air Guard Station/Eielson Air Force Base - AK - Mr. Small BRAC Commission Visit - Includes: Powerpoint presentation from Lt. Col Pat McCrea; Eielson Air Force Base ALASKA Home of the Iceman Team Powerpoint Presentation; Welcome to the 176th Wing Kulis Air National Guard Base Alaska Report; biographies; Welcome to the 176th Wing Presentation
Date: July 1, 2005
Creator: United States. Defense Base Closure and Realignment Commission.

Aerial Gamma-Ray and Magnetic Survey of the Bethel and Yukon Areas, Alaska: Final Report, Volume 1

Description: Report describing a high-sensitivity aerial gamma-ray spectrometer and magnetometer survey conducted in the lower Yukon River and Kuskokwim River areas of southwestern Alaska (covering fifteen quadrangles) and in the middle Yukon River valley in Interior Alaska (covering eight quadrangles) as part of the National Uranium Resource Evaluation (NURE) Program of the United States Energy Research and Development Administration (ERDA). This program provides information on reconnaissance radioelement distribution to assist in assessing the uraniferous material potential in the United States. The analysis includes medium values of eU, eTh, and K (equivalent uranium, thorium, and potassium) contents of geological units.
Date: December 1976
Creator: Texas Instruments Incorporated

Alaska Emergency Management and Homeland Security Statutory Authorities Summarized

Description: This report is one of a series that profiles the emergency management and homeland security statutory authorities of the 50 states, the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, and three territories (American Samoa, Guam, and the U.S. Virgin Islands). Each profile identifies the more significant elements of state statutes, generally as codified. This report focuses on the state of Alaska.
Date: March 17, 2004
Creator: Bea, Keith; Richardson, Pat; Runyon, L. Cheryl & Warnock, Kae M.

Alaskan Water and Sanitation Retrospective 1970-2005

Description: The purpose of this retrospective is to inform the water and sanitation industry and the general public about technologies deployed in rural Alaskan villages between ~1970 and 2005. We indicate, per interviewee input, why the majority failed on a technical level or failed to provide adequate water on an as-used basis to improve health outcomes. This retrospective will supplement prior, and often meager, documentation of unsuccessful approaches to water and sanitation in Alaska, as both a cautionary tale and as a benchmark against which progress can be made.
Date: February 2015
Creator: United States. Arctic Research Commission.

Analyses of Alaska Coals

Description: Report issued by the Bureau of Mines discussing the coal fields of Alaska. Analyses of the Alaskan coal fields are presented in detail. This report includes tables, and a map.
Date: 1946
Creator: Gates, George O. & Fieldner, Arno Carl

Analyses of Coals in the United States with Descriptions of Mine and Field Samples Collected between July 1, 1904 and June 30, 1910 Part 2. Descriptions of Samples

Description: From Introduction: "This volume contains the descriptions of the samples whose analyses are published in the preceding volume, Part I of this bulletin. The descriptions have been compiled from the notebooks of the persons who collected the samples, have been condensed from accounts given in published reports of the United States Geological Survey, or have furnished by the collection themselves. Inasmuch as the descriptions represent the work of many persons during a period of six years, and inasmuch as they were recorded under widely differing conditions, they necessarily vary in fullness detail."
Date: 1913
Creator: Lord, N. W.

Analyses of Tipple and Delivered Samples of Coal: (Collected During the Fiscal Years 1948 to 1950 Inclusive)

Description: From Forward: "This bulletin is the first of a new series, which includes analyses of only tipple and delivered coal. It covers samples collected throughout the United States from July 1, 1947 to June 30, 1950 (fiscal years 1948-50). It is planned that future publications of this series will cover a period of one fiscal year only and be issued as soon as possible after June 30 of each year."
Date: 1953
Creator: Snyder, N. H. & Aresco, S. J.

Antimony Deposits of the Stampede Creek Area, Kantishna District, Alaska

Description: From abstract: The Stampede Creek area lies about 120 miles southwest of Fairbanks, Alaska. It is most readily accessible by air during the summer and by tractor road during the winter. Since 1936 approximately 2,400 tons of shipping-grade antimony ore and concentrates, containing about 1,300 tons of metallic antimony, have been produced at the Stampede mine. The mine was closed down in the spring of 1941, principally because of the high cost of transportation. The area is underlain largely by metamorphosed rocks of the Birch Creek schist. The schist has been warped and crumpled into many broad, open folds which strike northeast and also plunge to the northeast. The Stampede mine is in the schistose quartzite member of the Birch Creek schist.
Date: 1942
Creator: White, Donald Edward