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Primary view of Effect of X-rays on Tissue Metabolism
Barron, Guzman E. S.
December 2, 1946
Primary view of Pyrolysis of Hexadecafluoroheptane
Walker, D. V.
September 23, 1949
Primary view of Table and Mollier chart for ammonia below -60° F
Meyers, Cyril H.
November 1, 1948
Primary view of Automotive Antifreezes
Brooks, Donald B.
November 10, 1948
Primary view of High Voltage Pulse Transformer Designs at University of California Radiation Laboratory
Baker, W. R.; Edwards, R. F.; Kerns, Q. A. & Reidel, J.
May 20, 1949
Primary view of Paper Chromatography in Synthetic Organic Chemistry: Microgram Scale Syntheses of Labeled Monoiodotyrosine, diiodotyrosine and thyroxine
Lemmon, R. M.; Tarpey, Winifred & Scott, Kenneth G.
July 8, 1949
Primary view of Tables and Charts of Flow Parameters Across Oblique Shocks
Neice, Mary M.
August 1948
Primary view of Guide Chart for Carbon Brush Terminals (Electric)
United States. Bureau of Standards.
June 1, 1945
Primary view of Medical and Health Divisions Quarterly Report: January, February, March 1949
University of California Radiation Laboratory
Primary view of The Mathematical Development of the End-Point Method
Frankel, S.
June 17, 1948
Primary view of Development of Continuous Jet Impaction Method for Determining Air-Borne Contaminants
Baurmash, L.; Curtis, L.; Bryan, F. A. & Cassen, B.
Primary view of The Properties of Zirconium
Boulger, Francis W.
October 18, 1949
Primary view of Operation of the 184" Cyclotron
Henrich, L. R.
May 17, 1949
Primary view of High-Frequency Voltage Measurement
Selby, Myron C.
September 1, 1949
Primary view of A Rectangular Diffusion Pump
Simpson, K. M.
September 13, 1945
Primary view of Linear Amplifiers
Schultz, M. A.
September 7, 1949
Primary view of 100-Ton Test at Trinity: Report on Earth Velocity Measurements
Coon, J. H.
June 13, 1945
Primary view of The Enhancing Effect of the Inhalation of Hydrogen Fluoride Vapor on Beryllium Sulfate Poisoning in Animals
Stokinger, Herbert E. (Herbert Ellsworth), 1909-; Ashenburg, N. J.; DeVoldre, J.; Scott, J. K. & Smith, F. A.
Primary view of Carbon 14 from Lead Nitrate
Goodman, Martin R. & Longacre, Andrew, 1904-
Primary view of The Relationship of the Cell Surface to Metabolism, [Part] 4: The Role of Cell Surface Phosphatases of Yeast
Rothstein, A.
Primary view of Life Tests of Tungsten and Tantalum Filaments in Ion Gauges
Bush, W. E.
August 9, 1949
Primary view of The Decomposition of Diphosphopyridinenucleotide (DPN) and Adenosinetriphosphate (ATP) by Ultraviolet Light
Carter, C. E.
April 28, 1949
Primary view of Simplified Ionization Chamber
unknown creator
April 20, 1949
Primary view of Berkeley Proton Linear Accelerator
Alvarez, Luis W.
November 30, 1948