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Steam Cycle Optimization Study for Large Sodium Graphite Nuclear Power Generating Stations
Abstract: This report presents steam cycle optimization studies for large sodium graphite nuclear power generating stations.
The High-Temperature Irradiation Behavior of Hypostoichiometric Uranium Monocarbide
From abstract: A series of three multi-compartmented experiments was designed to investigate the irradiation behavior uranium carbide fuels, as a function of composition, temperature, and burn-up; and the mechanical properties of Type 304 stainless steel, as a function of temperature and integrated thermal neutron flux.
Equilibrium Dissociation Pressures of the Delta and Epsilon Phases in the Zirconium-Hydrogen System
Abstract: Pressure-temperature isochores were obtained for zirconium-hydrogen alloys, spanning the H/Zr composition range of 1.430 to 1.910. The studies were confined to the temperature limits of 300 to 900ºC, and the pressure limits of 0.01 to 10.0 atm.
SRE Heat Transfer System Demolition
From introduction: This report details the extensive modifications to the SRE heat transfer systems required to accomplish increased capacity objectives.
The Gamma to Gamma Prime Transformation in the Uranium-Molybdenum System
Abstract: Electrical resistance measurements and metallography were employed in a study of the kinetics of the gamma to gamma prime transformation in the uranium-molybdenum system at 16 wt% molybdenum.
Effect of Carburization on the Low Strain Rate Behavior of Type 304 Stainless Steel: Interim Report
Abstract: Pressure stress-rupture specimens of thin walled Type 304 stainless steel tubing have been tested at temperatures to 1300°F in the presence of an internal diffusion limited carbon source.
Development, Acceptance and Qualification Testing of the SNAP 10A Ejectable Heat Shield
From abstract: The development, acceptance, and qualification tests performed on the SNAP-10A Ejectable Heat Shield and components, the results of those tests, and the conclusions drawn from the results are presented in this report.
U-10 Wt % Mo Fuel Element: Irradiation in SRE
From abstract: The fuel element assembly was successfully irradiated in the SRE to a maximum burnup of 5300 Mwd/MTU, at a peak fission rate of approximately 1.5 x 10E13 fissions/cm3-sec and a maximum central temperature near 1200F.