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Hanford Summary Report for the Hanford Plutonium Critical Mass Laboratory

Description: Report that summarizes the potential hazards of the Hanford Critical Mass Laboratory and presents operation procedures which will limit the probability of a nuclear accident. The report also outlines the planned experimental program, descriptions of the facility, and the administration of nuclear safety in the laboratory.
Date: August 1, 1960
Creator: Reardon, W. A.; Clayton, E. D.; Brown, C. L.; Masterson, R. H.; Powell, T. J.; Richey, C. R. et al.

Low-Radioactivity-Level Waste Treatment. Part II: Pilot Plant Demonstration of the Removal of Activity from Low-Level Process Wastes by a Scavenging-Precipitation Ion-Exchange Process

Description: Report documenting the process of decontaminating low-activity fuel waste water via the Scavenging-Precipitation Ion-Exchange process. This includes analyses of the costs of the process as well as a description of the operation of the pilot plant.
Date: May 27, 1963
Creator: Brooksbank, R. E.; Browder, F. N.; Holcomb, R. R. & Whitson, W. R.

Specifications and Procedures Used in Manufacturing U₃O₈-Aluminum Dispersion Fuel Elements for Core I of the Puerto Rico Research Reactor

Description: Report containing the description and design of U₃O₈-Aluminum Dispersion Fuel Elements for Core I of the Puerto Rico Research Reactor. Topics include the requirements of core materials, materials specifications, manufacturing procedures, and shipping preparation.
Date: October 21, 1963
Creator: Kucera, W. J.; Leitten, C. F., Jr. & Beaver, R. J.

Development of Fabrication Procedures for Core B Fuel Elements for the Enrico Fermi Fast Breeder Reactor

Description: Report describing the "development procedures for fabricating the proposed Core B fuel element of the Enrico Fermi Fast Breeder Reactor" (p. 1). This includes a description of various components, reactor assembly, and reported conclusions. Appendices begin on page 57.
Date: 1964
Creator: Donnelly, R. G.; Thurber, W. C. & Slaughter, G. M.