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Primary view of Analyses of Virginia Coals
Eby, J. Brian, (James Brian), 1896-; Campbell, Marius Robinson, 1858-1940; Paul, J. W.; Fieldner, Arno Carl, 1881-1966; Cooper, Harry Mac, 1882-; Osgood, F. D., 1888-1935 et al.
Primary view of Permissible Explosives, Mining Equipment, and Apparatus Approved Prior to January 1, 1924
Crawshaw, John Edward, 1880-; Ilsley, L. C., 1880-; Parker, Dorsey J. & Fieldner, Arno Carl, 1881-1966
Primary view of Production of High-Alumina Slags in the Blast Furnace
Joseph, T. L. (Thomas Leonard), b. 1894; Kinney, S. P. (Selwyne Perez), 1890-1976 & Wood, C. E. (Carl Edwin), b. 1900
Primary view of The Vapor Pressure of Arsenic Trioxide
Welch, H. V. & Duschak, L. H.
March 1915
Primary view of Gas Masks for Gases Met in Fighting Fires
Fieldner, Arno Carl; Katz, Sidney H. & Kinney, Selwyne P.
August 1921
Primary view of Experiments with Furnaces for a Hand-Fired Return Tubular Boiler
Flagg, Samuel B.; Cook, George C. & Woodman, Forrest E.
July 1914
Primary view of Traps for Saving Gas at Oil Wells
Hamilton, Walter Raleigh
February 1919
Primary view of Utilization of Manganiferous Iron Ores
Joseph, T. L.; Royster, P. H. & Kinney, Selwyne P.
Primary view of Saving Coal in Steam Power Plants
United States. Fuel Administration.
Primary view of Safety Factors in Construction and Ventilation, Wawona Vehicular Tunnel, Yosemite National Park, California
Ash, S. H.
Primary view of Correlation Index to Aid in Interpreting Crude-Oil Analyses
Smith, Harold M.
Primary view of Tabulated Analyses of Texas Crude Oils
Kraemer, A. J. & Wade, Gustav
Primary view of Waste of Oil and Gas in the Mid-Continent Fields
Blatchley, Raymond S.
May 1914
Primary view of Natural Gas Manual for the Home
Cattell, R. A.
Primary view of Mechanical Equipment Used in the Drilling and Production of Oils and Gas Wells in the Oklahoma City Field
Wade, Gustav
Primary view of Silicosis and Tuberculosis Among Miners of the Tri-State District of Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri--[Part] 1: For the Year Ended June 30, 1928
Sayers, R. R.; Meriwether, F. V.; Lanza, A. J. & Adams, W. W.
Primary view of Physical and Chemical Properties of Gasolines Sold Throughout the United States During the Calendar Year 1915
Rittman, W. F.; Jacobs, W. A. & Dean, E. W.
November 1916
Primary view of Construction and Operation of a Single-Tube Cracking Furnace for Making Gasoline
Bowie, C. P.
July 1915
Primary view of Motor Gasoline Properties, Laboratory Methods of Testing, and Practical Specifications
Dean, E. W.
May 1917
Primary view of Phenomena in the Ignition of Firedamp by Explosives: Part 1.- Particles from the Detonation
Gerhard, S. L. & Huff, Wilbert J.
Primary view of A Study of a Solvent Analytical Separation of Waxes from Petroleum and its Lubricating Fractions
Horne, Joseph W. & Holliman, W. C.
Primary view of Ball-Mill Grinding
Coghill, Will H. & DeVaney, Fred D.
Primary view of Analyses of Michigan, North Dakota, South Dakota and Texas Coals
Andrews, David A. & Huddle, John W.
Primary view of Minable Reserves, Petrography, Chemical Characteristics, and Washability Tests of Coal Occurring in the Coos Bay Coal Field, Coos County, Oregon
Toenges, Albert L.; Dowd, James J.; Turnbull, Louis A.; Schopf, J. M.; Cooper, H. M.; Toenges, Albert L. et al.