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Capsule Irradiation of Unalloyed Uranium at High Temperatures
Abstract: Cast and Wrought specimens and restrained wrought specimens of unalloyed uranium were irradiated in the Materials Testing Reactor, as the first in a series of experiments to develop fuel materials for sodium cooled reactors.
The FAIM Code: a Multigroup, One-Dimensional Diffusion Equation Code
Abstract: FAIM is a general multigroup, one-dimensional diffusion equation code programmed in FORTRAN language for the IBM 7090 computer.
Environmental Monitoring Semiannual Report: January-June 1962
From summary: This report summarizes environmental monitoring results for the first six months of 1962.
Multi-Channel Boiling Stability for Sodium Graphite Reactors
Abstract: This report presents an analysis of coolant boiling in sodium graphite reactors.
Thermal Stress Testing of Beryllium Oxide Moderator Shapes
Abstract: Perforated BeO plates were thermal shock tested to evaluate the effect of: (1) localized temperature variations adjacent to the perforations, and (2) radial gradients across the entire plate.
Evaluation of Zirconium Hydride as Moderator in Integral, Boiling Water-Superheat Reactors
This report summarizes the results and conclusions of a study made to evaluate the merits of using zirconium hydride as a solid moderator in an integral boiling water-nuclear superheat reactor of the pressure vessel type.