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Extinguishing and Preventing Oil and Gas Fires
From Introduction: " As the subject of oil and gas is necessarily broad, no attempt is made in this bulletin to treat it exhaustively; rather the bulletin aims to point out what has been done by operators in the past, and to describe various fire-prevention methods and fire-fighting apparatus which are being used or adopted by many of the larger oil companies. These methods and apparatus, it is believed, if universally employed by operators, will largely decrease the present enormous annual losses."
Quality of Gasoline Marketed in the United States
From Scope of the Present Bulletin: "The present bulletin furnishes, in addition to the analytical figures, fairly complete data on the production, consumption, and quality of gasoline."
Bibliography of Petroleum and Allied Substances, 1917
From Introduction: "This bulletin is the third of the series of yearly petroleum bibliographies being published by the Bureau of Mines."
Casing Troubles and Fishing Methods in Oil Wells
From introduction: "The Bureau of Mines, in its researches aimed to prevent wastes and to increase efficiency in oil-well practice, has investigated the matter of casing troubles and fishing methods. The results of the investigation are set forth in this paper."