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Zirconium Pheylarsonate Tracer Scale Method for the Differentiation of Pu(III) and Pu(IV) in Redox Solutions

Description: The following report studies an estimation of the amount of Pu(III) and Pu(IV) present in the IBP Stream, with the purpose of establishing an analytical, method suitable for routine control analysis. A method is discussed that is based on carrying Pu(IV) upon a zirconium phanylarsonate precipitate.
Date: June 30, 1948
Creator: Ice, C. H.

Optical Instruments for the Atomic Industry

Description: The following report presents some points of interest obtained from the use of optical equipment at the Hanford Works; however, this report does not give complete descriptions of the instruments or theories. Full descriptions can be found in the Instrument Division Manual, Section IV.
Date: 1949
Creator: Holeman, J. M.

Neutralization of HNO₃ in Redox ICU an IAW Streams

Description: The following memorandum outlines the procedures used on the neutralization of HNO3 in redox ICU and IAW streams, and the factors influencing their choice. The procedures involve a) hexone removal by evaporation in the presence of a retardant, b) destruction of the retardant, c) nitric acid elimination by boiling with aluminum and d) concentration of the remaining solution by evaporation.
Date: December 10, 1948
Creator: Curtis, M. H.

General Flattening and Power Curves

Description: Introduction: "In the evaluation of pile designs it is necessary to know how the production varies with the number of tubes. It has been possible to solve the problem in terms of some general parameters whose values may be quickly computed for any specific design when the pertinent information is available."
Date: March 30, 1953
Creator: Gast, Paul F.