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Airfoil Section Data From Tests of 10 Practical-Construction Sections of Helicopter Rotor Blades Submitted by the Sikorsky Aircraft Division, United Aircraft Corporation

Description: Report presenting 10 practical-construction models of sections of helicopter rotor blades tested in the NACA two-dimensional low-turbulence pressure tunnel at atmospheric pressure. Lift, drag, and pitching-moment characteristics of blades representing the present method of construction of the YR-4A helicopter were determined.
Date: September 1944
Creator: Tetervin, Neal

Measurements of the Flying Qualities of a Hawker Hurricane Airplane

Description: Report presenting an investigation of the flying qualities of a Hawker Hurricane airplane. Thirteen flights and approximately 17 hours of flying time were required to complete the tests, which included extensive measurements of stability, controllability, and stalling characteristics. The results were similar to the flying qualities of other previously studied pursuit airplanes.
Date: April 1942
Creator: Nissen, J. M. & Phillips, W. H.

Preliminary Vibration and Flutter Studies on P-47 Tail

Description: Report presenting a report illustrated by photographs and vibration records on the failure of the P-47 rudder in the high-speed tunnel at a true speed of 468 miles per hour and a density corresponding to 9000 feet altitude. The fin-rudder unit was tested as being at least representative of the tail design of the P-47 airplane.
Date: August 1943
Creator: Theodorsen, Theodore

Stability and Control Tests of a 3/4-Scale Model of the XP-69 Airplane in the NACA Full-Scale Tunnel

Description: Report presenting tests in the full-scale tunnel to determine the longitudinal- and lateral-stability and control characteristics of a scale model of the XP-69 airplane. The data include measurements of the forces and moments on the model at various angles of attack and angles of yaw. The effects of elevator, rudder, and aileron deflection on control-surface effectiveness and on hinge moments were determined.
Date: January 1943
Creator: Sweberg, Harold H.

Aerodynamic Characteristics of a 1/8-Scale Powered Model of a High-Speed Bomber With a Dual Pusher Propeller Aft of the Empennage

Description: Report presenting wind-tunnel tests made to determine the aerodynamic characteristics of a scale model of a high-speed bomber with a dual pusher propeller aft of the empennage. Some of the results discussed include longitudinal, lateral, and directional stability and control, the empennage design, and ground effects on the aerodynamic characteristics. The results indicate that this particular airplane has several advantages with regard to stability and control over the conventional-type single-engine airplane configuration.
Date: October 12, 1945
Creator: Weiberg, James A. & Schnurbusch, Alfred W.

Flight and Test-Stand Investigation of High-Performance Fuels in Double-Row Radial Air-Cooled Engines 3: Comparison of Cooling Characteristics of Flight and Test-Stand Engines

Description: Report presenting the cooling characteristics of a 14-cylinder double-row radial air-cooled engines in a test stand and in flight. Three types of cooling tests were made for both engines: variable charge-air flow, variable cooling-air pressure drop, and variable fuel-air ratio. For the same operating conditions, the test-stand engine was found to run consistently cooler than the flight engine.
Date: February 1945
Creator: White, H. Jack; Blackman, Calvin C. & Dandois, Marcel

Flight Measurements of the Rudder Control and Sideslip Characteristics of Four Vertical Tail Arrangements on the P-40 Series Airplanes

Description: Report presenting an investigation of rudder trim force change with speed and power, rudder force reversals in sideslips, and rudder positions in sideslips and straight flight of a P-40E airplane. Quantitative measurements of the items were made on three other vertical arrangements.
Date: October 1942
Creator: Johnson, Harold I. & Vensel, Joseph R.

Flight Measurements of the Effects of a Wing Leading-Edge Slot and Other Modifications on the Stability, Maximum Lift, and High Speed of an Observation Airplane

Description: Report presenting stability, maximum lift, and high-speed tests of an observation airplane fitted with Maxwell leading-edge slots. The static and dynamic longitudinal and lateral stability was generally satisfactory and not affected much by the slots.
Date: January 19, 1943
Creator: Turner, William N. & Adams, Betty

Investigation of Means for Extending the Range of Several Bombers to 6000 Miles

Description: Report presenting an investigation of means to increase the range of several airplanes to 6000 miles, including the B-17E, B-24D, B-26C, and B-25A. Tank-wing trailers and tank gliders were found to be the most practical ways of increasing range and calculations are provided for determining the proper loading and dimensions.
Date: July 1942
Creator: Ribner, H. S. & Harmon, S. M.

Investigation of Methods of Reducing the Temperature Variation Among Cylinders on Air-Cooled Aircraft Engines

Description: Report presenting testing to determine methods for reducing the temperatures of the hot cylinders on air-cooled aircraft engines. A Pratt & Whitney R-1830-43, 14-cylinder engine used for the tests. Results regarding the cooling-air ducts, mixture-enriching tests, additional cooling area, baffle modifications, and an application of the information are provided.
Date: July 1943
Creator: Mueller, William A.

An Investigation of a Thermal Ice-Prevention System for a C-46 Cargo Airplane 5: Effect of Thermal System on Airplane Cruise Performance

Description: Report presenting flight tests conducted to evaluate the effect of a thermal ice prevention system on the aerodynamic performance of a C-46 cargo airplane. The installation of the thermal ice-prevention system was found to reduce the indicated airspeed by about 6 miles per hour. Results regarding the overall performance change resulting from the installation of the thermal system, reduction of power attributed to heat-exchanger exhaust-gas back pressure, reduction of power attributed to the internal and external drag of the thermal system, and the additional airplane gross weight attributed to the thermal system are provided.
Date: May 1945
Creator: Selna, James

Single-Cylinder Oil-Control Tests of Porous Chrome Plated Cylinder Barrels for Radial Air-Cooled Engines

Description: Report presenting a series of single-cylinder engine tests run to determine a satisfactory method of reducing oil consumption in radial air-cooled engines with flat-face compression rings as standard parts and equipped with cylinder barrels salvaged by porous chrome plating. Testing was conducted using porous chrome-plated cylinders with straight and choke bores with standard flat-face compression rings.
Date: January 1946
Creator: Johnson, Robert L. & Swikert, Max

Tests of Bell XP-63 Low-Drag Wing Model With Split Flap

Description: Report presenting tests on the Bell XP-63 wing root section fitted with an 0.18c split flap hinged at approximately 0.805c on the lower surface. The tests were conducted to determine the effect of a 10 degree deflection of the split flap on the drag characteristics of the model at low lift coefficients.
Date: September 1941
Creator: Underwood, W. J.

Lift and Drag Tests of Three Airfoil Models With Fowler Flaps Submitted by Consolidated Aircraft Corporation

Description: Report presenting lift and drag tests made in the two-dimensional tunnel of three airfoil models. The models represented intermediate sections on alternative wings of the XB-32 airplane and were equipped with 0.30 Fowler flaps. Results regarding the Davis model, the C.A.C. model, and low-drag model are provided.
Date: December 1941
Creator: Abbott, Ira H. & Turner, Harold R., Jr.

Heat-Transfer Tests of Two Steel Cylinder Barrels With Aluminum Fins Manufactured by Factory Production Method

Description: Report presenting testing of two engine cylinder barrels with aluminum fins. The primary purpose was to determine the heat-transfer coefficients and the excellence of the bonds between the aluminum fins and the aluminum base and between the aluminum base and the steel of the two barrels when manufactured by a large-volume production method.
Date: August 1940
Creator: Ellerbrock, Herman H., Jr.

Full-Scale Tunnel Tests of a Flying Model of the Curtiss XP-55 Airplane

Description: Report presenting testing in the full-scale tunnel to provide data for estimating the longitudinal stability and control characteristics of the Curtis XP-55 airplane. Testing included lift, drag, pitching-moment, hinge-moment, and elevator pressure measurements for various combinations of angle of attack, elevator deflection, and elevator tab settings. The results of the force tests and some correlation of the results of the force tests and the pressure measurements are presented in the report.
Date: January 1943
Creator: Biebel, William J.

Heat-Transfer Tests of a Steel Cylinder Barrel With Aluminum Fins of Optimum Proportions

Description: Report presenting testing of a steel cylinder barrel with aluminum fins of the optimum spacing of 0.090 inch. The primary purpose is to determine the excellence of the thermal bonds between the aluminum fins and the aluminum base and between the aluminum base and the steel and to compare the heat transfer of the barrel with that of barrels with a fin space of 0.052 inch.
Date: November 1940
Creator: Ellerbrock, Herman H., Jr. & Mann, Alvin H.

Flight Measurements of the Lateral Control Characteristics of an Airplane Equipped With a Combination Aileron-Spoiler Control System

Description: Report presenting flight tests conducted to measure the lateral-control characteristics of an airplane, equipped with a lateral-control system, in which as the flaps are lowered the ailerons droop and a gradual transition of lateral control from ailerons to spoilers takes place. The variation of maximum rolling velocity with lateral stick movement as obtained in abrupt rudder-locked rolls was satisfactorily smooth except when control was by spoiler alone.
Date: September 2, 1942
Creator: Clousing, Lawrence A. & McAvoy, William H.

Tests of the Northrop MX-334 Glider Airplane in the Naca Full-Scale Tunnel

Description: Report presenting tests of the Northrop MX-334 airplane in the full-scale tunnel. The results are of particular interest since the MX-334 is an all-wing glider-type airplane without a conventional fuselage or vertical surfaces. The primary purpose was to obtain sufficient data with which to determine the longitudinal and lateral stability and control characteristics of the airplane.
Date: January 1944
Creator: Brewer, Gerald W.