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Primary view of Future Timber Supply for Coal Mines: What One Company is Doing
Tracy, L. D.
November 1926
Primary view of What is Known about the Effect of Smoke on Health
White, William Charles
December 7, 1926
Primary view of National Motor-Gasoline Survey: Summer 1945
Blade, O. C.
January 1946
Primary view of Laboratory and Full-Scale Sulfur Elimination Tests on Coal from Pratt Bed, Alabama
Perry, R. E.; Gandrud, B. W.; Riley, H. L.; Gayle, J. B. & Eddy, W. H.
May 1958
Primary view of A Survey of Oil Production in Oklahoma By Water Flooding: Part 1. Nowata, Rogers, and Craig Counties
Powell, John P. & Johnston, Kenneth H.
November 1951
Primary view of National Motor-Gasoline Survey, Summer 1951
Blade, O. C.
January 1952
Primary view of Estimate of Known Recoverable Reserves of Coking Coal in Floyd County, Kentucky
Dowd, James J.; Turnbull, Louis A.; Toenges, Albert L.; Abernethy, R. F. & Reynolds, D. A.
September 1951
Primary view of Thermodynamic Properties of Forsterite and Serpentine
King, E. G.; Barany, H.; Weller, W. W. & Pankratz, L. B.
June 1967
Primary view of Recovery of Gold from Black Sand Tailings
Gross, John
October 1920
Primary view of The Recovery of Unburned Fuel from Boiler Furnace Refuse
Fraser, Thomas & Yancey, H. F.
September 1921
Primary view of Metal Mine Ventilation and its Relation to Safety and Efficiency in Mining Operations
Harrington, D.
June 1920
Primary view of Carbon Tetrachloride Extinguisher of Electric Fires
Katz, S. H.; Gleim, E. J. & Bloomfield, J. J.
July 1923
Primary view of Comparison of Gas Masks, Hose Masks, and Oxygen-Breathing Apparatus
Katz, S. H. & Bourquin, J. J.
June 1923
Primary view of Estimate of Known Recoverable Reserves and the Preparation and Carbonizing Properties of Coking Coal in Anderson County, Tennessee
Williams, Lloyd; James, Curtis; Gandrud, B. W. & Reynolds, D. A.
December 1955
Primary view of Alumina Miniplant Operations: Separation of Aluminum Chloride Liquor from Leach Residue Solids by Classification and Thickening
Sorensen, Roy T.; Sawyer, Dwight L., Jr. & Turner, Theodore L.
Primary view of Synthetic Liquid Fuels: Annual Report of the Secretary of the Interior for 1951; Part 1 - Oil from Coal
unknown creator
July 1952
Primary view of National Motor-Gasoline Survey: Winter 1952-53
Blade, O. C.
July 1953
Primary view of Structural Analysis of a Mechanized LHD Trench Undercut Caving System
Jude, Charles V.
Primary view of Effects of Remote Drop and Pumpdown Placement on Cellular Concrete
Boreck, D. L. & Miller, R. E.
Primary view of Improved Performance of Linear Coal Cutting Compared with Rotary Cutting
Roepke, Wallace W.; Hanson, B. D.; Olson, R. C.; Wingquist, C. F. & Myren, T. A.
Primary view of High-Temperature Cyanide Leaching of Platinum-Group Metals from Automobile Catalysts--Pilot Plant Study
Kuczynski, R. J.; Atkinson, G. B. & Dolinar, W. J.
Primary view of Development of Coal Combustion Sensitivity Tests for Smoke Detectors
Edwards, John C. & Morrow, Gerald S.
Primary view of Reactivity in the South Spoils and Hillside Dump at the Midnite Mine
Moore, Bruce W.; Price, Jesse W. & Gardner, Ted
Primary view of Data Dictionary and Discussion for the Midnite Mine GIS Database
Peters, Douglas C.; Smith, M. Antoinette & Ferderer, David A.