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Calculated Costs of Fabrication of Plutonium-Enriched Fuel Elements

Description: Report regarding the study of the calculated costs of fabricating plutonium-enriched fuel elements for Hanford Laboratories' Plutonium Recycle Program. Topics include descriptions of the process, design study of plants that use U235 and plutonium enriched fuel, and estimates of costs.
Date: August 1962
Creator: Hanthorn, H. E.
Item Type: Report

Fuel Core Tester - UT-2

Description: Report that "describes an instrument that nondestructively tests uranium fuel element cores by ultrasonic methods" (p. 2).
Date: July 18, 1960
Creator: Frederick, C. L. & Waldkoetter, G. L.
Item Type: Report

Dissolution of Power Reactor Fuel Cores

Description: Report discussing the dissolution of simulated fuel cores. Equipment and procedures are discussed along with significant characteristics of the core materials.
Date: August 26, 1960
Creator: Blaine, H. T.
Item Type: Report

Hanford Controlled Potential Coulometer

Description: Report describing the Hanford Laboratory controlled potential coulometer. This includes the theory behind the coulometer, details of its circuitry, and performance tests. Appendix begins on page 23.
Date: July 11, 1960
Creator: Connally, R. E. & Scott, F. A.
Item Type: Report

Hanford Summary Report for the Hanford Plutonium Critical Mass Laboratory

Description: Report that summarizes the potential hazards of the Hanford Critical Mass Laboratory and presents operation procedures which will limit the probability of a nuclear accident. The report also outlines the planned experimental program, descriptions of the facility, and the administration of nuclear safety in the laboratory.
Date: August 1, 1960
Creator: Reardon, W. A.; Clayton, E. D.; Brown, C. L.; Masterson, R. H.; Powell, T. J.; Richey, C. R. et al.
Item Type: Report

The Thermal Hydraulics Laboratory at Hanford

Description: Report describing the experimental facilities of Hanford's Thermal Hydraulics Laboratory, its equipment, personnel, operating schedules, and safety procedures. Appendix begins on page 49.
Date: November 1961
Creator: Batch, J. M.; Toyoda, K. G. & Hanthorn, H. E.
Item Type: Report

Low-Radioactivity-Level Waste Treatment. Part II: Pilot Plant Demonstration of the Removal of Activity from Low-Level Process Wastes by a Scavenging-Precipitation Ion-Exchange Process

Description: Report documenting the process of decontaminating low-activity fuel waste water via the Scavenging-Precipitation Ion-Exchange process. This includes analyses of the costs of the process as well as a description of the operation of the pilot plant.
Date: May 27, 1963
Creator: Brooksbank, R. E.; Browder, F. N.; Holcomb, R. R. & Whitson, W. R.
Item Type: Report

Specifications and Procedures Used in Manufacturing U₃O₈-Aluminum Dispersion Fuel Elements for Core I of the Puerto Rico Research Reactor

Description: Report containing the description and design of U₃O₈-Aluminum Dispersion Fuel Elements for Core I of the Puerto Rico Research Reactor. Topics include the requirements of core materials, materials specifications, manufacturing procedures, and shipping preparation.
Date: October 21, 1963
Creator: Kucera, W. J.; Leitten, C. F., Jr. & Beaver, R. J.
Item Type: Report