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Primary view of Tables and Charts of Flow Parameters Across Oblique Shocks
Neice, Mary M.
August 1948
Primary view of Two-Dimensional Subsonic Compressible Flows Past Arbitrary Bodies by the Variational Method
Wang, Chi-Teh
March 1951
Primary view of Summary of 65-Series Compressor-Blade Low-Speed Cascade Data by Use of the Carpet-Plotting Technique
Felix, A. Richard
February 1957
Primary view of Some Recent Contributions to the Study of Transition and Turbulent Boundary Layers
Dryden, Hugh L.
April 1947
Primary view of Considerations of the Total Drag of Supersonic Airfoil Sections
Ivey, H. Reese & Klunker, E. Bernard
July 1947
Primary view of Tables for the Computation of Wave Drag of Arrow Wings of Arbitrary Airfoil Section
Grant, Fredrick C. & Cooper, Morton
June 1954
Primary view of Two-Dimensional Irrotational Transonic Flows of a Compressible Fluid
Kuo, Yung-Huai
June 1948
Primary view of Charts for the Computation of Equilibrium Composition of Chemical Reactions in the Carbon-Hydrogen-Nitrogen System at Temperatures from 2000 to 5000 Degrees K
Huff, Vearl N. & Calvert, Clyde S.
July 1948
Primary view of Aerodynamic Investigation of a Cup Anemometer
Hubbard, John D. & Brescoll, George P.
July 1934
Primary view of Bending Tests of Metal Monocoque Fuselage Construction
Mossman, Ralph W. & Robinson, Russell G.
November 1930
Primary view of Calculated subsonic span loads and resulting stability derivatives of unswept and 45 degrees sweptback tail surfaces in sideslip and in steady roll
Queijo, M J & Riley, Donald R
October 1, 1954
Primary view of Calculation of aerodynamic forces on a propeller in pitch or yaw
Crigler, John L & Gilman, Jean, Jr
January 1, 1952
Primary view of Calculation and compilation of the unsteady-lift functions for a rigid wing subjected to sinusoidal gusts and to sinusoidal sinking oscillations
Drischler, Joseph A
October 1, 1956
Primary view of The calculation of downwash behind wings of arbitrary plan form at supersonic speeds
Martin, John C
July 1, 1950
Primary view of Calculation of lift and pitching moments due to angle of attack and steady pitching velocity at supersonic speeds for thin sweptback tapered wings with streamwise tips and supersonic leading and trailing edges
Martin, John C; Margolis, Kenneth & Jeffreys, Isabella
June 1, 1952
Primary view of The calculation of modes and frequencies of a modified structure from those of the unmodified structure
Kruszewski, Edwin T & Houbolt, John C
July 1, 1950
Primary view of The calculation of span LCAD distributions of swept-back wings
Mutterperl, William
December 1, 1941
Primary view of Characteristics of thin triangular wings with triangular-tip control surfaces at supersonic speeds with Mach lines behind the leading edge
Tucker, Warren A
May 1, 1948
Primary view of Charts adapted from Van Driest's turbulent flat-plate theory for determining values of turbulent aerodynamic friction and heat-transfer coefficients
Lee, Dorothy B & Faget, Maxime A
October 1, 1956
Primary view of Charts and tables for use in calculations of downwash of wings of arbitrary plan form
Diederich, Franklin W
May 1, 1951
Primary view of Charts expressing the time, velocity, and altitude relations for an airplane diving in a standard atmosphere
Pearson, H A
April 1, 1937
Primary view of Charts for determining the characteristics of sharp-nose airfoils in two-dimensional flow at supersonic speeds
Ivey, H Reese; Stickle, George W & Schuettler, Alberta
January 1, 1947
Primary view of Charts for determining the pitching moment of tapered wings with sweepback and twist
Anderson, Raymond F
December 1, 1933
Primary view of Charts showing relations among primary aerodynamic variables for helicopter-performance estimation
Talkin, Herbert W
February 1, 1947