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A Graphic Summary of Farm Animals and Animal Products: (Based Largely on the Census of 1930 and 1935)
Describes the use, value, and production of farm animals.
Present Guides for Household Buying.
Provides suggestions for buying materials for the household, including food, clothing, cleaning equipment, appliances, and other items.
Methods for microbiological and chemical determinations of essential amino acids in proteins and foods.
A compilation of the results of research in the development of microbiological and chemical methods for determining the presence of 10 essential amino acids in foods; also provides data on the content of amino acids in certain proteins and foods.
Peacetime adjustments in farming : possibilities under prosperity conditions.
Describes ways in which farmers can adjust their farming practices after the conclusion of World War II. Discusses commodity adjustments for various crops and livestock types.
Work of the United States Forest Service.
Discusses forest depletion and provides a history of forest conservation efforts by the United States government. Describes the work of the the Civilian Conservation Corps and other emergency projects, and discusses forest and range research.
Using crop residues for soil defense.
Describes how leaving crop residue in a field can help prevent soil erosion due to rainfall; and describes the equipment that can be used in this practice.
Improving poultry through the National Poultry Improvement Plan.
Describes a national plan to improve poultry standards and production in the United States.
Vegetable Gardeners' Handbook on Insects and Diseases.
Describes diseases and insect pests of the vegetable garden, and recommends remedies for controlling them. Includes formulas for preparing insecticides and fungicides.
Techniques of Fishpond Management.
A guide to stocking and managing a farm fish pond, for use as a source of food during wartime.
New landmarks of soil conservation.
Discusses various methods for protecting and conserving soil.
The Plum Island Animal Disease Laboratory.
Examines the research facilities at the Plum Island Animal Disease Laboratory and provides information regarding its location, the organization, and the types of research and service provided.
What Peace Can Mean to American Farmers: Expansion of Foreign Trade.
Describes the changes the agricultural market faces post-World War II, and how the growth of foreign trade will affect farmers.