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SRE Instrumentation and Control
Introduction: This memo gives a general description of the components and equipment affecting the control of the SRE, and the equipment associated with all reactor services.
Plutonium: Enriched OMR Cores
Abstract: The influence of plutonium on the nuclear characteristics of organic moderated cores is studied.
Maritime Organic Moderated and Cooled Reactor
Introduction: This document describes the results of a six-week conceptual design study of an organic moderated and cooled reactor (OMCR) power plant adapted to a Class T-7 tanker.
SNAP 2: Structural and Dynamic Analysis
Abstract: The structural design criteria and the system basic loads for the SNAP 2 compact power unit are presented.
Thermal Cycling and Leakage Tests of 12-inch Valves for Sodium Service
Abstract: Tests were performed to determine the effect of thermal cycling on the across-the-seat leakage characteristics of commercially available valves considered for use in the sodium coolant system of the Hallam Nuclear Power Facility.
Equilibrium Dissociation Pressures of the Delta and Epsilon Phases in the Zirconium-Hydrogen System
Abstract: Pressure-temperature isochores were obtained for zirconium-hydrogen alloys, spanning the H/Zr composition range of 1.430 to 1.910. The studies were confined to the temperature limits of 300 to 900ÂșC, and the pressure limits of 0.01 to 10.0 atm.
Dynamic Void Fraction Measurement System
Abstract: Various methods and techniques of measuring void fractions in boiling heat transfer media are discussed.
Piqua Prototype Handling System
Abstract: Equipment has been developed to handle the fuel elements and control rods for the Piqua (OMR) reactor.With the handling machine, which consists of a shielded cask mounted on a gantry, a fuel element can be replaced in the core in about 27 minutes.
OMRE Fuel Plate Surface Temperature Measurement
Abstract: Accurate measurement of OMRE fuel-element surface temperatures is important for evaluation of the performance of organic compound as moderator and coolant materials in nuclear reactors; a mixture of polyphenyls has been used in reactor operation to-date.
Investigations of Neutron Penetration in TiH and Steel Slabs
Abstract: A multigroup P1 approximation for hydrogen scattered neutrons has been developed and applied to the study of neutron flux distributions in titanium hydride and steel shield systems.
OMR Degasifier Loop Experiment
Abstract: A loop has been constructed to study the removal of water and highly volatile materials from Organic Moderated Reactor coolant by vacuum degasification. An analysis of the process was made to determine the most important parameters for study during the experimental program.