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Possible Effects of Sampling Biases on Reproduction Rate Estimates for Dolphins in the Eastern Tropical Pacific

Description: From introduction: The purpose of this report is to present a sensitivity analysis on the effects that biased sampling of young calves and lactating females would have on the various estimated life history parameters. This sensitivity analysis provides one measure of reliability of the various estimates. Also, where inconsistencies in the estimates can be identified, this analysis provides one means for evaluating which estimates are likely in error.
Date: March 1983
Creator: Polacheck, Tom

Preliminary Assessment of Habitat Utilization by Hawaiian Green Turtles in Their Resident Foraging Pastures

Description: This report is an assessment for the habitat utilization for all the foraging locations by the Hawaiian green turtles. This document includes underwater surveys, terrestrial surveys, capture efforts, tagging and biometrics, food sources and epizoites, deep-body temperatures, blood sampling and bone biopsies, and electro-immobilization.
Date: March 1987
Creator: Balazs, George H.; Forsyth, Robert G. & Kam, Alan K. H.

Research Plan for Marine Turtle Fibropapilloma

Description: The following report is the results of a workshop held to determine the cause of fibropapilloma (lobulated tumors), thereby ultimately leading to solutions and effective strategies for containment. The urgent need to solve this problem arises from the unanimous belief among the workshop participants that this disease will continue to affect populations of turtles locally and worldwide, adding further to their survival difficulties. The workshop was held in December of 1990 and the research behind the workshop results from about 10 years of observing the species.
Date: March 1991
Creator: Balazs, George H. & Pooley, Samuel G.

The Hawaiian Monk Seal on Laysan Island: 1984

Description: This is a report on a study that took place in 1984 on Laysan Island. This was an observational study on the Hawaiian monk seal population, including an event with aggressive males and injuries from it. During this observation, seals have been injured, one died and two others disappear.
Date: March 1987
Creator: Johanos, Thea C.; Kam, Alan K. H. & Forsyth, Robert G.

Development and Testing of Two Towed Volumetric Hydrophone Array Prototypes to Improve Localization Accuracy During Shipboard Line-transect Cetacean Surveys

Description: The following document presents the result of a project aimed at improving the hydrodynamics of the volumetric array design for towing at faster speeds of 10 knots from large research vessels. The document explains the theory behind the design considerations for each prototype presented, sea trial results and subsequent modifications, and discuss improvements for future designs.
Date: March 2016
Creator: Barkley, Yvonne; Barlow, Jay; Rankin, Shannon; D'Spain, Gerald & Oleson, Erin

Evaluation of Time-area Closures to Reduce Incidental Sea Turtle Take in the Hawaii-based Longline Fishery: Generalized Additive Model (GAM) Development and Retrospective Examination

Description: This report documents a series of steps taken at the National Marine Fisheries Service, Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center in response to the Order issued by Chief U.S. District Court Judge David Alan Ezra, District of Hawaii, in the case of CMC et al. versus NMFS et al.; CIVIL BO. 99-00152; dated November 23, 1999, to complete an analysis of the temporal and spatial distribution of interactions between Hawaii-based longline vessels and sea turtles to determine time and area closures that would provide the greatest benefit to the turtles.
Date: March 2005
Creator: Kobayashi, Donald R. & Polovina, Jeffrey J.

The Socioculture Importance of Spearfishing in Hawai'i

Description: The following document examines the importance of spearfishing as a traditional fishing method in Hawaii. The purposes of the research behind this report were to develop a better understanding of the spearfish fishery and community; identify key players and organizations associated with the fishery; provide information to assist the State of Hawaii and the Western Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council in making decisions based on increased understanding of the ways people are socioeconomically affected by fishery policies; document the perspectives/concerns of local spearfishermen and resources users; and contribute to the development and refinement of the fishing community profiles for Hawaii in response to The Magnuson-Stevens Act, National Standard 8.
Date: March 2012
Creator: Stoffle, Brent W. & Allen, Stewart D.

Clinical Observations of Ocular Disease in Hawaiian Monk Seals (Monachus schauinslandi)

Description: From abstract: In 1995, 12 undersized, weaned female Hawaiian monk seal pups were captured at French Frigate Shoals in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands... Eleven of the pups developed clinical signs of an eye disease between 12 and 46 days after capture... The cause of the eye disease and the site where it originated remain unknown.
Date: March 2009
Creator: Hanson, Mark T.; Aguirre, A. Alonso & Braun, Robert C.

Hawaiian Monk Seal Observations and Captive Maintenance Project at Kure Atoll, 1981

Description: This is an observational report on captive seal pups along Green Island and Sand Island during the 1981 population observations. Some pups were flipper-tagged after weaning, five females were kept in a large beach enclosure for observation, then released September 2nd.
Date: March 1986
Creator: Gilmartin, William G.; Morrow, Robert J. & Houtman, Anne M.

The Hawaiian Monk Seal on Laysan Island, 1983

Description: This report describes data collected during an observational study on the Hawaiian monk seal on Laysan Island during April 23 to July 21 1983. The data collected is on population size, reproduction, and factors affecting survival of the endangered species. There is also a description of a "mobbing" by adult males, resulting in death of a subadult female; the haul out of seals on the south ledge; and the transport of a juvenile male to Honolulu to initiate a captive research program.
Date: March 1989
Creator: Alcorn, Doris J. & Buelna, Elizabeth K.

The Hawaiian Monk Seal in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands, 1996

Description: This document describes field studies of the endangered Hawaiian monk seal in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands in 1996. The studies provide information on the status and trends of monk seal populations, natural history traits (survival, reproduction, growth, behavior, and feeding habits), and the success of various activities designed to facilitate population growth.
Date: March 1999
Creator: Johanos, Thea C. & Ragen, Timothy J.

The Hawaiian Monk Seal in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands, 2003

Description: The following document provides information from the 2003 field studies of the endangered Hawaiian monk seal in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands. These studies evaluate the status and trends of monk seal subpopulations, natural history traits such as survival, reproduction, growth, behavior, and feeding habits, and the success of various activities designed to facilitate population growth.
Date: March 2007
Creator: Johanos, Thea C. & Baker, Jason D.

Stock Assessment Updates if the Bottomfish Management Unit Species of American Samoa, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, and Guam in 2015 Data through 2013

Description: From abstract: This report conducts a strict stock assessment update of the Bottomfish Management Unit Species (BMUS) complexes in American Samoa, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, and Guam, using the same base case production model as used in the previous stock assessment (Brodziak et al., 2012), but with an additional 3 years of catch and nominal catch-per-unit-effort as input data...This paper also conducts stock projections for 2016 and 2017.
Date: March 2016
Creator: Yau, Annie; Nadon, Marc; Richards, Benjamin; Brodziak, Jon & Fletcher, Eric

National Seabird Workshop : Building a National Plan to Improve the State of Knowledge and Reduce Commercial Fisheries Impacts on Seabirds

Description: The following document provides the results of the 2009 National Seabird Workshop hosted by the NSP National Coordinator. The workshop's primary goal was to initiate the development of a National Seabird Implementation Plan that can be used to describe NMFS seabird activites and important partnerships with other management agencies, guide NMFS seabird management and science, and provide seabird-related input into NOAA's strategic planning and budgeting process.
Date: March 2014
Creator: Rivera, Kim S.; Ballance, Lisa T.; Benaka, Lee; Breuer, Eric R.; Brooke, Samantha G.; Fitzgerald, Shannon M. et al.

Report of the National Marine Fisheries Service Automated Image Processing Workshop

Description: From introduction: This report is a summary of presentations and discussions from a workshop on automated image processing conducted in Seattle, Washington, from 4-7 September, 2010. The objective of the workshop was to examine current and future applications of automated image processing for fisheries and marine ecology research.
Date: March 2012
Creator: Williams, Kresimir; Rooper, Chris & Harms, John

Injury Determinations for Marine Mammals Observed Interacting with Hawaii and American Samoa Longline Fisheries During 2009-2013

Description: The following document is a compilation of reports of marine mammal interactions with the Hawaii and American Samoa longline fisheries during 2009-2013, including the assessments of the number of marine mammal deaths, serious injuries, and non-serious injuries by fishery, species, and management areas.
Date: March 2016
Creator: Bradford, Amanda L. & Forney, Karin A.

The Hawaiian Monk Seal on Lisianski Island, 1988 and 1990

Description: The following document is a report on an observational study around the Hawaiian monk seal on Lisianski Island in Northwestern Hawaiian Islands between 16-18 of May to 29th of August and the 10th of June to the 11th of August 1990. The data collected is based around reproduction and factors affecting survival as well ashaul-out patterns and population structure.
Date: March 1993
Creator: Lee, Margaret M.; Timme, Leslie K.; VanToorenburg, Richard & Becker, Brenda L.