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Primary view of The Biology and Population Status of Marine Turtles in the North Pacific Ocean
Eckert, Karen L.
September 1993
Primary view of Estimates of the Catch and Effort by Foreign Tuna Longliners and Baitboats in the Fishery Conservation Zone of the Central and Western Pacific, 1965-77
Yong, Marian Y. Y. & Wetherall, Jerry A.
May 1980
Primary view of Summary Report of the Billfish Stock Assessment Workshop Pacific Resources
Shomura, Richard S.
July 1980
Primary view of Catch and Effort from Hawaii's Longline Fishery Summarized by Quarters and Five Degree Squares
Curran, Daniel S.; Boggs, Christofer H. & He, Xi
January 1996
Primary view of A Compilation of Historical Monk Seal, Monachus schauinslandi, Counts
Hiruki, Lisa M. & Ragen, Timothy J.
September 1992
Primary view of Economic Effects of the United Nations Moratorium on High Seas Driftnet Fishing
Huppert, Daniel D. & Mittleman, Todd W.
December 1993
Primary view of Estimation of Sea Turtle Take and Mortality in the Hawai'i-Based Longline Fishery, 1994-96
Skillman, Robert A. & Kleiber, Pierre
October 1998
Primary view of An Evaluation of Oocyte Size in Multiple Regressions Predicting Gonad Weight from Body Weight: a Test Using Hawaiian Ehu, Etelis carbunculus
Lau, Boulderson B. & DeMartini, Edward E.
October 1994
Primary view of Fishery Interaction Between the Tuna Lonline and Other Pelagic Fisheries in Hawaii
Skillman, Robert A.; Boggs, Christofer H. & Pooley, Samuel G.
October 1993
Primary view of Guidelines for Handling Marine Turtles Hooked or Entangled in the Hawaii Longline Fishery: Results of an Expert Workshop Held in Honolulu, Hawaii March 15-17, 1995
Balazs, George H.; Pooley, Samuel G. & Murakawa, Shawn K.
November 1995
Primary view of A Recharacterization of the Age-Length and Growth Relationships of Hawaiian Snapper, Pristipomoides filamentosus
DeMartini, Edward E.; Landgraf, Kevin C. & Ralston, Stephen
May 1994
Primary view of Recommended Recovery Actions for the Hawaiian Monk Seal Population at Midway Island
Gilmartin, William G. & Antonelis, George A.
May 1998
Primary view of Research Plan for Marine Turtle Fibropapilloma
Balazs, George H. & Pooley, Samuel G.
March 1991
Primary view of Research Plan to Assess Marine Turtle Hooking Mortality: Results of an Expert Workshop Held in Honolulu, Hawaii November 16-13, 1993
Pooley, Samuel G.
June 1994
Primary view of Seasonal, Vertical, and Horizontal Distribution of Four Species of Copepods Around Oahu Hawaii: Data Report
Hassett, R. Patrick & Boehlert, George W.
February 1995
Primary view of Statistical Guidelines for a Pilot Observer Program to Estimate Turtle Takes in the Hawaii Longline Fishery
DiNardo, Gerard T.
November 1993
Primary view of Status of Marine Turtles in the Pacific Ocean Relevant to Incendental Take in the Hawaii-Based Pelagic Longline Fishery
Bolten, Alan B.; Wetherall, Jerry A.; Balazs, George H. & Pooley, Samuel G.
August 1996
Primary view of Hawaiian Monk Seal Epidemiology Plan: Health Assessment and Disease Status Studies
Aguirre, A. Alonso; Reif, John S. & Antonelis, George A.
October 1999
Primary view of Synopsis of Biological Data on the Green Turtle in the Hawaiian Islands
Balazs, George H.
October 1980
Primary view of United States Agency for International Development and National Marine Fisheries Service Workshop on Tropical Fish Stock Assessment, 5-26 July 1989, Honolulu, Hawaii
Polovina, Jeffrey J. & Shomura, Richard S.
September 1990
Primary view of Identification Manual for Dietary Vegetation of the Hawaiian Green Turtle Chelonia mydas
Russell, Dennis J. & Balazs, George H.
June 2000
Primary view of An Operational Model to Evaluate Assessment and Management Procedures for the North Pacific Swordfish Fishery
Labelle, Marc
August 2002
Primary view of Planning Double-Tagging Experiments
Wetherall, Jerry A. & Yong, Marian Y. Y.
June 1981
Primary view of Comprehensive (1986-2001) Characterization of Size at Sexual Maturity for Hawaiian Spiny Lobster (Panulirus marginatus) and Slipper Lobster (Scyllarides squammosus) in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands
DeMartini, Edward E.; Kleiber, Pierre & DiNardo, Gerard T.
September 2002