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Bonds or bondage : everybody--every pay day 10%.

Description: Image of a man in cap and overalls, with outstretched arms and legs. In one hand he holds a U.S. flag; his other hand and leg are chained to a swastika-inscribed ball. One side of his face smiles; the other side is weary. The poster background is also split in two halves: On the left is a landscape of farm lands, industrial smoke stacks, and skyscrapers; on the right is a dark barren landscape.
Date: 1941/1942?

United we stand.

Description: Banner with U.S. Seal at each end, within red squares. The central portion of the banner is white with the text "United We Stand" in red.
Date: 1941
Creator: United States. Office for Emergency Management. Division of Information.

Don't get hurt : it may cost his life.

Description: Color poster shows a man with his arm in a cast and a sling. He wears overalls and a work shirt. At the bottom of the poster is an image of a fallen soldier lying in the sand. U.S. Army Safety Program seal appears at lower right corner of picture.
Date: 1943
Creator: Keppler, Victor

Unlock the door-- quick!

Description: Black and white cartoon of a soldier and a miner standing in front of a wooden door with an oversized padlock on it. The padlock represents a shortage of metal for military equipment which is locked behind the doors. The miner holds a large key labeled "More Ore". The soldier tells him that only he can unlock the doors.
Date: 1942
Creator: Kirby, Rollin, 1875-1952.

"Keep that lumber coming!"

Description: Soldiers carry a beam of wood down to a river where a bridge is being built. The soldier on the right side of the picture is looking back and shouting toward the viewer. In the background is tropical scenery, an explosion, and artillery.
Date: 1943
Creator: Winslow, Earle, 1884-1969.

Make his nightmare come true!

Description: Charcoal caricature drawing of a sleeping Hideki Tojo, apparently having a nightmare. In his thoughts, an airplane, a missle, and a tank are coming toward him, and a miner stares down at him, saying, "Now we're gonna mine and smelt still more metal for tanks an' ships an' guns".
Date: 1943
Creator: Kirby, Rollin, 1875-1952.

Industry -- the arsenal of democracy.

Description: Small poster with large color image and small black & white inset image. The large color picture shows an urban skyline with smokestacks and a large amount of smoke in the air above. Out of this smoke appears a large image of a soldier playing a bugle and the U.S. flag flying behind him. The small inset is a black & white illustration of a crowd of people walking. Leading the crowd are two men in suits and a woman in a dress.
Date: 1942?
Creator: Iligan, Ralph, 1893-1960

So he can fight!

Description: On the left side of poster is a large, orange, image of a combat soldier carrying a rifle. In much smaller scale in the foreground is a gray image of the back of a WAAC, waving at the soldier. In the center of the poster is text describing the contributions of women in the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps. On the right side and bottom center are black & white photographs showing WAAC's performing various tasks. In the lower right corner is an unsigned cartoon showing a line of combat soldiers fording a river with their rifles held over their heads. The last soldier in line is a WAAC carrying her typewriter over her head.
Date: 1943
Creator: United States. Army Service Forces. Special Service Division.

Industry -- the arsenal of democracy : defense in the air begins on the ground.

Description: Small color poster has a large color image with a small black & white inset image. The large main image is of an airport in the foreground and a city skyline in the background with smokestacks. Several military airplanes fly through the smoke-filled sky above. Out of the smoke appears a pilot in a flight suit, holding a large U.S. flag. Inset in the lower left corner is a black & white illustration of a man doing mechanical work. Below this image is the caption: "..it all depends on me!"
Date: 1942?
Creator: Iligan, Ralph, 1893-1960

Soil conservation is vital to you.

Description: On the right is an aerial photo of farmland. Below the photo are three pamphlets about soil conservation, with a box reading "Many government pamphlets are available on request." On the left is the title and above the title a blank box with small letters reading, "Use this space to list your available reading material."
Date: 1941
Creator: United States. Soil Conservation Service.