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Primary view of Construction and applications of conformal maps. Proceedings of a symposium held on June 22-25, 1949, at the Institute for Numerical Analysis of the National Bureau of Standards at the University of California, Los Angeles
Institute for Numerical Analysis (U.S.)
Primary view of Standards and Specifications for Metals and Metal Products
Wardlaw, George A.
Primary view of Standards Yearbook 1932
United States. National Bureau of Standards.
Primary view of Saturated Liquid Densities of Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon, and Parahydrogen
Roder, H. M.
January 31, 1968
Primary view of Temperature-Entropy Diagram for Parahydrogen Triple-Point Region
Sindt, C. F.
June 22, 1966
Primary view of Calculation of Sunrise and Sunset Times at Ionospheric Heights Along a Great Circle Path
Brady, A. H.
November 8, 1964
Primary view of Design for a Variable-Output-Coupling Far-Infrared Michelson Laser
Wells, J. S.
January 1971
Primary view of National Electrical Safety Code, 4th edition
unknown creator
Primary view of Survey of the Properties of the Hydrogen Isotopes Below Their Critical Temperatures
Roder, H. M.
August 1973
Primary view of HAYSTAQ: a Mechanized System for Searching Chemical Information
Marden, Ethel C.
September 27, 1965
Primary view of Discussion of the National Electrical Safety Code: (to Accompany the Third Edition of the Code), October 31, 1920
unknown creator
Primary view of A Comparison of Two Melting-Pressure Equations Constrained to Triple Point Using Data for Eleven Gases and Three Metals
Goodwin, Robert D.
October 6, 1963
Primary view of WR15 Microwave Calorimeter and Bolometer Unit
Harvey, Morris E.
May 1972
Primary view of Table and Mollier chart for ammonia below -60° F
Meyers, Cyril H.
November 1, 1948
Primary view of Automotive Antifreezes
Brooks, Donald B.
November 10, 1948
Primary view of Extension of Programs for Calculations of Great Circle Paths and Sunrise-Sunset Times
Crary, J. H.
February 18, 1965
Primary view of Manual of Fire-Loss Prevention
unknown creator
November 5, 1934
Primary view of A New Near-Zone Electric Field-Strength Meter
Greene, Frank M.
November 15, 1966
Primary view of Sensor Handbook for Automatic Test, Monitoring, Diagnostic, and Control Systems Applications to Military Vehicles and Machinery
Lederer, Paul S.
October 1981
Primary view of Construction of a Flashlamp-Pumped Dye Laser and an Acousto-Optik Modulator for Mode-Locking
Jennings, D. A.
July 1971
Primary view of X-Ray Wavelength Conversion Tables and Graphs for Qualitative Electron Probe Microanalysis
Heinrich, Kurt F. J.
September 25, 1967
Primary view of Glass Limit Standards Deposited at NBS for Railway, Highway, and Airways Traffic Signal Colors: History, Permanence and Colorimetric Properties
Haupt, Geraldine W.
June 1971
Primary view of Zinc and its alloys
unknown creator
November 6, 1931
Primary view of Motor-Vehicle Headlighting
Carlson, R. E.
August 5, 1925