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Primary view of The 7 by 10 foot wind tunnel of the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics
Harris, Thomas A
Primary view of A Comparison of Theory and Experiment for High-Speed Free-Molecule Flow
Stalder, Jackson R.; Godwin, Glen & Creager, Marcus O.
Primary view of The Measurement of Fuel-Air Ratio by Analysis of the Oxidized Exhaust Gas
Memm, J. Lawrence, Jr.
October 1, 1943
Primary view of Summary of Airfoil Data
Stivers, Louis S.; Abbott, Ira H. & von Doenhoff, Albert E.
March 1, 1945
Primary view of A low-speed experimental investigation of the effect of a sandpaper type of roughness on boundary-layer transition
Horton, E. A. & Vondoenhoff, A. E.
January 1, 1958
Primary view of Standardization tests of NACA no. 1 wind tunnel
Reid, Elliott G
January 1, 1925
Primary view of Static, drop, and flight tests on Musselman type airwheels
Peck, William C & Beard, Albert P
January 1, 1932
Primary view of Standard nomenclature for airspeeds with tables and charts for use in calculation of airspeed
Aiken, William S , Jr
January 1, 1946
Primary view of Static thrust and power characteristics of six full-scale propellers
Hartman, Erwin P & Biermann, David
January 1, 1940
Primary view of Statistical measurements of contact conditions of 478 transport-airplane landings during routine daytime operations
Silsby, Norman S
January 1, 1955
Primary view of A study of the problem of designing airplanes with satisfactory inherent damping of the dutch roll oscillation
Campbell, John P & Mckinney, Marion O , Jr
January 1, 1954
Primary view of A study of the torque equilibrium of an autogiro rotor
Bailey, F J , Jr
January 1, 1938
Primary view of A study of the two-control operation of an airplane
Jones, Robert T
January 1, 1938
Primary view of A study of the use of experimental stability derivatives in the calculation of the lateral disturbed motions of a swept-wing airplane and comparison with flight results
Bird, John D & Jaquet, Byron M
January 1, 1951
Primary view of A study of the zero-lift drag-rise characteristics of wing-body combinations near the speed of sound
Whitcomb, Richard T
January 1, 1956
Primary view of Summary of drag characteristics of practical-construction wing sections
Quinn, John H , Jr
January 1, 1948
Primary view of A summary and analysis of the low-speed longitudinal characteristics of swept wings at high Reynolds number
Furlong, G Chester & Mchugh, James G
January 1, 1957
Primary view of Summary of information relating to gust loads on airplanes
Donely, Philip
January 1, 1950
Primary view of Summary of Airfoil Data
Abbott, Ira H; Von Doenhoff, Albert E & Stivers, Louis, Jr
January 1, 1945
Primary view of Summary of section data on trailing-edge high-lift devices
Cahill, Jones F
January 1, 1949
Primary view of Tank investigation of a powered dynamic model of a large long-range flying boat
Parkinson, John B; Olson, Roland E & Harr, Marvin I
January 1, 1947
Primary view of Tank tests of NACA model 40 series of hulls for small flying boats and amphibians
Parkinson, John B & Dawson, John R
January 1, 1937
Primary view of Test of single-stage axial-flow fan
Bell, E Barton
January 1, 1942
Primary view of Tests in the variable-density wind tunnel of the NACA 23012 airfoil with plain and split flaps
Abbott, Ira H & Greenberg, Harry
January 1, 1939