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A Reversing Logarithmic DC Amplifier
Purpose: Automatic recording equipment was designed for use with a high temperature Sykes experiment in which calorimetric measurements were to be made to temperatures approaching 2000* C. At such high temperatures, radiation becomes the dominant mechanism for heat transfer. The temperature differences which are used to determine the magnitude of this transfer no longer are directly proportional to it, but must be related by the Stefan-Boltzman law of radiation.
An Evaluation of the Calder Hall Type of Nuclear Power Plant
Abstract: Presented herein is the preliminary design of a natural uranium, graphite moderated, CO2-cooled reactor and power plant similar to, but larger than, the British Calder Hall plant, with a net electrical output of 130 MWE.
Sodium Reactor Experiment Pump Development
Design and operational techniques are described for a freeze seal type centifugal pump for use in the Sodium Reactor Experiment.
Reactivity Absorbed by Xenon-135 in the SRE
Abstract: The measurement and calculation of the reactivity absorbed by Xe135 as functions of time after shutdown for the SRE are described.
Inpile Experiments on Retention of Fission Products in 500°F Sodium
Abstract: The results of three separate inpile capsule experiments are presented.