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Preliminary Report on the Ketchikan Mining District, Alaska, with an Introductory Sketch of the Geology of Southeastern Alaska

Description: From introduction: Since 1898 the United States Geological Survey has been carrying on a systematic investigation of the mineral resources of Alaska.As the northern mining districts of southeastern Alaska had already been the subject of an investigation by Dr. Becker in 1895,a and as the Ketchikan district was being rapidly developed, it was decided to spend the greater part of the short season in the Ketchikan district and in the fall to make a more hasty reconnaissance of the northern belt, in order to obtain a general familiarity with the region and, if possible, to establish some correlations. This plan was carried out, and the results of the work are embodied in the following report.
Date: 1902
Creator: Brooks, Alfred Hulse

A Reconnaissance of the Northwestern Portion of Seward Peninsula, Alaska

Description: From introduction: In response to an urgent demand by the public, the Geological Survey, in 1900, undertook a topographic and geologic reconnaissance of the southern half of the Seward Peninsula.( The area mapped embraced the more important gold fields of the peninsula. The topographic map made in 1900 included the drainage of Bering Sea from Cape Darby to Port Clarence, the southern drainage of Grantley Harbor and Imuruk Basin, and the northern drainage of Norton Sound. A geologic reconnaissance was also made of the York mining district and of part of the Kuzitrin drainage.
Date: 1902
Creator: Collier, Arthur J.

The Geology and Petrography of Crater Lake National Park

Description: From introduction: The two papers published here refer practically to the whole region included in the National Park. The one. Part I, treats primarily of the geology, the development of the great volcano, Mount Mazama, and its collapse, which gave birth to Crater Lake; the other, Part II, deals with the petrography, and gives a special description of the various rocks occurring in the park.
Date: 1902
Creator: Diller, Joseph Silas & Patton, Horace Bushnell

Declaration of Governors for Conservation of Natural Resources

Description: "The Declaration of Governors contained in this bulletin was adopted by the conference of governors of the States and Territories called by the President to consider the conservation of our natural resources, and which met at the White house May 13, 14, and 15, 1908.... Papers which discussed the present state of our various natural resources were read by experts and specialists in each respective line, and these were followed by an open discussion among the governors of the points brought out. The conference then appointed a committee to draft a declaration, consisting of the following: Governor Newton C. Blanchard, of Louisisna; governor John Franklin Fort, of New Jersey; Governor J. O. Davidson, of Wisconsin; Governor John C. Cutler, of Utah, and governor Martin F. Ansel, of South Carolina. This committee prepared and submitted the declaration which follows, and it was unanimously adopted by the conference of governors as embodying their conclusion on the question of conservation." -- p. 5. The bulletin contains both the declaration and short introduction to it.
Date: 1908
Creator: United States. Department of Agriculture.

Farmers' Reading Courses

Description: Report discussing the main features of the farmers' reading courses that have become popular in several states through agricultural colleges and experiment stations. The reading courses are designed to provide farmers with a systematic approach to their work through the study of a scientifically sound and accessible textbook curriculum.
Date: 1900
Creator: Bailey, L. H. (Liberty Hyde), 1858-1954

Scabies in Cattle

Description: Report discussing the most effective treatments for scabies, also known as mange (or more colloquially, as "cattle itch" or "Texas itch"), in cattle.
Date: 1902
Creator: Hickman, Richard W. (Richard West), 1852-1926

Games Laws for 1909: A Summary of the Provisions Relating to Seasons, Shipment, Sale, Limits and Licenses

Description: Report presenting information on the game laws effective in the United States and Canada for 1909, with special emphasis on federal laws and provisions governing interstate commerce. The report is not a comprehensive overview of state game laws.
Date: 1909
Creator: Palmer, T. S. (Theodore Sherman), 1868-1955; Oldys, Henry & Brewster, C. E.

Replanning a Farm for Profit

Description: Report discussing how failing farms can reestablish themselves as profitable enterprises by turning to different crops or animals and learning new agricultural techniques.
Date: 1909
Creator: Smith, Clarence Beaman, 1870-1948 & Froley, J. W. (John William)

Harmfulness of Headache Mixtures

Description: Report discussing "the nature of the drugs [acetanilide, antipyrine, phenacetin], their tendency to form habits, and their injurious effects, particularly their depressing action on the heart. The beneficial effects of that provision of the food and drugs act which requires that the presence of certain powerful or dangerous ingredients of medicinal preparations shall be declared on the label are only fully obtained when the consumer is aware of the character of such ingredients and the ill effects which may be expected to follow their injudicious use. This brief resume of the investigation is therefore presented in popular form as a matter of great importance to the general public." -- p. 2
Date: 1909
Creator: Kebler, Lyman F. (Lyman Frederic), b. 1863; Morgan, Francis P. (Francis Patterson), b. 1867 & Rupp, Philip, 1862-1939

Game Laws for 1903: A Summary of the Provisions Relating to Seasons, Shipment, Sale, and Licenses

Description: Report presenting information on the game laws effective in the United States and Canada for 1902, with special emphasis on federal laws and provisions governing interstate commerce. The report is not a comprehensive overview of state game laws.
Date: 1903
Creator: Palmer, T. S. (Theodore Sherman), 1868-1955; Oldys, Henry & Williams, R. W. (Robert White), 1877-1940

Incubatio nand Incubators

Description: Report discussing the important practice of artificially incubating eggs in poultry raising. Topics discussed include the biological effects of incubation upon eggs, the mechanics of the incubator, and operational instructions.
Date: 1905
Creator: Wood, Richard (Richard H.)

Corn Growing

Description: Report describing how simple improvements in farming practices can double the average production of corn per acre in the United States. Factors discussed include seed quality, soil conditions, and cultivation methods.
Date: 1904
Creator: Hartley, C. P. (Charles Pinckney), 1870-

The Control of the Codling Moth and Apple Scab

Description: Report discussing "the two principal enemies of the apple [...] the chief insect enemy, the codling moth, and the principal fungous disease, the apple scab.... The remedial treatment for both of these is of such a nature that the applications can be combined at a lessening of nearly one-half the cost of time and labor. The bulletin includes a brief but plain statement of the nature of the codling moth and the means of controlling it, followed by a similar portion relating to apple scab, and concluding with the combined directions for spraying, and a spray calendar." -- p. 3
Date: 1906
Creator: Marlatt, C. L. & Orton, W. A. (William Allen), 1877-1930