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A Further Evaluation of the Calder Hall Type of Nuclear Power Plant
Abstract: This report presents the results of plant optimization studies and cost estimates of the reference design for a natural uranium, graphite moderated, gas-cooled reactor and power plant which was described in NAA-SR-1833.
Reactivity Absorbed by Xenon-135 in the SRE
Abstract: The measurement and calculation of the reactivity absorbed by Xe135 as functions of time after shutdown for the SRE are described.
Experimental Evaluation of a Sodium-to-Sodium Heliflow Heat Exchanger at Temperatures up to 1200°F
Abstract: Because of the outstanding heat transfer efficiency of sodium, it is necessary in sodium-cooled reactors to consider and attempt to prevent the occurrence of adverse stresses as a result of thermal transients in the system.
Operation and Analysis of a 3000 KW Liquid Metal Model Steam Generator
Abstract: A 3000 kw (thermal) bayonet duplex tube model steam generator was performance-tested in a liquid metal test loop at MSA Research Corporation, Callery, Pennsylvania, under the cognizance of Atomics International.