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Mineral Resources, Geology, and Geophysics of the Worthington Mountains Wilderness Study Area, Lincoln County, Nevada

Description: From summary: The U.S. Geological Survey and the U.S. Bureau of Mines studied 26,587 acres of the Worthington Mountains Wilderness Study Area (NV-040-242) in Lincoln County, Nevada. The study of this acreage was requested by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management. In this report, the studied area is called "wilderness study area" or just "study area." Field studies of the area were conducted during fall 1983 and spring 1984 by Bureau of Mines personnel and during fall 1984 and spring 1985 by geologists and geophysicists of the Geological Survey. Metallic mineral (Cu, Pb, Zn, Au, Ag, W) resource potential within the study area is moderate, with level-B certainty, in the northernmost part, and it is low, with level-C certainty, in the remainder of the area. Identified resources of commodities with industrial applications occur in the area. Energy resources are unknown; accordingly, their resource potential is considered low, with level-B certainty.
Date: 1986
Creator: Du Bray, Edward A.; Blank, H. Richard, Jr. & Wood, Robert H., II