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NLRB, the first 50 years : the story of the National Labor Relations Board, 1935-1985.
Describes the history of U.S. labor policy and the activities of the U.S. National Labor Relations Board during its first 50 years, from 1935 to 1985.
School lunch recipes for main dishes and desserts.
A collection of large quantity recipes intended for school lunches. Includes recipes for main dishes, salad, and desserts. The recipes were laboratory-tested and field-tested by the U.S. Bureau of Human Nutrition and Home Economics.
School lunch recipes using dried fruits.
Contains several recipes using dried fruit in school lunches. Includes general directions for handling dried fruit during the preparation stages.
Eggs at any meal.
Discusses the nutritional value and versatility of the egg; provides recipes and suggests ways to use eggs in a variety dishes and sauces.
Bamboo in the United States : description, culture, and utilization.
Describes the different varieties of bamboo and how to cultivate them. Provides information on insect pests and preparing bamboo for market. Discusses ways in which bamboo can be used on the farm, in the home, and for manufactured products.
How to choose and use apples.
Describes how to select an apple, what it is used for, and the proper way to store it.
Beans, peas, and other legumes as food.
Describes several varieties of beans, peas, and other legumes. Discusses the composition and digestibility of legumes such as beans, peas, lentils, and peanuts. Discusses several different ways to prepare them for use in foods or other products.
Cooking beef according to the cut.
Discusses the nutritional value and versatility of beef; provides recipes and methods for its preparation in various dishes.
Cooking cured pork.
Provides recipes for cooking cured pork.
Poultry as food.
Discusses the use of poultry in the American diet.
Fats and oils for cooking and table use.
Provides information about different kinds of fats and oils, their cost, and uses in cooking.
Making and using cottage cheese in the home.
Describes methods, ingredients, and equipment used for making cottage cheese at home. Includes several recipes.
Meats : composition and cooking.
Discusses the composition of different types of meat, their texture and flavor, the cuts, and how to prepare them. Includes detailed composition and calorie charts.
How to use whole and nonfat dry milk.
Discusses the nutritional benefits of milk for adults and children. Pages 6-31 contain recipes using whole and nonfat dry milk.
How to choose and use potatoes.
Provides simple instructions for choosing, storing, and cooking potatoes.
Rabbit recipes.
Recipes for dishes made with rabbit meat.
How to choose and use cabbage.
Provides simple instructions for choosing, storing, and cooking cabbage.
How to choose and use carrots.
Provides simple instructions for choosing the best quality carrots, storing them, and cooking them.
Ranges, bake ovens and burners for other mess equipment: inspections and preventive maintenance services
"This technical manual describes operation, first and second echelon inspections and preventative maintenance services, and technical inspections of ranges, bake ovens, and burners for mess equipment."
Milk and its uses in the home.
A consumer guide to buying, storing, and using milk.
Milk and its uses in the home.
A consumer guide to buying, storing, and using milk.
Recipes for evaporated apple rings.
Provides recipes using evaporated apple rings as the main ingredient. (Evaporated apples contain more moisture than traditional dried apples.)
Soybeans for the table.
Describes the versatile nature of the soybean in cooking and provides recipes which contain soybeans.
Lamb and mutton and their use in the diet.
Suggests ways to prepare lamb and mutton for the table and of combining them with other ingredients of suitable flavor.
Turkey on the table, the year round.
Provides methods for preparing turkey.
Production of roselle.
A brief guide to growing, harvesting, and using roselle. Includes recipes for making jelly, jam, or drinks from the plant.
School lunch recipes using nonfat dry milk.
A collection of quantity recipes for school lunches using nonfat dry milk. Includes general directions for handling dried milk during the preparation stages.
Inspection and preventive maintenance services for kitchen equipment.
"This Technical Manual describes the inspections and services necessary to maintain the efficiency and prolong the life of kitchen equipment."
Life history, habits, and control of the beanstalk weevil (Sternechus paludatus) in the Estancia Valley, New Mexico.
Describes the life cycle of the beanstalk weevil, its habits, and the damage it causes to plants in the Estancia Valley of New Mexico.
Life history of the wireworm Melanotus longulus (Lec.) in southern California.
Describes in detail the life cycle of the Melanotus Longulus wire worm, and in brief: the natural methods for its control, and the threat it poses to crops in southern California.
Poisoning of livestock by plants that produce hydrocyanic acid.
Describes how the presence of hydrocyanic acid in plants can poison livestock, how to prevent poisoning, and how to treat animals which have been poisoned.
Powder-post beetles in buildings : what to do about them.
Describes different types of powder-post beetles, their life cycles, the damage they can cause to various types of wood, and methods for their control.
Preventing black rot losses in sweetpotatoes.
Describes how black rot can damage sweet potato crops, and the steps farmers can take to prevent and treat crops affected by it.
How to keep and increase black grama on southwestern ranges.
Describes the benefits of having black grama on ranges in the Southwestern United States, as well as how to use and manage it.
Hygiene in fox farming.
Discusses fox raising in terms of housing, feeding, cleaning, disease prevention and hygiene.
Investigations of the parasites of Popillia japonica and related scarabaeidae in the Far East from 1929 to 1933, inclusive.
Describes the results of scientific research of parasites of the Japanese beetle at various stages of the beetle life cycle. The studies were carried out from 1929 to 1933 in Japan, Chosen (Korea), India, and Taiwan.
Life history and control of the tomato pinworm.
Describes the history and life cycle of the tomato pinworm, the types and extent of damage that it causes, and steps that farmers can take to control it.
Life history and habits of the peachtree borer in the Southeastern states.
Describes the studies of the peach tree borer at different stages of life, its history, and the damage it causes to peach trees.
Field studies of insecticides used to control cabbage caterpillars in the South.
Describes the damage that cabbage caterpillars can cause to plants, and provides the results of scientific research on insecticides to control the caterpillars in the southern United States.
Further studies on the removal of spray residues from eastern-grown apples.
Describes the variety of residues found on apples, the amount of residue, and different ways to wash the apples and remove residue.
Grass waterways in soil conservation.
Describes how to establish grass-protected waterways on farm fields to prevent soil erosion.
Rhubarb forcing.
Describes methods of forcing rhubarb, using methods developed in Massachusetts and Michigan.
The ryegrasses.
Describes different kinds of ryegrass, the best climate and soil for its growth, and the steps a farmer should take for successful hay and pasture growth.
Sash greenhouses.
Describes sash greenhouses. Provides plans for constructing and heating greenhouses.
Strains of field corn resistant to the survival of the European corn borer.
Describes a series of scientific tests conducted over ten years to identify the strains of corn that were resistant to the threat of European corn borers, and provides the results of these tests.
Structure and development of the alimentary canal of the southern armyworm larva.
Describes a scientific research study of southern army larvae. Describes in detail the alimentary canal of the larva.
Studies of methyl bromide in greenhouse and vault fumigation.
Describes the results of scientific research regarding the effectiveness of methyl bromide as an insecticide in greenhouse and vault fumigation.
Three species of the genus Lygus and their relation to alfalfa seed production in southern Arizona and California.
Describes the characteristics of a variety of Lygus and its habits which lead to damaged alfalfa seed in southern Arizona and California.
Prevention of damage by the seed-corn maggot to potato seed pieces.
Uses results from a scientific study to describe how to best protect potato seed pieces from damage by the seed-corn maggot.
Production of garlic.
Discusses garlic as a crop in terms of its different varieties, the steps for preparing land, cultivating, harvesting, cleaning, and shipping garlic for the market.