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Some Natural Variations in the Relative Abundance of Copper Isotopes

Description: Abstract: "The relative isotopic abundance of copper has been measured in a number of minerals. Suites of samples from Michigan and the Colorado Plateau have been examined to determine if local variations due to isotopic exchange or diffusion could be found. The relative isotopic abundance of copper in specimens from a number of other places was also determined. The variations noted were small but in most cases were felt to be significant because they were larger than the experimental error (0.1 percent in the ratio). A total spread of +3 to -8 parts per mil compared to the standard was found in the specimens tested."
Date: August 1957
Creator: Walker, Edward C.; Cuttitta, Frank & Senftle, Frank E.

Geology and Monazite Content of the Goodrich Quartzite, Palmer Area, Marquette County, Michigan

Description: From abstract: The Palmer area, which is on the south limb of the Marquette synclinorium, consists of a down-faulted block of pre-Cambrian sedimentary rocks about 4 miles long and three-quarters of a mile wide. The block is composed mainly of middle Huronian Ajibik quartzite and Negaunee iron-formation and upper Huronian Goodrich quartzite,. Monazite occurs in the Goodrich quartzite as rounded detrital grains concentrated mainly in the matrix of quartz pebble conglomerate which is interbedded with coarse-grained quartzite.
Date: December 1954
Creator: Vickers, Rollin C.