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Analysis of Tentative Seismic Design Provisions for Buildings

Description: Report issued by the U.S. National Bureau of Standards discussing an analysis of seismic design provisions for buildings with three main objectives. As stated in the introduction, "The first objective was to assist the ATC in the preparation of its report. The second objective of the study was to augment the text of the published Provisions by providing a formal, consistent documentation of the text. The third objective was to provide alternate arrangements of the Provisions that would make them more readily usable by several categories of users" (p. 1). This report includes illustrations.
Date: July 1979
Creator: Harris, James Robert; Fenves, Steven J. & Wright, Richard N.

Basic Tables for Chemical Analysis

Description: Abstract: Tables of important data for use in the analytical chemistry laboratory are provided. These tables contain information for use in gas chromatography, liquid chromatography, infrared and ultraviolet spectrophotometry, mass spectrometry, and wet chemical techniques. Tables relating to safe practice in the analytical laboratory are also included.
Date: April 1986
Creator: Bruno, Thomas J. & Svoronos, Paris D. N.

Construction of a Large Transverse Electromagnetic Cell

Description: Report issued by the U.S. National Bureau of Standards discussing the construction of large electromagnetic cells. As stated in the introduction, "this instruction provides information and procedures necessary to fabricate a large transverse electromagnetic (TEM) cell to be used for experimental "electromagnetic interference" (EMI) evaluation studies" (p. 1). This report includes illustrations, and photographs.
Date: February 1979
Creator: Decker, W. F. & Wilson, W. A.

Provisional Thermodynamic Functions for Para-Hydrogen

Description: The need for thermodynamic functions of para hydrogen, especially in compressed liquid and dense fluid states, prompts the tabulation of these provisional properties, computed by approximate methods utilizing the new PVT data of these reports. Computation and preparation of the tables is discussed under the following: Approximate Computational Methods; Correlation Methods; Discussion of Errors; and Tables of Functions.
Date: December 1961
Creator: Roder, Hans M.

Recommended Practice for the Use of Metric (SI) Units in Building Design and Construction

Description: Report issued by the U.S. National Bureau of Standards discussing the use of metric units of measurement during construction. As stated in the scope, "this document outlines a selection of SI units, with multiples and sub-multiples, for general use in building design and construction" (p. 1). This report includes tables, and illustrations.
Date: April 1977
Creator: Milton, Hans J.