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Primary view of Standards and Specifications for Metals and Metal Products
Wardlaw, George A.
Primary view of Standards Yearbook 1932
United States. National Bureau of Standards.
Primary view of Manual of Fire-Loss Prevention
unknown creator
November 5, 1934
Primary view of Zinc and its alloys
unknown creator
November 6, 1931
Primary view of Standards and Specifications for Nonmetallic Minerals and Their Products
Cannon, John Q., Jr.
Primary view of Radium Protection
unknown creator
Primary view of The International Metric System of Weights and Measures
unknown creator
May 26, 1932
Primary view of Paint for Priming Plaster Surfaces
United States. Bureau of Standards.
August 31, 1932
Primary view of Accident Experience and Cost of Accidents in Washington Coal Mines
Ash, S. H.
November 1931
Primary view of Model Study of Channel Improvement and Stabilization in the Pryors Island Reach of the Ohio River
Waterways Experiment Station (U.S.)
September 1, 1938
Primary view of Model Study of Plans for Channel Improvement at Dogtooth Bend, Mississippi River, Folder 1
Waterways Experiment Station (U.S.)
April 2, 1938
Primary view of Model Study of the Outlet Structures for the Wappapello Dam
Waterways Experiment Station (U.S.)
August 15, 1938
Primary view of Standard Time Zones of the United States and adjacent Parts of Canada and Mexico as of October 1, 1935
Geological Survey (U.S.)
Primary view of The Upper Cretaceous Floras of Alaska
Hollick, Charles Arthur
Primary view of Shorter Contributions to General Geology, 1929
Mendenhall, W. C.
Primary view of Agglomeration and Leaching of Slimes and Other Finely Divided Ores
Sullivan, John D. & Towne, Alfred P.
Primary view of Agglutinating, Coking, and By-Product Tests of Coals From Pierce County, Washington
Marshall, S. M. & Bird, B. M.
Primary view of Accounting System and Office-Management Procedure for Medium-Size Metal Mines
Keller, Albert E.
Primary view of Asbestos
Bowles, Oliver
Primary view of Limits of Inflammability of Gases and Vapors
Coward, H. F. & Jones, G. W.
Primary view of Manufacture of Paraffin Wax from Petroleum
Espach, Ralph H.
Primary view of Liquid-Oxygen Explosives
Perrott, G. St. J. & Tolch, N. A.
Primary view of Iron Oxide Mineral Pigments of the United States
Wilson, Hewitt
Primary view of Paraffin and Congealing-Oil Problems
Reistle, C. E., Jr.