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Primary view of Magnolia Oil Field, Columbia County, Arkansas: Part 1. Petroleum-Engineering Study; Part 2. Derivation and Application of Material-Balance Equations
Carpenter, Charles B.; Schroeder, H. J. & Cook, Alton B.
September 1943
Primary view of National Safety Competition of 1942
Adams, William Waugh & Lawrence, T. D.
October 1943
Primary view of History of Water Flooding of Oil Sands in Oklahoma
Taliaferro, David Benjamin & Logan, David M.
November 1943
Primary view of Engineering Study of the Rodessa Oil Field in Louisiana, Texas, and Arkansas
Hill, Harry Blackburn & Guthrie, R. K.
August 1943
Primary view of Comparative Yields of Light Oil, Tar, and Constituents from Carbonization Tests at 800 Degrees, 900 Degrees, and 1,000 Degrees Celsius
Holmes, C. R.; Wilson, J. E. & Davis, J. D.
March 1943
Primary view of Work of the Safety Division, Fiscal Year 1942
United States. Bureau of Mines. Safety Division.
April 1943
Primary view of Analysis of Oil Production in the Near-Depleted Mexia-Powell Fault-Line Fields of Texas
Hill, Harry Blackburn & Guthrie, R. K.
August 1943
Primary view of Briquetting Subbituminous Coal
Parry, V. F. & Goodman, John B.
June 1943
Primary view of Increased Pig-Iron Output Through Improved Coke
Schmidt, L. D.; Schroeder, W. C. & Fieldner, Arno Carl
May 1943
Primary view of Use of Wetting Agents in Reducing Dust Produced by Wet Drilling in Basalt
Johnson, John A.
January 1943
Primary view of Trends in the Use of Energy in the Western States, With Particular Reference to Coal
Parry, V. F.
January 1943
Primary view of Byproduct Coke-Oven Tests of Washington Coals
Yancey, H. F.; Daniels, Joseph; McMillan, E. R. & Geer, M. R.
August 1943
Primary view of Survey of Subsurface Brine-Disposal Systems in Western Kansas Oil Fields
Grandone, Peter & Schmidt, Ludwig
August 1943
Primary view of Diesel Engines Underground: [Part] 4. Effect on Composition of Exhaust Gas of Variables Influencing Fuel Injection
Holtz, John C.; Berger, L. B.; Elliott, M. A. & Schrenk, H. H.
April 1943
Primary view of Effects of Desulfurization on the Lead Susceptibility of Distillates From Some Crude Oils From Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma
Guthrie, Boyd & Simmons, M. C.
November 1943
Primary view of Coke from Low-Ash Appalachian Coals for Carbon Electrodes in Aluminum Industry with a Chapter on Comparison of Results Obtained by Trent Process for Cleaning Coal with Those by Float-and-Sink Methods
Selvig, W. A.; Ode, W. H.; Gibson, F. H. & Davis, Joseph D.
November 1943
Primary view of Grounding Electrical Equipment In and About Coal Mines
Griffith, Franklin E. & Gleim, E. J.
December 1943