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Primary view of Methods, System Optimization, and Safety Studies for a 1000 MegaWatt Sodium-Cooled Fast Reactor: Task 3 and 5 report of 1000 MegaWatt Liquid Metal Fast Breeder Reactor Follow-On Work
General Electric Company
February 1969
Primary view of Sensor Handbook for Automatic Test, Monitoring, Diagnostic, and Control Systems Applications to Military Vehicles and Machinery
Lederer, Paul S.
October 1981
Primary view of Nuclear Superheat Quarterly Project Report: Twelfth Quarter, April-June 1962
Pennington, R. T.
March 1963
Primary view of Nuclear Superheat Project Fabrication, Irradiation and Evaluation of Superheat Fuel Element SH-1 and SH-2
Lees, E. A.; Boyle, R. F. & Spalaris, C. N.
April 7, 1960
Primary view of A Survey of Water Reactor Primary System Conditions Pertinent to the Study of Pipe Rupture
U.S. Atomic Energy Commission
January 1964
Primary view of Nuclear Superheat Quarterly Project Report: Fourteenth Quarter, October-December 1962
Pennington, R. T.
January 15, 1963
Primary view of Five Japanese Papers on Skipjack
Sasaki, Takeo; Tauchi, Morisaburo; Aikawa, Hiroaki; Uda, Michitaka & Tsukushi, Jiro
August 1952
Primary view of Program Study Report Plutonium Fuel Cycle
Albaugh, F. W.
July 30, 1956
Primary view of Summary of Sportsmen's Expenditures: Missouri River Basin
Nichilson, A. J.
March 1957
Primary view of Coal Surface Mining Reclamation and Fish and Wildlife Relationships in the Eastern United States, Volume 1: Past Findings, The Surface Mining Law of 1977 (P.L. 95-87), Planning and Management Considerations, and Information Sources
Leedy, Daniel L.
July 6, 1981
Primary view of Radiological Aspects of SNAPTRAN 2/10A-3 Destructive Test
Cordes, O. L.
January 1965
Primary view of Specifications and Fabrication Procedures on Europium-Bearing Absorber Rods for Reactivity Control in Core II of SM-1
Leitten, C. F.
Primary view of Addendum to the Spert IV Hazards Summary Report: Capsule Driver Core
Miller, R. W.
February 1965
Primary view of Results of ATR Sample Fuel Plate Irradiation Experiment
Phillips Petroleum Company
March 23, 1964
Primary view of EDP Procedures in Technical Library Operations
Griffin, Hillis L.
July 30, 1963
Primary view of Television System Study for Accident Recovery : Phase I
Talpis, N. A.
April 1966
Primary view of Simplified Power Conversion: Unit Study
Clark, P. M.
June 1962
Primary view of Heat Transfer Coefficients with Annular Flow During "One-Through" Boiling Water to 100 Per Cent Quality at 800, 1100, 1400 PSI
Polomik, E. E.; Levy, S. & Sawochka, S. G.
May 1, 1961
Primary view of The Liquid Metal Thorium Breeder Reactor
unknown creator
February 1960
Primary view of Multi-Rod Burnout at High Pressure
Polomik, E. E.
September 1962
Primary view of Materials for Superheated Fuel Sheaths: Relative Performance of Alloys in Superheated Steam Environments
Comprelli, F. A.
July 1963
Primary view of Steam-Cooled Power Reactor Evaluation: Mixed Spectrum Superheater
U.S. Atomic Energy Commission
November 1960
Primary view of The Recovery of Uranium from Chattanooga Shales
Wilson, R. Q.
October 17, 1955
Primary view of Facilities for Irradiation within the MTR Reactor Tank
Leyse, C. F.
June 5, 1953