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Primary view of Comparison of Cast-in-Place Concrete Versus Precast Concrete Stay-in-Place Forming Systems for Lock Wall Rehabilitation
Miles, William R.
October 1993
Primary view of McCON: a General Contouring Program for Personal Computers
Palmerton, J. B.
September 1992
Primary view of State-of-the-Art for Assessing Earthquake Hazards in the United States, Report 28: Recommended Accelerograms for Earthquake Ground Motions
Leeds, David J.
June 1992
Primary view of Beach and Borrow Site Sediment Investigation for a Beach Nourishment at Ocean City, Maryland
Anders, Fred J. & Hansen, Mark
May 1990
Primary view of Engineering Design Guidance for Detached Breakwaters as Shoreline Stabilization Structures
Chasten, Monica A.; Rosati, Julie Dean; McCormick, John W. & Randall, Robert E.
December 1993
Primary view of Rehabilitation of the South Jetty, Ocean City, Maryland
Bass, Gregory P.; Fulford, Edward T.; Underwood, Steven G. & Parson, Larry E.
March 1994
Primary view of HURRICANE PEAK 1 Structural Response Experiment
Davis, James L.; Dallriva, Frank D. & Ward, David L.
December 1993
Primary view of LEVSEEP: Analysis Software for Levee Underseepage and Rehabilitation
Brizendine, Anthony L.; Taylor, Hugh M., Jr. & Gabr, M. A.
July 1995
Primary view of Geosynthetic Confined Pressurized Slurry (GeoCoPS): Supplemental Notes for Version 1.0 [Floppy Disk]
Leshchinsky, Dov & Leshchinsky, Ora
September 1996
Primary view of McCON: a General Contouring Program for Personal Computers [Floppy Disk]
Computer Applications in Geotechnical Engineering (CAGE)
September 1992
Primary view of [Evolution of Sedimentary Basins/Onshore Oil and Gas Investigations--Santa Maria Province: Chapters Y and Z]
Sorlien, Christopher C.; Nicholson, Craig; Luyendyk, Bruce P.; Miller, Kate C. & Meltzer, Anne S.
Primary view of Geometry and Structural Evolution of Gilsonite Dikes in the Eastern Uinta Basin, Utah
Verbeek, Earl R. & Grout, Marilyn A.
Primary view of General Design for Replacement of or Modifications to the Lower Santa Ana River Drop Structures, Orange County, California: Hydraulic Model Investigation
George, John F.; Pickering, Glenn A. & Turner, Herman O.
April 1994
Primary view of Design and Development of Bendway Weirs for the Dogtooth Bend Reach, Mississippi River: Hydraulic Model Investigation
Derrick, David L.; Pokrefke, Thomas J.; Boyd, Marden B.; Crutchfield, James P. & Henderson, Raymond R.
August 1994
Primary view of Guadalupe River and Bypass Culvert, San Jose, California: Hydraulic Model Investigation
Hite, John E.
February 1998
Primary view of Model Study of Marmet Lock Filling and Emptying System, Kanawha River, West Virginia: Hydraulic Model Investigation
Hite, John E.
May 1999
Primary view of State of the Coast Report, San Diego Region: [Summary Report]
unknown creator
September 1991
Primary view of Regional Potential of Selected Paleozoic Carbonate Units in the Northern Midcontinent for Undiscovered Mississippi Valley-Type Deposits
Pratt, Walden P.
Primary view of Rustler Park Quadrangle, Cochise County, Arizona: Analytic Data and Geologic Sample Catalog
Du Bray, E. A.; Yager, Douglas B. & Pallister, John S.
Primary view of Sedimentology and Depositional History of the Lower Paleocene Tullock Member of the Fort Union Formation, Powder River Basin, Wyoming and Montana
Brown, Janet L.
Primary view of Sedimentology, Mineralogy, Palynology, and Depositional History of Some Uppermost Cretaceous and Lowermost Tertiary Rocks Along the Utah Book and Roan Cliffs East of the Green River
Franczyk, Karen J.; Nichols, Douglas J. & Pitman, Janet K.
Primary view of Kinematics of the Aspen Grove Landslide, Ephraim Canyon, Central Utah
Baum, Rex L.; Fleming, Robert W. & Johnson, Arvid M.
Primary view of The Lance Formation: Petrography and Stratigraphy, Powder River Basin and Nearby Basins, Wyoming and Montana
Connor, Carol Waite
Primary view of Stratigraphy and Structure of the Seaman Range and Fox Mountain, Lincoln and Nye Counties, Nevada
Hurtubise, D. O. & Du Bray, E. A.