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Thermal stability of decaborane and of a commercial ethyl decaborane (HEF-3) in the range 202 degrees to 252 degrees C

Description: Report discussing an investigation of the thermal stabilities of a commercial grade of ethyl decaborane and decaborane at two temperatures. Equations developed from the results of the experiment are also provided. Ethyl decaborane was found to be more stable to pyrolysis than pentaborane but less stable than decaborane.
Date: November 29, 1956
Creator: Mc Donald, G. E.

Thermal Theory of Combustion and Explosion, 3, Theory of Normal Flame Propagation

Description: The technical memorandum covers experimental data on flame propagation, the velocity of flame propagation, analysis of the old theoretical views of flame propagation, confirmation of the theory for simple reactions (theory of combustion of explosive substances and in particular nitroglycol), and check of the theory by example of a chain oxidizing reaction (theory of flame propagation in carbon monoxide, air and carbon monoxide - oxygen mixtures).
Date: September 1942
Creator: Semenov, N. N.

Thermocouple Materials

Description: From Introduction: "The purpose of this paper is to present information on materials that are used from 0 degrees C up in thermocouples intended primarily as immersed temperature sensors, and to give so far as is practical properties of these materials that might affect their use in temperature measurement."
Date: March 1, 1962
Creator: Caldwell, F. R.

Thermocouple Reference Tables Based on the IPTS-68

Description: From Abstract: "Revised reference data for thermocouples have been generated in a cooperative program between groups of the National Bureau of Standards in Boulder and Gaithersburg.This Monograph contains tables, analytic expressions, various approximations, and explanatory text.
Date: March 1974
Creator: Powell, Robert L.; Hall, William J.; Hyink, Clyde H., Jr.; Sparks, Larry L.; Burns, George W.; Scroger, Margaret G. et al.

Thermocouple Reference Tables Based on the IPTS-68: Reference Tables in Degrees Fahrenheit for Thermoelements versus Platinum (Pt-67)

Description: Report presenting tables as a supplement to those given in NBS Monograph 125. Tables were calculated from the power series expansions presented in that Monograph. They are based upon the absolute electrical units and the International Practical Temperature Scale of 1968 (IPTS-68). Reference tables for several thermoelements versus platinum (Pt-67) are given with values of the thermoelectric voltage as a function of temperature in degrees Fahrenheit. Only tables for standard letter-designated thermoelements are included.
Date: March 1975
Creator: Powell, Robert L. & Burns, George W.

Thermodynamic Analysis of Multicomponent Working Fluids for Rankine Bottoming Cycle Applications

Description: The basic equations underlying a computer code are developed to describe the thermodynamic behavior of multi-component working fluids in Rankine cycles. The code is to be employed in the performance analysis of Rankine bottoming cycle systems. The performance of such systems depends strongly on the working fluid characteristics. The introduction of multi-component mixtures makes available a broad spectrum of fluid properties achievable by varying the mixture composition. The code provides a tool to analytically vary the mixture composition to optimize cycle performance.
Date: January 1984
Creator: Ash, J. E.

Thermodynamic Calculations Relating to Chloride Volatility Processing of Nuclear Fuels: [Part] 2. The Capacity of Chlorine for Transporting Plutonium Tetrachloride Vapor During Reaction of U3O8-PuO2 with Carbon Tetrachloride

Description: Report issued by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory discussing thermodynamic calculations of nuclear fuels. As stated in the introduction, "the equations developed in this report could be used to calculate the capacity of chlorine for transporting plutonium tetrachloride" (p. 2). This report includes tables, and illustrations.
Date: October 1964
Creator: Gens, T. A.

Thermodynamic charts for the computation of combustion and mixture temperatures at constant pressure

Description: Report presenting charts for calculating the combustion temperatures and temperature changes involved in constant-pressure thermodynamic processes of air and the products of combustion of air and hydrocarbon fuels. Examples for different types of fuel and temperature calculation using the charts are also provided.
Date: June 1946
Creator: Turner, L. Richard & Lord, Albert M.

Thermodynamic charts for the computation of fuel quantity required for constant-pressure combustion with diluents

Description: Report presenting charts for calculating the quantity of hydrocarbon fuel required to attain a specific combustion temperature when water, alcohol, water-alcohol mixtures, liquid ammonia, liquid carbon dioxide, liquid nitrogen, liquid oxygen, or their mixtures are added to air as diluents or refrigerants.
Date: July 1948
Creator: Bogart, Donald; Okrent, David & Turner, L. Richard

Thermodynamic data for the computation of the performance of exhaust-gas turbines

Description: From Summary: "Information published in chemical journals from 1933 to 1939 on the thermodynamic properties of the component gases of exhaust gases based on spectroscopic measurements were used as data for computing the ideal values of work, mass flow, nozzle velocity, power, and temperature change involved in the thermodynamic properties of a gas turbine. Curves from which this information can conveniently be obtained are given. An additional curve is included from which the heat flow may be calculated for nonadiabatic processes."
Date: October 1945
Creator: Pinkel, Benjamin & Turner, L. Richard