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A British anti-aircraft battery in action. More than 590 German raiders have been destroyed by anti-aircraft fire over Britain.
An image of soldiers firing large anti-aircraft guns into the sky.
For home and country : Victory Liberty Loan.
Color image of a happy military family. A soldier holds his young son in one arm while embracing his wife with the other. A helmet hangs on a long cord around the soldier's neck. The child smiles and embraces the soldier while the wife admires a medal attached to the soldier's uniform.
This is the enemy.
Stylized caricature of a scowling German soldier. There is a swastika on his cap. He wears a monocle in one eye; in the monocle is a reflection of a person hanging on a gallows.
Battleships of the Royal Navy, steaming in line ahead.
Color poster of four battleships at sea. One appears closest at right, and three are in the background. Each ship has large guns or cannons that are firing. Three airplanes fly in the sky above the ships.
Now_for college men_a new officer's training plan : new deferred service plan allows you to continue your education.
Black & white poster, mostly text. At the top is a photograph of a U.S. Army airplane flying amongst snow-covered mountains. Several paragraphs of text describe enlistment options and benefits of enlistment. In the lower left corner is a photograph of three aviators wearing bomber jackets and examining a large map or chart.
The famous British "Spitfires" flying in formation. Each machine can fire at the rate of over 6,000 cannon and machine gun bullets per minute.
Color illustration of eleven military airplanes flying in formation. The sky is turquoise and gray.
Big guns of a British battleship. Each gun fires a shell weighing nearly one ton.
Color drawing of the view from a ship deck, as large cannon-type guns are firing from the deck, over the sea.
A British short "Sunderland" flying boat patrolling the sea lanes.
A "flying boat" aircraft is shown flying over the sea. A ship can be seen in the water below.
Keep the wheels turning! : repair work is vital to the war effort.
Color poster in black and orange tones. Image of a hand holding a wrench.
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth.
Portrait of Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, Queen Elizabeth [later known as Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother], Consort of King George VI of England. She wears six strands of pearls, a tiara, and an embroidered dress with three decorations attached to it. One decoration is the Family Order of King George VI, which features a portrait of the King. The decoration on her left breast is the Garter Star, which features St. George's cross.
One of the magnificent British fighters which have shot down over 3,000 German planes.
Color illustration of a British military airplane shooting down a German military airplane. German plane is falling to the ground.
New York City Hostess Houses.
All lettered poster, red & blue on white paper. The YWCA logo appears at upper left and right. The poster gives three addresses and phone numbers for YWCA Hostess Houses in New York City and Brooklyn.
Save a loaf a week : help win the war.
Illustration in orange and black tones. A hand uses a knife to cut a loaf of bread.
Opportunity's one knock.
A woman (Opportunity) knocks on a door labeled W.S.S. with a knocker that has "THRIFT" on it. She holds a basket of money. Extended text in red and black fills most of the page; it is a quote by James J. Hill.
An die deutschen frauen!
Instructions to the women of Germany, urging them to provide assistance and support in the war effort. Text is in a medieval-style font.
Millions of troops are on the move-- : is your trip necessary?
A large crowd of soldiers exit a train and crowd the train platform.
Wanted : red blooded men for immediate service over-seas.
All lettered poster. The title is white letters in red square. The extended text is in red and white on blue.
Girl Scouts : volunteers for victory.
A black and white photo of a Girl Scout using the three-finger Scout Sign (salute), standing next to a U.S. flag. She wears a Girl Scout uniform and hat. The Girl Scout Promise appears below the picture: "On my honor I will try: To do my duty to God and my country, To help other people at all times, To obey the Girl Scout Laws." The Girl Scout trefoil design (insignia) appears as a watermark-style design under this text.
H.M.S. "Nelson" firing a broadside with her 16-inch guns. This ship is armed with nine of these great guns and many smaller ones.
Color image of a British warship at sea, firing its guns. Dark smoke is seen in the background. The ship is flying the White Ensign flag of the Royal Navy.
What Britain puts in the common pool.
Color pictograph showing military supplies and facilities produced by Britain. In the center is an outline map of Britain, with 10 arrows around it, each pointing to a picture of a product or facility: tanks, boats, port and ship repair facilities and fueling, food, airfields, clothing and uniforms, shipping, hospitals and medical facilities, warships and aircraft.
Watch your talk for his sake : never mention arrivals, sailings, cargoes, or destinations to anybody.
The black and white photo is of a man standing in the crow's nest at the mast of a ship, holding binoculars and looking out to sea.
A national emergency is upon us : arise America before it is too late! Defend your country and your loved ones ....
Navy recruitment poster. Text is in red and blue against an off-white background. An image of the U.S. flag is centered at the top.
Our wounded need help! : ten ways you can release nurses for military service.
All lettered poster with red and black text, describing how to conserve health resources and help recruit nurses for military and civilian services.
A series of 5 cm. boxes with drawings and captions below in rows of 4 across and 6 down. Drawings are comic book style with text explanations written below each box. The banner at the top has "RN" and "RAF" printed on either side of the title. Poster has red, black, and blue printing on white background.
Hit 'em with Copper, Zinc, Lead
Black and white cartoon of Uncle Sam and a miner. Miner: "Gosh, I would like to take a crack at those Japs!" Uncle Sam: "You're doin' it every day - with every ton of ore you mine to make tanks, planes and guns"
"Keep 'em flying" is our battle cry! : first class fighting men needed.
Recruiting poster for aviation cadets and soldiers. Graphic image shows three U.S. Army airplanes flying through the sky as the U.S. flag waves in the background.
Brotherhood Week, February 19th to 28th, 1943.
All-lettered poster is beige with brown letters. The text is a message from President Franklin D. Roosevelt about the importance of Brotherhood Week during wartime in 1943.
Kinda give it your personal attention, will you? : more production.
Color poster in black, white, and green. Image of a smiling soldier (a sergeant) wearing a helmet, lying prone in the grass. He holds a rifle in one hand and wipes his brow with the other. On the ground near the rifle are fired shells.
Industry -- the arsenal of democracy.
Small poster with large color image and small black & white inset image. The large color picture shows an urban skyline with smokestacks and a large amount of smoke in the air above. Out of this smoke appears a large image of a soldier playing a bugle and the U.S. flag flying behind him. The small inset is a black & white illustration of a crowd of people walking. Leading the crowd are two men in suits and a woman in a dress.
Industry -- the arsenal of democracy : defense in the air begins on the ground.
Small color poster has a large color image with a small black & white inset image. The large main image is of an airport in the foreground and a city skyline in the background with smokestacks. Several military airplanes fly through the smoke-filled sky above. Out of the smoke appears a pilot in a flight suit, holding a large U.S. flag. Inset in the lower left corner is a black & white illustration of a man doing mechanical work. Below this image is the caption: "..it all depends on me!"
Industry -- the arsenal of democracy : defense in the field begins in the factory.
Small color poster with black & white inset image. The main image is a city skyline full of factories with numerous smokestacks. Out of the smoke in the sky appears a soldier in a combat uniform. Behind him is a field artillery scene. At the lower left corner of the poster is the inset image, an illustration of a man working at a smelter. Beneath this picture is a caption: "..it all depends on me!"
Industry -- the arsenal of democracy : defense of our liberty begins in the factory.
Small color poster with black & white inset image. In the foreground is a shipyard and an airport. In the background is a city skyline of factories with smokestacks. Out of the smoke and clouds and into the sky appears the Statue of Liberty. Her torch lights the sky overhead. In the bottom left corner is the inset image, a black & white illustration of a manager and worker shaking hands in the manager's office. Beneath this picture is the caption: "..it all depends on you and me!"
Industry -- the arsenal of democracy : defense on the sea begins on the shore.
Small color poster with black & white inset image. In the foreground is a shipyard and docking area. In the background is a city skyline with several smokestacks emitting smoke. Out of the smoke appears a sailor steering at a ship's wheel. Behind him can be seen large ships. Airplanes fly in the sky above the sailor. In the lower left corner inset illustration, two workers work on a ship's propeller. Beneath this picture is a caption: "..it all depends on me!"
Making America strong : competitive companies co-operate to produce important instruments for military aircraft.
Black & white poster features comic-book style drawings of an industrial worker, managers, and buildings, and a large outline map of the U.S. containing additional text.
Making America strong : how American shipyards are winning the race against time to build our Navy.
Black & white chart describes how shipbuilding has become quicker during wartime. It features comic-book style drawings of a shipyard, a large ship at sea, and Uncle Sam changing from his decorated top hat to a worker's cap.
Making America strong : how subcontracting accelerates defense production--.
Black & white poster features comic-book style drawings. In the center of a large outline map of United States is a large tank, with numerous lines pointing outward to small drawings of industrial buildings throughout the U.S. In the upper left corner is a more detailed drawing of a factory with smokestacks.
Making America strong : industry's ever improving mass production methods step up output of latest type war planes.
Black & white poster features comic-book style drawings of machinery used to produce airplanes. In the upper right corner is an image of Uncle Sam pointing out to some people a flying military airplane which is seen through a large "hole" drawn in the poster.
Making America strong : today about 800 American industrial concerns either make airplanes or supply the parts.
Black & white chart features comic-book style drawings of airplanes, airplane parts, and industrial buildings arranged in pictograph format illustrating production statistics for engines, propellers, instruments, and complete airplanes.
Making America strong : U.S. industry today employs 18 men to back up one soldier in the Army.
Black & white chart features comic-book style drawings. The main image is of a soldier on the battlefield. A pictograph shows how the number of industrial workers per soldier has grown through the centuries, from 55 BC to 1940. In the upper left corner is a drawing of a factory with smokestacks.
Map of Europe in 1921.
Map of Europe. Extended text in upper left corner.
Eat the Basic 7-- every day! : eat a lunch that packs a punch!
Contains a circular chart showing seven basic food groups surrounded by cartoons demonstrating the benefits of each food group. In the center of the wheel chart is a red and blue logo of a family, with the caption: "U.S. needs us strong, eat the Basic 7 every day".
Be a Victory Farm Volunteer in the U.S. Crop Corps : see your principal.
The main part of the poster is a large black-and white photograph of the faces of a smiling teenage girl and boy. The lower part of the poster is a green-tinted photograph of young volunteers harvesting potatoes. A farmer on a mule- or horse-drawn farm machine can be seen in the background. The sky in the background is colored blue.